Emma Watson Fakes Story: "The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 2"

The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 2
Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Watson, Stacey Dash
Shea Oliver
MF, cons, oral, rom, fant, rape, FF, f, viol
Disclaimer: This story is just that…a story. If you are offended by rape, then a particular part of this episode may bother you. Personally, I’m not into writing rape scenes but when it calls for it, it calls for it. If you’ve somehow skipped passed the first episode and are immediately reading this one, then there is no word to describe how lost you’ll be. So back track or just scroll down to the sex and drop the plot, that way when I ask for opinions on the story you can at least say, “well the sex was nice”. And as said the first time around, this is complete fantasy.

Episode 2: Not So Fairytale…

Emma’s Story (continued)

Oliver Lawrence held Emma Watson tight as they realized they were in a pretty bad situation. Their “firestarter” stood right across from their bed and still looked pissed about Oliver saving Emma and hitting him with a bat earlier. The man took a step forward and smacked his own head as if he forgot something.

“I’m sorry, you have to forgive my manners. In all the fire and bloodshed I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Devin…”

Oliver shook his head and interrupted, “Wait a minute, that’s it? That’s your name? Ha, that’s not even the slightest bit clever!”

Oliver slid his boxers on and stood up as he laughed at Devin wildly. Emma looked d at Oliver as if he was crazy. Oliver just continued to laugh and approached Devin.

“You have all this power in the palm of your hands and you can’t come up with a name! You couldn’t come up with anything better man? How about…’The Flamer?’ Or ‘Flaming Homo’ or something?

Emma finally spoke up, “Are you crazy Oliver? Sit down!”

Oliver waved her off and turned back to Devin, who immediately touched Oliver’s arm. Oliver jumped back and screamed in pain as he felt his arm burn. Luckily for him it just burned the surface of his skin. Emma jumped up and cried for Devin to stop. The last thing she wanted was to see another person she cared about die in front of her, and in such a painful fashion.

Devin smirked, “I know that you’re trying to catch me off guard by being obnoxious, I’m too smart for that. You’ll find when I’m in the presence of “Miss Dirty Young Cock-tease”, I’m a hundred percent focused on my goal.”

“You can have me! Let him go! I’ll do anything you want!” Emma cried.

Devin slowly approached Emma and looked her hot body up and down. Her hair was still a messy after having sex with Oliver and the sweat on her body made her skin glisten. Devin licked his lips as he listened to Emma’s continuous pleads.

“Please don’t hurt him, it’s me that you want! Just take me; you can have me if you let him go, I promise! Emma pleaded.

Devin smiled, “I’m going to have you regardless of what happens to your annoying boyfriend…”

Devin ran his hands along Emma’s stomach and up to her breasts. Emma flinched expecting to be burnt, but apparently Devin didn’t want her fried just yet. He squeezed her breasts tightly with his hands before he let one hand slide down towards her pussy. He slipped his finger in and slowly slid it in and out, turning himself on with anticipation.

“…His fate is not exactly in your hands. I don’t much appreciate being blessed with all this power and not being able to get exactly what I want. You see I…” Devin stopped mid-sentence and gave a chuckle, “Wow, that was good. You got me to monologue…”

He slipped his finger out of Emma’s pussy and rolled his eyes. Devin quickly turned around to Oliver, who he had obviously lost track of, and had a table lamp broken over his head. Devin went down, holding his head in pain and cursing.

Emma grabbed her clothes and ran to Oliver. “Kill him with the bat you used before!”

“I don’t have the bat, babe!” Oliver argued.

“Where the hell is the bat?”

“In the car!” Oliver grabbed Emma and they ran out of the room together. Emma used one hand to shield her body as she ran naked towards Oliver’s car.

“Why didn’t you bring the bat…or a fuckin’ gun?” Emma complained.

“It wouldn’t have worked anyway. He can ignite himself, so that bat would’ve melted on contact, so would the bullet. It’s only when he’s not expecting the shot that he doesn’t have time to set himself off.”

“That’s so stupid! That doesn’t even sound real…”

“Hey, I don’t make the rules! Just get your…” Oliver stopped running and looked over Emma, “…your sexy…tight…soft…smooth…luscious…curvy…”

Emma tried to hold her panicked expression but couldn’t help but to smile. “If you save me, I promise you can ga-ga over me as much as you want lover-boy. But right now I think we should really be leaving this wretched place!”

Oliver shook out of his trance and nodded. They continued to his car and quickly jumped in. Oliver struggled to start the car as Emma beat his shoulders screaming, “Hurry up!” Oliver finally got it started and looked to his rearview mirror. Without hesitation, Oliver screamed.

“What is it?” Emma screamed before turning around to find out.

She joined Oliver in screaming as Devin appearing behind the car. Oliver quickly backed the car into Devin. Devin set himself ablaze and as the car backed into him, it seemingly went right through his body. Actually, the car was being torn apart and melted with the slightest touch of Devin’s heat. Oliver immediately drove off as Devin dove forward. Devin hit the ground and pounded the floor as he watched the two drive off.

