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Emma Watson Fakes Story: "Emma’s Adventures 4: A High School Musical Cums To Hogwarts"

Title: Emma’s Adventures 4: A High School Musical Cums To Hogwarts

Author: Tricksterson

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Celebrities: Ashley Tisdale, Bonnie Wright, Brenda Song, Corbin Bleu, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, Jessie Cave, Katie Leung, Monique Coleman, Olesya Rulin, Rupert Grint, Vanessa Hudgens

Codes: FF, Ff, ff, FFff, mF, mf, mFf, FFf, MMFFFF, cons, exhib, inc, oral, orgy, rom, spanking, toys

Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction. Not for a moment do I believe any of the cebrities depicted here act in anyway as portrayed. So bugger off and leave me and Victoria alone. Find a less annoying hobby, like stamp collecting. And if you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be here so you go away too.

Note: All the High School Musical people are legal as are Katie Leung, Jessie Cave and Rupert Grint. Emma Watson is 17, Bonnie Wright is 16 and Evanna Lynch is 15

Ashley Tisdale drove down the unpaved Maine road towards the converted farm that now operated as a vacation hostel of the Church of Fucking. It was shortly to be occupied by two of the hottest Posses in the Church, the Hogwarts Harlots and the Tipton Tramps. Noone outside the Church knew who actually owned it of course, it had been purchased by one of the Church’s many shell corporations which was in turn owned by yet another shell. The remoteness of the location was part of many precautions the Church took to protect itself and the privacy of it’s members.

As she reached the complex of farmhouse, bunkhouse, barn and stable the blond starlet saw a pickup truck parked in front of the Continue reading

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