Emma Watson Hot Story: "Priceless Treasures"

Priceless Treasures

By Dragon333

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: Mf, cons

©March 13th, 2006

Disclaimber: this story is pure fiction. Made for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended by stories with sex with fresh possible virgin girls, or sex in general, then read no further.

A young adult man named Lowell was sitting down with his friend Jessica Biel. Jessica was talking to him about her problems, and Lowell being the good friend that he was listened and helped her out and didn’t accuse her of “whining.” Soon enough, Lowell found out that Jessica Biel had “friends with benefits.” Excited knowing that one of his closest friends, Jessica Biel, was a friends with benefit type, with no worrying about screwing up a relationship, no worries about breaking up, and no troubles he would have in a actual relationship, he was quick to make a move and try to add himself on her list to friends with benefits. Unfortunately, her response had shut him down.

“Lowell, I like you as a friend. And you’re a really good friend. But you’re one of my platonic friends. Whenever I need someone to talk to about my problems, or just chill, I’ll call you and hang out with you. Whenever I want someone to have sex with, I’ll call up a friend with benefits and have sex with him.” Jessica explained to him. “Well, I hope we can still be friends.” Lowell suddenly felt cheated the whole time he was being friends with Jessica. He felt it couldn’t hurt any worse to let her know how he felt.

“So all of your OTHER friends are going to get to suck those damn tits? Everyone of your other friends are gonna get to fuck you, have fun with you without putting up with the shit that someone would have to do in a relationship? Everyone else gets th he good things you have to offer. What do I get out of being your friend?”

“I’m a good person to talk to.” Jessica Biel said attempting to make herself seem good for something besides sex.

“News flash, Jessica! I can TALK to my guy friends! And I can even talk to MYSELF if I wanted to. It’s not fair to me if I stayed with you.” Lowell said as he walked away from her.

Jessica called him everyday at his house and on his cell phone and for a whole week Lowell never returned her calls.

The next Sunday, Lowell was at Emma Watson’s house sitting down on a chair in her kitchen table.

“You look really bored, Lowell. Is there something wrong?” Emma asked her in her cute pink shirt hugging her beautiful fifteen year old tits. In her first two Harry Potter movies she wasn’t very attractive. But in the third, she grew into a GORGEOUS young white lady.

“It’s me and Jessica Biel. I feel cheated from being her friend. She lets everyone else suck on her big jiggly titis, but I’m just someone she ‘talks’ to. Boring as hell compared to the friendship she has with her OTHER friends.” Emma then had an idea. It was time for her to let him know something she’s been feeling for him for quite some time.

“Want to go upstairs?” Emma Watson asked him as she winked at him. After he agreed, Emma hurriedly grabbed his hand and took him to her room upstairs. She quickly took off her pink sweater, and removed her white shirt that had a picture of a unicorn in the middle. She stripped until she had nothing on but some socks. She stripped him of his clothes as well and pushed him on the bed so he was sitting on the end of the bed, with his feet touching the floor of the carpet. She took his dick into her gorgeous mouth and began to suck. Not only did she stroke his hard cock back and forth, slithered her head up and down, but she also grabbed and squeezed his balls from the bottom up in the process. She rubbed his balls softly with her small, delicate, beautiful hands, while bopping and slithering her mouth on his cock, and she even swallowed his pre-cum while still having her mouth sucking. While she was still giving him a blow job, Lowell reached down and took one of Emma’s nice decent sized boobs in his hands. He squeezed and rubbed the precious tits that were attached to her body while feeling the heavenly, angelic feeling of the sensation of her mouth sucking on his shaft. After Emma couldn’t breathe through just her nose anymore, she took her mouth off of him, and started breathing heavily for air, as she needed more air than normal. Lowell took some lotion from the bathroom that was connected to her room, rubbed his fingers on it, and rubbed it around, and inside of Emma Watson’s tight crotch. Being the first time he had sex with Emma Watson, he just wanted to get it done as soon as he could. Without cumming “inside” the girl, Lowell didn’t’ count it as sex with the girl. Thus, him not ever using condoms. Emma Watson actually enjoyed her new fuck buddy finger and lube up her tight little pussy hurriedly. When he felt his was ready enough for his hard dick, he stopping lubing it, and used the left over lotion from his hands, onto his cock. As soon as he finished putting the remaining lotion, he rammed it inside of Emma Watson’s extremely tight vagina. Emma Watson couldn’t help but moan with utter excitement from the feeling of his hard long shaft entering in and out of her tight pussy, stretching it wider and wider.

“Damn it’s so tight! Makes me feel so good! Your tight little pussy is wrapping around my hard dick! It feels like your little love hole is trying to squeeze my dick until it…….. Suffocates!” Lowell said while pumping into her cute little pussy! It was the only way he could think of to put it as to how her pussy lips were wrapped around his manly, thick, long penis. Not being used to her pussy being so stretched far and wide, Emma felt a bit of pain from his hard, fast, thrusting inside of her. But believe it, Emma’s feeling of pleasure was overwriting any and every feeling of pain she was feeling. It was the best feeling in the world to her. Lowell let out an uncontrollably loud grunt and groan as he felt his little spermies go out of his dick, and swim in and up Emma Watson’s tight, beautiful cunt. He continued to hump her, until he felt every single one of the after sperms go inside of her as well. After he finished climaxing inside of her, he rolled off of her and wiped his sweat off of him with one of her pillows.

“That felt soooo good! We gotta do this again sometime!” Emma told him.

“Of course.” he replied.

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