“Damn! I should really do more killing and fewer monologues…”

Devin slowly rose to his feet and dusted himself off. He casually walked along the street following the cars trail.

After an hour, Oliver pulled into his pretty pathetic looking apartment. He was sure that Devin hadn’t tailed him this far into the city, so he felt at ease. Emma, who was now barely dressed with her bra weakly holding her breast and her cute underwear hugging her ass, gently wrapped herself around Oliver’s arm and kissed his muscles. Oliver kissed Emma’s forward before they both looked into each other’s eyes and locked lips. Emma smiled as Oliver pushed her off and motioned for her to get out of the car.

“This is your place?” Emma teased.

Oliver rolled his eyes, “We monster fighters don’t get reasonable…actually any compensation for our daily effort. But that’s alright, all I need is the shirt on my back and a shit load of pain killers and I’m good.”

“Well, I’m about to take the shirt off your back…and as far as compensation goes, I think you’ll be pleased with the payment plan I have planned.”

Oliver opened the door for Emma, who ran her hand against Oliver’s chest before she walked in.

“Make yourself at home!” Oliver called in from the door.

“It looks like someone else already has.” Emma shot back.

Oliver thought about Emma’s comment as shrugged as he walked in after her.

“Is that a joke? I’m not sure I get it…” Oliver started. He saw Michelle sitting on the couch with her arms folded staring daggers into Emma. Oliver gave a nervous expression, “Oh, someone else already has…I get it now…” The two girls gave him pissed off looks. “Not funny though…”

The Celebrity Defenders (Present)

Oliver Lawrence nodded in approval as Michelle Trachtenberg had unveiled the new office that would be used as “The Celebrity Defenders” headquarters. Oliver stepped into the small, but impressive looking building. Michelle smiled and started to walk in before she bumped shoulders with Emma Watson, who attempted to go in right after Oliver. They had been sparring for the last week, each figuring she was the only woman in Oliver’s life.

It had been uncomfortable between the two for the last week. Here Emma thought she met her soul mate, but she was utterly devastated the first time she saw Michelle waiting for Oliver, who was thinking the exact same thing she was. Michelle was use to one-night stands and dating around, but she was crushed. It had also made her feel bad about the dozens of guys she had used. Both girls basically told Oliver it’d be best if they kept everything completely professional, no romance in the workplace. Even with all this, the two had agreed to help Oliver in his fight against the people who chose to use their newfound powers to torture, rape, or kill celebrities. For them it was mostly about using their connections to get Oliver in. Being famous themselves, they obviously couldn’t do much without paparazzi attention.

Oliver watched as the two girls walked into the office. Michelle had on a hot red long sleeve top that complimented her small but shapely breast as well as a tight pair of blue jeans with no pockets on the back. Her ass seemed to explode out of them definitely her finest feature. Emma seemed to be the opposite of Michelle. She had on a cute black top that cut off at the shoulders and an innocent blue jean skirt that cut off just above her knees.

Oliver realized the girls knew he was looked at them both. His eyes immediately shot to the ground. “It’s nice, thanks for everything Michelle. You really didn’t have to.”

Michelle gave a half-smile, “No problem. It’s a good cause to put money into…you know, saving the world and all.”

Emma looked the place over and shook her head, “You’ve been famous longer than me and this is all you could afford? I could’ve got a five story building with a built in basketball court with the change in my pocket!”

Michelle shot Emma a glance, “Excuse me Euro-trash? What did you…”

Oliver immediately cut in, “It’s about discretion. A smaller building attracts less attention, less people wondering why Michelle Trachtenberg bought an office in the first place. And exactly what she does in there with the average ‘Joe six-pack’.” Oliver thought to himself for a second, “…a built-in basketball court?”

Emma nodded at Oliver as Michelle rolled her eyes.

“The phones are in too,” Michelle continued, “One here at the receptionist desk, one in the main office, and even one in the bathroom so…”

“…So if you’re taking a nice big crap you can tell your friends about it! That’s bloody brilliant!” Emma said mockingly.

Michelle slyly flipped Emma the middle finger and looked back to Oliver, “So what’s the plan boss?”

Almost on cue, all the phones in the small office went off. The three covered their ears as the piercing ringing threatened to blow their eardrums out. Oliver quickly picked up the nearest phone.

“What?!” Oliver shouted impatiently into the phone.

Michelle looked to Emma, “I’m gonna turn the volume down on a few of those phones…”

Emma shook her head and listened in on Oliver’s conversation.

“…Yeah I heard of her I think…oh yeah! She was in that episode where Will was dating that hot singer…what was her name…Tracy…Stacey or Tracy? Stacey something, right?”

Emma tapped Oliver’s shoulder, “There’s not too much hope for these celebrities if you can’t even get their names right.”

