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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Emma Watson Seducing Dad"

Day 1: Baiting the Trap


Every member of the Church of Fucking who is of a certain age is expected to seduce at least one of their parents. It’s an unofficial right of passage. Unless of course they were raised in the Church in which case their parents are usually their first lovers. Emma had decided that her time was now.


She knew she wouldn’t have a problem seducing him. She had already proven the Church doctrine that all men and boys wanted to fuck their female relatives with her 14 year old half-brother Alexander who followed her around like a puppy ever since she’d given him a blowjob on the set of “Order of the Phoenix”. She looked forward to popping his cherry soon but first things first.


Now 17, she knew that her father wanted her as well. She’d caught him sneaking guilty looks at her whenever she came out of the shower wearing only a towel ever since she’d started developing curves, maybe a little before even. It had provided spice on her weekend visits. She loved her dad and wanted nothing more than to prove it by setting him free of the undeserved guilt pushed on him by society. Well, maybe she wanted to feel his big, fat cock inside her a *little* more. She knew about his cock size because she’d spied on him masturbating on and off during her weekend visits since she was fourteen. She was pretty sure that he and her step-mother weren’t having sex any more. She knew they did Continue reading

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