Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma Gets Bonded"

Emma Gets Bonded
By KWheels

Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery

M/F, MM/F, Mm/F, oral, n/c, n/c?, drugs, enhancers

Disclaimer: This is the work of fiction. All acts and actions arefictional and bare no resemblance to the truth. If you are under 18, youmay not read this story. While based on real people and real events, noneof this happened. The author has never met any of the people mentioned inthis story.

The British Academy Awards, also known as the BAFTA’s, which were held inFebruary of this year, honored “Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban”for being 2004’s most popular movie in Great Britian. In addition to theproducers and Warner Brother’s suits that attended, Emma Watson, the comelyyoung nymph who plays “Hermonie Granger” in the series, gave a thank youspeech on behalf of the actors in the film.

She wore a green dress, showing off her growing bustline and she was quitebewitching that night. Little did she know what was in store for her afterthe show. She was already a internet favorite and pedophiles and horny oldmen had rented out entire movie theaters in both the United Kingdom and theUnited States just to watch Emma and work their tools over her hot body.

I was the lucky one, of course. Emma is my wife, you see. She and I metin 2001 when I was living in England. A secret relationship followed, whichwas then followed earlier this year by a secret wedding that was attended byfive others, not including Emma and myself. Her own mother knew nothing ofme and her dad had to be brought in to sign the papers under threat of thereal reason the Watson’s were divorced.

I of course, could never be seen with her, not even at a public event.She had attended with her mother and Robbie Coltrane, her co-star in the”Potter” series. I was there in a unoffical capacity, I was pitching ascript to Sienna Miller, based on n her short-lived FOX television show, “KeenEddie.” As the show progressed, I could see the my Ems was sitting next toPierce Brosnan, the fine Irish-British actor who starred in the last fiveJames Bond movies. I could also see that he had a hard-on to beat the band.

The show had ended and everyone was making a beeline for the toliets. Ihappened to roll my wheelchair into the loo when both Pierce and Robbie werein there and Robbie said “Kent, you old yankee pervert, how are you?”Pierce laughed and i responded “Robbie, if the british press knew about yourantics, you’d be a briclayer at one of this country’s finest hotels.”Pierce just laughed and said “Ask Minnie Driver.” To which, a voice fromthe stall said in that familar Scottish brough, “I’d ask Minnie Driver anyday of the week.”

“Bond, James Bond.” Those three words, if not the most famous spoken onthe silver screen, rank right up there. Here he was, in the flesh. SeanConnery. The Only James Bond, in my book. He exited the stall, washed hishands and left. The three of us would have peed our pants had we not alljust relieved ourselves.

I then taxied over to a couple of parties and made the rounds. By the timeI had found my little wife, Robbie had found her first. They were in theback and Emma was on her knees, servicing Robbie’s 8 inch tool with her piehole. “She drinks cum like it’s soda,” i told him as I watched my sluttyforbidden wife gag on Haggrid’s babymaker. From behind me, I heard thefootsteps of another man and turned around to see Pierce striding towardthat liitle nubile cunt.

He had his massive meat pole out and was at least a inch longer thanRobbie’s. He then proceeded to lift up her dress, rip off her thong andbegin raping her pussy, which had already been wet and satisified by MischaBarton of “the O.C.” at a earlier party. Emma started screaming but herscreams were muffed by Robbie’s throbbing meatpole.

Pierce was pounding her cunt hard. Calling her every name in the book, andholding Emma’s hot tits, tearing them apart. “You fucking spoilt littlecunt. You are the biggest tease here tonight. My…name…is…Bond” hegrunted as he violently thrust in and out of her pussy.

Robbie couldn’t contain himself anymore. He started rolling his eyes back inhis head and held Emma’s blonde hair and started cumming in Emma’s hotmouth. “That’s right, bitch. Choke on Haggird’s manhood.” Pierce was onabout something and Robbie arched his back as fluid drained from his phallicmuscle into this teen age girl’s throat.

Emma had lost total control of her body and was almost passed out whenRobbie has finished with her. But Pierce had other ideas. She was nowprone on the floor and spread eagle with her elegant dress ripped to shreadsaround her stomach. Pierce started trying to push all of his 9 inches intoher pussy and getting harder and harder as she cried even more. “No, no,”came the whimpers as Pierce used every swear word known to man and threw ina few Gaelic ones from his childhood in Ireland. He was having his way withthis young girl and he didn’t care who she was.

He came with such ferocity and such pleasure on his face it was as if it hadbeen 10 years since his last fuck. He drooled all over her face as hecrumpled for a few moments but then got up, put his jacket back on, zippedup his pants and made his way back to the party like nothing happened.Robbie came back in as Emma was unconscious on the floor. Before we couldgo over to her and figure out what to do Sean Connery had spotted what wasgoing on and came over. “You’re going to have to get her out of herewithout everyone knowing.”

Robbie had grabbed a tablecloth and wrapped it around Emma and i had wokenher up. Soon, Sean had come back through the back door and we were led outinto the cool London night. We got Emma into the back seat and the cardrove off to my hotel. I rang ahead as to not create a stir at the front.We went through the kitchen entrance and took the service elevator up to myroom. Emma was laid out on the bed and still half awake. I had gone intothe bathroom to relieve myself and when i came back into the room, Sean hadgotten on the bed and was straddling Emma’s torso and her mouth was gettingpounded by this legend. He had taken a viagra and was going to give thislittle starlet the fucking of her life.

Sean had been known to treat women roughly. He had a handfull of Emma’shair and was jamming his tool down her throat. His dick was average size,but Emma was absolutely getting the fucking of her life from a man oldenough to be her grandfather. “Ohhh yes…that’s it. I am going to stayhard for another two hours tonight, at least.”

My secret wife was getting pounded into the bed. She was completely nakedand all i could do is just watch and wank. I went out into the hallway andcalled the airline and made a reservation for Emma and I the next afternoonfor Cyprus where noone would bother us and Emma could rest for a few days.Of course, I used her “married name” and then went back in the room. Seanhad released once and was cramming his manhood into her hot perfect ass.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs and i went over there and put mydick in her mouth. “Yes, baby. Take your mind off grandpa Sean fuckingyour shithole. Make your man cum.” She was about to pass out when Seanreached around to her stomach area and suddenly stopped and said “This girlis pregnant!!!”

“Yes, she is. About three weeks.” Sean mumbled some shit about a ”stupidteenage cunt” and blew his wad into Emma’s bowels. I then got on the bedwith her and put her on her back as Sean proceeded to put his dick in hermouth as I fucked my Em and heard her muffled moans and her arms failing allabout as i pounded her with my hard cock. I came inside her and collaspsedon the other side of the bed, a mere mortal. Emma had by now, passed out aswell and I have very little recollection of what went on the rest of thenight.

I woke up the next morning with Emma snug in my arms. Sean was nowhere tobe found and there was a note on the dresser. “Best Fuck I have had in 40years. Good luck and stay as long as you want, on me, Sean.”

The End

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