Oliver ignored her as he continued the conversation, “…that’s what I thought, Stacey Dash. I’ll see what I can do about it.” Oliver hung up the phone and took a deep breath. “That was my brother Drew…well, looks like we have our first assignment, team! Let’s see if this operation works.”

Michelle returned into the room and stood alongside Emma as they looked to Oliver.

Michelle shrugged, “What did I miss?”

Emma rolled her eyes, “All of your acting classes apparently. Except the one about sleeping your way to the top…you made the top five percentile…”

“Wow, this coming from a girl who sucked a dick to get into a movie when she was six!” Michelle fired back.

“I was not six!” Emma yelled. Michelle and Oliver both looked at her with raised eyebrows. Emma wondered for a second why they were giving her confused looks. Finally it came to her, “…oh and I did not suck a penis to get the part!”

“Well yeah, the author didn’t have a penis for you to suck on…” Michelle snuck in.

Oliver broke the two up as Emma tried to throw herself at Michelle.

“Ladies!” Oliver shouted, “We have more important problems right now! A Miss Stacey Dash needs our help! It turns out she has been getting disturbing calls and letters sent to her by a possible rapist or rapists. Here’s the weird part, the letters have been right on the pillow of her bed for three weeks straight. No envelopes or addresses, just a piece of paper with a chilling message that always seems to make it into her room.”

“That horrible…wait, who is she again?” Emma asked.

“I know her, I’ll make a call to get you in.” Michelle said with confidence. “She’s really not into people invading her personal space. So I’d kinda hang back.”

Oliver nodded, “Yeah, and I’m pretty sure being raped doesn’t help that ‘space’ issue.”

“I still don’t know who she is?” Emma complained.

Michelle rolled her eyes, “Well Google it you idiot!”

The two started to grab for each other’s hair until Oliver broke the two up again.

“Get a grip you two! Michelle, make the call. I’m gonna call my brother back and get the address she’s staying at tonight. Just try not to kill each other until I get back, alright?” Oliver headed towards the door but quickly turned around to the women, “Oh, my brother says that they got in and out without being seen or heard, even with security on the other side of Miss Dash’s bedroom door. The official report is that it may be an inside job…”

“What’s the unofficial report?” Michelle asked.

Oliver answered without hesitation, “Wall walkers. It would make sense seeing as how we’ve had banks being robbed without so much as an alarm going off.”

Emma looked confused, “People that walk on walls?”

Michelle took a tone with her, “People that walk through walls you ‘git’!”

Oliver shook his head and walked out of the office as the two girls continued to argue and trade insults.

The Dash For Stacy

Stacey Dash had been irate over the day’s events. She found herself posing for some small time magazine that she could barely pronounce and could really care less about. Her career wasn’t exactly going where she wanted it to go. She wasn’t the big movie star she thought she’d turn into, and forget about releasing a music album. For Stacey, all she had left were her great looks and her pricey house, which was expensive right down to the dirt the house stood on.

Stacey entered her Los Angeles residence after a seemingly endless day, which you could read in her eyes even behind her very large sunglasses. She wore a large white winter coat over her new signature black shirt, which read “Dash Records: A New Kind Of Sound”. Her black tights left nothing to the imagination as every curve was proudly displayed. Her nice round ass pressed against the tights, clearly showing that the model/actress was wearing a thong. Three bodyguards walked into the house with her, which was very routine for her. She was the kind of girl that liked her space, but never wanted to feel like she was alone. Stacey continuously looked at her watch, which read 11pm. It had been a long enough day, she decided to call it quits a little early than usual.

“You guys, I think I’m gonna crash early.” Stacey said as she headed towards her room.

One of her security guards spoke up, “Miss Dash, I thought you’d be hittin’ up the club right now. Is that still the plan?”

Stacey lowered her sunglasses and gave him an annoyed look, “No…right now, you know, just a few seconds ago I remember saying I’m gonna sleep. Unless you heard something different?”

The guard said nothing and nodded as Stacey turned her attention back to her room. She walked through the door and slammed it behind her. Stacey threw off her jacket and shirt, tossing them on the floor. Her big soft light brown breasts were held up by her small red bra, a satisfying job for any bra. Stacey spotted the mirror that stood across from the foot of her bed. She took a deep breath, and slowly walked towards the mirror. She completely exaggerated her hip movement; her tights only helped emphasized the beautiful shape. She stopped right in front of the mirror, slowly took off her glasses and winked at the mirror. Stacey leaned her head back and let her hand run down her neck and make its way to her creamy breast. She let both of her hands cup her breast through the bra and gently squeezed. Her hips swayed back and forth as she teased herself.

“You want to see more don’t you?” Stacey said teasing the mirror.

Her left hand slid down her stomach and found its way into the front of her tights. Stacey placed her hand underneath her thong and slid a finger into her wet pussy. Her pussy welcomed her finger and tightened itself around it. Stacey squeezed her breast harder and continued to sway her hips while she slid her finger in and out of her pussy. She let out a soft moan as she sped up.

“I bet you want to just bend me over and fuck me, don’t you?”

Stacey smiled as she took her finger out of her pussy and tasted herself. She closed her eyes and smiled once again as she wrapped her hands around the back of her head and very slowly shook her hips from side to side. She continued to shake her hips as she turned around with her back to the mirror.

“I know what you want…”

Stacey bent over, which stretched the tights to the limit as they struggled to contain her ass. She rubbed her ass through the tights and smacked each cheek, exciting herself.

“What’s that? You say you can’t resist me?”

Stacey stood up with her hands resting on her ass. She rotated her ass a bit before slowly pulling down her tights. Her sexy ass emerged from behind the tights, covered in only a red thong that matched her bra. Stacey bent over, which only made her round ass look more and more impressive by the second. She pulled the tights off and threw them to the side. Stacey turned around and stared at herself in the mirror.

She looked herself up and down and nodded, “Oh yeah, I still got it…”

Stacey took a deep breath to relax herself and turned around towards her bed. She stopped in her tracks as she heard a faint whistle coming from her closet. She looked around her room as if she wasn’t too sure where the sound came from, then her eyes rested on the closet door. She stood for a while just staring at the door. After about thirty seconds she shrugged and turned around to get into bed. The whistling came back louder and Stacey jumped as she turned back around.

“What the hell?” Stacey whispered under her breath.

She slowly walked towards the closet, not knowing exactly what to expect. She took a few more steps before she extended her hand to the doorknob.

“Hello…anyone there?” Stacey stopped for a second and laughed. “I’m acting like a stupid white girl in a scary movie! There’s nothing there, and even if there is I got security to check that shit for me!”

Stacey took her hands off the knob and laughed. She turned herself around and met face to face with a man just a few inches taller than her. His eyes pierced into hers as the shock forced her to quickly back away from him. Unlucky for her, another set of hands snatched her face and covered her mouth. She flung her limbs wildly but the two men were able to hold her tightly. The man behind her smacked her ass and pulled down the red thong. Stacey cried as the other man slapped her every time she tried to scream. The man behind her took a long lick up Stacey’s ass before standing up and stuffing the thong into Stacey’s mouth. The man in front nodded in approval and held up two ropes.
“Hello Miss Dash. I am Jonathon, this is Edward and we are tonight’s magic act. And for our next trick…we will be raping you until you split in half…”

Edward shook his head, “Kinda lame. I thought you were going to go with the whole, ‘Hello mam I have a package for you’ thing?”

Jonathon smacked Edward over the head, “Now how does that make any sense in this situation? What the hell do mailmen have to do with raping bitches?”

“Not just any bitch, Jon, the bitch from Fresh Prince! This was supposed to be a special moment! We’ve been planning it for weeks!” Edward complained.

“Well we got her and we’ll make this a real special moment. The camera is set up in the closet so don’t point your ass in that direction. I don’t want to be jerking off to the video and all of a sudden see your hairy ass in the way.”

Stacey was able to spit the thong out and she screamed. Jonathon punched her hard in the gut, which took the breath out of her. She fell to her knees and struggled to breathe.

“Why?” Stacey let out, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Jonathon looked down at her and smiled as he began to unzip his pants. “Because we can dear. It’s your fault for teasing me on the cover of vibe magazine. It’s your fault for making me want you by posing nude for a magazine. It’s your fault…”

“For being so sexy in that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!” Edward added enthusiastically.

Jonathon shook his head and looked back to Stacey, “I’m sorry, that’s all he knows you from. But for me…it’s much more personal…”

Jonathon undid his pants and snatched Stacey by her hair. She could barely scream as she was still struggling to breath. Jonathon shoved his dick into Stacey’s mouth and viciously pounded her face. She flung her arms until Edward grabbed her flailing limbs and held them together. Jonathon tossed him the two ropes. Edward used one to tie Stacey’s hands together and the other to tie her feet together. Jonathon continued to launch his dick into her mouth, which had no other choice but to tightly grip Jonathon’s throbbing member. His dick was a bit too big for his mouth, so it was more and more painful with every thrust. Jonathon sat down on the bed and forced Stacey towards the bed with him. He pushed down hard on Stacey’s back.

“Hang your ass in the air so my boy can fuck you!!” Jonathon commanded.

Stacey abided and Edward smiled as he took of his pants.

“Hey,” Jonathon looked to Edward, “Hit it at an angle Eddie. Remember what I told you about your hairy ass!”

Edward nodded, he was just happy that all the weeks of planning had finally paid off. They had always wanted to fuck Stacey Dash; it was an obsession to Jonathon especially. They had raped and killed before. Jonathon’s death toll was up to seven while Edward had three. They weren’t new to the game, which made them all the more dangerous when the mysterious mist fell upon the Earth. They were both given the power to walk or fall through any chosen surface. They had the ability to walk right into their obsession’s house, take out her guards, and fuck Stacey Dash.

Edward repeatedly smacked Stacey’s firm caramel ass and watched it turn red. He ran his dick along her pussy before Jonathon stopped him.

“No, no! Save her pussy for me!”

“What? That’s not fair!” Edward argued.

“Look, you can fuck her ass all you want, but leave her pussy to me!”

Edward started to argue but took a long look at her ass and then nodded in approval. Stacey’s eyes widened as Edward shoved his dick into her tight asshole. She could feel the head of his dick completely stretch her hole open and force itself deep inside of her. She let out a scream, which was barely audible due to Jonathon’s dick in her mouth. She began to choke on it, which only made Jonathon laugh.

“Suck it bitch!”

Jonathon took his dick out of her mouth and smacked her across the face with it. He forced it back into her mouth and wrapped his hands around the back of her head. Stacey stopped trying to struggle and tried her best to enjoy it since she couldn’t escape. But she had trouble enjoying the two forcefully fucking her. Edward slammed harder and harder into her watched as her ass bounced against his waist. He slammed himself faster into her, loving every muffled scream and moan.

“Alright I’m bored!” Jonathon yelled, “Lay her on her back on let me get her pussy!”

Edward shook his head, “I’m not done yet…”

Edward continued to plow into Stacey. And now with the dick out of her mouth, she screamed at the top of her lungs with every thrust. Jonathon wasn’t amused.

Jonathon shoved Edward backwards, which caused him to exit Stacey’s ass. Stacey fell forward against the bed and breathed heavily ass her ass ached. Edward immediately stood up and confronted Jonathon.

“You can’t just push me off! We worked together on this! You couldn’t have done this without me!” Edward shoved Jonathon back.

Jonathon fell to the ground. Edward stood over him smiling.

“Why do I take orders from you? I’m a lot stronger than you.”

Jonathon looked up at Edward, “Yeah, but I’m the brains. You are right about two things Eddie. One, you are a lot stronger than me…”

Edward grabbed Jonathon by the throat and choked him.

“What’s the other thing I’m right about…”

Jonathon quickly pulled a gun out of his pants and shot Edward in the head. Stacey screamed as Edward fell to the ground. Jonathon picked himself up and watched Stacey squirm toward the door with her bound arms and legs.

“You know Stacey, I was bluffing with that whole ‘right about two things’ discussion. You’ll find that I am much stronger than my friend.”

Stacey cried and pleaded, “Please! Let me go! I’ll do whatever you want, let me go!”

Jonathon frowned, “But this is what I want…I thought you would enjoy this. You know, it really upsets me that you can’t appreciate this. You’re finally getting the great sex that you’ve always wanted.”

Stacey yelled, “This is not what I wanted!”

“Of course it is,” Jonathon shot back, “With every show, every video, every magazine that you pose and you tease, you’re looking for the guy that can please a hot bitch like you. You’re calling out for a real man to grab that sexy ass and force himself into your wet pussy. You are calling out for me! Whether you like it or not, I’m that man!”

Stacey screamed as Jonathon grabbed her bound legs and dragged her to the center of the room. He positioned her on her back and undid the tie on her feet.

“I want you to rap your legs around me and admit that I’m the best sex that you’ve ever had!”

Jonathon immediately pressed his dick into Stacey’s pussy and felt the warmth that he imagined since his obsession for her began. Stacey screamed as Jonathon forced himself in and out of her. His dick felt just as big in her pussy as it did in her mouth, she was really not ready for something so huge to just be shoved in. Jonathon ripped off Stacey’s bra and watched as her perfectly shaped breast fall onto her chest. He wrapped his lips around her nipple and greedily sucked the life out of it as he continued to pound her pussy. Stacey’s hands were bound behind her back, so she felt completely helpless to the situation. It felt great, but she knew it would get a lot worse seeing as how he was out to kill her after the whole ordeal anyway. Jonathon chewed hard on the meat of her tits and listened to Stacey scream in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“That’s right bitch, scream! Say my name! Say it!”

“Jonathon!!” Stacey cried.

Jonathon forced Stacey to wrap her legs around his waist as he thrusted harder into her. He let his hips smack against hers and enjoyed the sound of their two bodies smacking against each other.

“Are you my bitch?!”


“Yes what bitch?!”

“I am your bitch!!”

This drove Jonathon wild as he pounded into her faster.

“I’m gonna cum bitch!!”

“Please don’t cum in me!” Stacey pleaded.

“You want me to cum in you bitch?”

Jonathon grabbed her hair and pulled it as he drilled her. Stacey cried as she felt her hair nearly being pulled off of her head.

“Yes!!” Stacey reluctantly answered.

Jonathon smiled as he felt himself began to cum.

“I’m gonna cum right in your pussy you b….”

All of a sudden, a bat smashed over the back on Jonathon’s head and he fell on top of Stacey. She screamed as she looked up and saw Oliver standing over them.

“I really have to get myself a signature weapon. I’d hate to always be ‘that guy with the bat’. You know?

Stacey tried to squirm away but couldn’t move with Jonathon on top of her. She gave up and decided to beg.
“Please just let me go, I’ll do whatever you want…”

“Not the best line,” Oliver interrupted, “I’m sure most people that decide to rape you want to do just that. I’m one of the good guys, don’t worry.”

“You’re not with these two freaks?” Stacey asked.

“Who? The guy I just hit with the bat and the…clearly dead guy over there? Nah, I’m with the Celebrity Protectors…or Defenders…we don’t really have a name yet.”

Stacey looked to Jonathon’s body, “Is he dead?”

“No, just knocked out…either that or extremely pissed off, depends on what his power is.”

“Power?” Stacey asked confused.

Oliver rolled Jonathon off of Stacey and helped her to her feet. He took off the ties from her hands and sat her on the bed.

“Are you gonna be alright? I know this wasn’t the easiest thing to go through.”

Stacey looked around her room still in shock, “I…I don’t know. I guess. I just need some time to…you know…”

Oliver nodded, “Yeah of course, I’ll just take these bodies and leave you alone. I don’t think you have anymore to worry about right now. Just try to get some sleep.”

Oliver stood up and started to grab Jonathon before Stacey grabbed the bat and hit Oliver over the head with it. Oliver hit the floor and rolled around in pain.

“Nobodies gonna take advantage of me anymore!” Stacey yelled.

She grabbed her cell phone and ran towards the window in her room. She quickly opened it and carefully stepped out. It was a couple stories up, so she had to grab onto a tree and climb her way down. Oliver collected himself a few minutes later and immediately saw the open window.

“Stop! It’s not safe out this late!” Oliver called out.

He wearily stood to his feet before being tackled by a pissed of Jonathon. The two of them traded blows before Oliver kicked him off. Oliver scrambled to his feet, only to be hit with a hard left across the face. He smacked into the wall right next to the window. As Jonathon charged him, Oliver sidestepped him, causing Jonathon to smash against the wall. Oliver grabbed Jonathon’s head and repeatedly smashed his face against the hard surface. Jonathon got lucky and shoved Oliver before using his power to jump through the wall. Oliver quickly went to the window and saw Jonathon pick himself up after falling into soft grass.

“Hey!” Jonathon called out to Oliver, “I wonder if I can get to her before you can stop me!”

Jonathon ran off in the direction Stacey took as Oliver struggled to follow.

When The Boss is Away…

Michelle and Emma stared each other down as they stood in opposite parts of the office. Michelle was at the receptionist desk, pretending to go through paperwork. Emma sat on a chair a few feet away from Michelle, doing a bad job pretending she was doing anything else but mad dogging her rival.

Michelle snapped at Emma, “Are you gonna do any work? Me and Oliver didn’t make this company so you can just lay around and make us do everything.”

“I’m doing plenty just by tolerating you. You’re so…intolerable! Besides, I’m the brain of the entire operation.”

“Yeah right! I have the connections to the celebrities. What do you do besides make eyes at my man and…”

“So that’s what this is really all about, isn’t it? You’re such a twit you twat!”

Michelle looked confused, I bet you don’t even understand what you say half the time you British freak!”

“Freak!” Emma repeated in shock, “I girl that gets it on with every man she meets calls me a freak? Oh that’s rich!”

Michelle stood up and approached Emma. “Do you wanna go Merry Poppins?”

“No, I’m going to stay right here, you go!” Emma shot back.

Michelle smacked her own head in disbelief, “No you idiot! Fight! ‘Do you wanna go’ means ‘do you wanna fight’.”
“Oh…yeah let’s have a go then, shall we?” Emma said as she put her fists in front of her.

“Why do you always have to sound so proper?” Michelle asked putting her own fists up.

“Why do you always have to sound like such a trashy street hooker?!”

“Slut!” Michelle yelled.

“Tramp!” Emma fired back.

“Harry Potter dick sucking bitch!”

“You cast of Buffy cum bucket!”

The girls exchanged angry glances.

“Oh yeah, well you’re a…” Michelle started.

The two girls simultaneously stepped into each other’s arms and engaged in a long passionate kiss. Michelle’s tongue crept into Emma’s mouth, which happily accepted it. Emma slurped on Michelle’s tongue as her hands caressed Michelle’s neck and chest. Michelle took of her shirt and revealed her baby blue top. Emma smiled as she took off her own top and revealed that she had the same colored top. The two gave an almost hungry like for one another as they embraced again and pressed their lips together. Michelle sucked on Emma’s bottom lip as her hand ran along Emma’s bare back. The two girl’s seemed to clutch the other’s ass at the same time.

Emma loved the feel of Michelle’s ass against the jeans. It was so round and perfect that she found her clutching it with both hands and just squeezing every inch as she continued to taste Michelle’s beautiful lips. Michelle was in heaven too as her hands slipped under Emma’s skirt and rubbed against her ass through her soft panties. Michelle squeezed Emma’s ass tightly which caused her to moan softly. Michelle was so excited over hearing Emma moan that she leaned in closed and nibbled on her ear. She let her tongue roam along her lobe before sliding her tongue in Emma’s ear. Emma moaned even louder as she tried to fit her hands into Michelle’s jeans.

“I can’t get into your jeans your ass is too fat!” Emma playfully yelled.

Michelle smiled and played along, “Your British anyway, you can’t please an American woman.”

“Oh really?” Emma cooed.

Michelle turned around and bent over. Emma loved the sight of Michelle’s ass and smacked it hard while Michelle’s shook it from side to side. The two giggled while Michelle pulled down her jeans. The wait seemed too long for Emma as she grew impatient and dug herself in Michelle’s ass. Michelle moaned as Emma’s tongue made itself as home in her ass. Unlike Emma, Michelle was not wearing panties. Michelle moaned louder as Emma moved her hot tongue up and down her asshole before letting it slip into it. Emma grabbed chunks of Michelle’s ass in her hands and massaged it as she lapped up her tasty flavor. Emma lowered her head a bit and let her nose penetrate her ass so she could take a few licks at Michelle’s pussy. Emma had never been with a girl, so the taste was something completely new to her. She was skeptical as first, but enjoyed every drop of pussy juice after that. She dug her nails into Michelle’s ass as her tongue wildly licked
Michelle’s wet pussy.

“Damn that feels too good Emma!”

Emma continued to please Michelle’s pussy. Every once and a while she would slide her tongue back into Michelle’s ass, just because she loved the taste and the feel of Michelle’s cheeks on her face. Michelle turned around and met with Emma face to face. They stared into each other’s eyes, just trying to figure the other one out. Michelle leaned forward and softly kissed Emma’s lips. Emma smiled and copied Michelle. They continued this until Michelle forced herself on top of Emma and gave her a long kiss. Michelle laid on top of her, just licking her face. Her tongue rolled on Emma’s forehead, cheeks, lips, ears, and every part of her angelic face. Michelle kissed down Emma’s neck, which made Emma purr in pleasure. Michelle kissed Emma’s shoulders, licking down to her breasts. Michelle took Emma’s bra off and threw it aside. She licked at Emma’s perky tit and watched her nipples start to harden. She smiled and wrapped her lips around
each individual nipple, sucking and slurping on them. Emma ran her hands down Michelle’s back, taking off Michelle’s bra in the process. Michelle loved having Emma’s soft petite breasts in her mouth, she went on for fifteen minutes without pausing or slowing down to take a breath.

Michelle kissed down Emma’s stomach and circled her tongue in Emma’s cute belly button. Emma was very ticklish so that action hard her giggling uncontrollably. Michelle stopped for a second and just tickled Emma. Emma laughed until she brought Michelle up enough to kiss her again. As the two kissed, Michelle slipped her hand under Emma’s skirt again. Michelle stopped kissing Emma to take her skirt off. Emma raised her legs in the air to help Michelle get her baby blue panties off.

Michelle smiled, “Let me show you how we do it in America…”

Michelle spread Emma’s legs apart and just took in the sweet scent of Emma’s young pussy. After a long inhale, she dug her tongue into Emma’s pussy. Her hands ran up and down Emma’s stomach and breasts as she chewed and sucked on Emma’s sweet pussy. Emma was incredibly wet, even more so than Michelle. Michelle was happy to lap it all up and drink it down. Emma fidgeted as the pleasure was almost too much for her. She wrapped her skinny legs around Michelle’s head and used her hands to bury Michelle’s head deep in between her legs. Michelle wasn’t at it for too long before Emma started to shake.

“Oh my god! I’m gonna cum!”

Michelle didn’t slow down as Emma moved her hips back and forth to meet with Michelle’s tongue. She gave a loud moan before she came into Michelle’s awaiting mouth. Michelle gladly took it in and stuck her fingers into Emma’s pussy to make sure all of it was coming out.

“Oh wow!” Emma yelled without knowing, “That was incredible!”

“Yeah, but now you have to do me.” Michelle teased.

“I can’t bloody move!” Emma laughed.

“That’s alright, I’ll cum to you…get it…cum to you?”

“Just get over here before your bad jokes get me out the mood!”

Michelle crawled over Emma’s wiped out body until her pussy waved over Emma’s head. Michelle lowered herself onto Emma face and Emma slid her tongue into Michelle’s pussy. Michelle moaned as Emma sucked hard on her pussy lips. Michelle grabbed the back of Emma’s head and lifted it up further into her pussy. Michelle leaned her head back and felt intense pleasure as she rode Emma’s face like a dick. Emma loved being force fed by Michelle. Emma just grabbed Michelle’s ass cheeks and held on for the ride. Michelle let Emma’s head lie on the floor again. She leaned forward until her hands hit the floor under her and lowered her hips even more onto Emma’s face. She moved her hips back and forth and even humped Emma. Not only was it a great feeling for Michelle, but Emma was so wet that she fingered herself while she ate Michelle out.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming again!” Emma yelled out.

Michelle couldn’t believe it, but for a second time Emma screamed and came. Emma stopped licking Michelle’s pussy so she could catch her breath.

Michelle shrugged, “You must be very easily excited!”

“No, not easily! But I’m a proper girl and all these ‘dirty’ things are a real turn on. I never imagined having sex with another woman would be so…hot!”
“Well at least you got off…” Michelle said sarcastically as she stood up.

Emma quickly sat up and positioned herself under Michelle. “Hey, I didn’t say I was done with you!”

Emma reached up and rubbed Michelle’s ass as she once again put her mouth over Michelle’s pussy. Michelle was caught off guard and almost fell over with the sudden rush of pleasure. Emma hopped up and down on her ass, trying to drill her tongue deeper into Michelle’s pussy. She let her tongue roll back and forth from Michelle’s asshole then back to her pussy. Michelle screamed when she felt Emma put two fingers into Michelle’s ass. She quickly inserted her fingers in and out of her ass while her tongue seemed to drown in and endless flow of pussy juice. Finally, Michelle gave in and came into Emma’s mouth. Emma continued to let her tongue roll in and out of Michelle’s pussy and ass until she was completely satisfied.

Michelle took a deep breath, “Alright I’m good!”

Emma smiled, “Me too! But what exactly happened?”

Michelle shrugged, “I don’t know. It just got really sexy in here and we couldn’t help ourselves.”

“We have to be careful about this okay. I really liked it but we can’t go out there looking like Lindsay Lohan and Sam.”

Michelle nodded, “Right, this was a one time thing. The last thing we need is the paparazzi labeling us as gay lovers.”

“Exactly.” Emma agreed.

“Wait, shouldn’t we go back to arguing? Oliver’s is going to know that there’s something wrong if we aren’t fighting.” Michelle worried.

“You’re right…umm…you brainless idiot…you sexy, hot ass having…idiot.” Emma stuttered.

“Oh yeah, well you’re a…hot, wet, tasty pussy that I could eat for days without…umm…I mean…idiot! Wait, you said idiot…hmm, I think we’re in trouble.

Bad And Worse

Oliver just got finished hitting the ground and running after Jonathon, who had at least a good minute head start. That didn’t stop Oliver though, he wasn’t about to lose his first assignment that easily. He had worked too hard putting things together so that he could be in the right position to save these celebrities every time. He was obviously too late to save Stacey from being raped, but he could still save her life.

The pain from the shot to his head was really starting to get to him as he found himself wobbling a bit. He tried his best to shake it off as he followed the trail. He stopped at a small park that seemed shrouded in dark. Oliver patted down his pockets and realized he was weaponless in complete dark. He knew how many things were lurking in the dark this time of night, but he hoped that somehow Stacey had found a good enough hiding place. Oliver continued trough the dark and didn’t have to run far before seeing Jonathon laid out on the floor with a giant whole in his stomach.

“Wow, that’s a hard way to go…even for a rapist…” Oliver said.

He took a moment, then shrugged it off and stepped on Jonathon’s dead body as he ventured on. He hard a faint scream to his left, or what he thought was his left in the pitch black. He blindly raced towards the screaming and decided screaming out “Stacey” would only attract the bad guys, and therefore wasn’t the best course of action. He stopped as he saw a shady figure with what looked like twenty tentacles slithering all over its body. The figure used had something big in it’s hand. Oliver crept closer until he saw the strange creature lifting a naked Stacey Dash in the air with its incredibly built arms.

“Let her go!” Oliver screamed as he rush towards the creature.

Without so much as flinching, the creature’s tentacles shot at Oliver, who quickly sidestepped them. One of the tentacles tripped him up and brought him to the ground. The creature didn’t bother looking at Oliver, but its tentacles tied his hands and legs, and brought Oliver closer to the action.

The creature smirked at Oliver and whispered, “Watch…”

Oliver struggled to break free but to no avail. Two of the creature’s tentacles shot into Stacey’s pussy, making her shout in pain. Two more tentacles shot into her already sore asshole and continuously slid in and out with tremendous speed. The creature used the rest of its tentacles to rub all over her body, tits, hips, face, legs, everything. Stacey felt much more pain than pleasure as every part of her body began to hurt. She screamed at the top of her lungs until the creature opened it mouth and a giant sized dick slid out.

“Whatever you do don’t…” Oliver tried to warn Stacey.

Stacey screamed as the dick drew closer and closer. Finally the creature forced it into her mouth. Oliver struggled to break free but like Stacey, he was completely trapped. Stacey’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as the dick only went deeper down her throat. Without warning every tentacle shook hard and shot a loud into every hole. The giant dick poured its mass amount of liquid straight into her throat, which obviously suffocated her. The creature took a deep breath and dropped the now lifeless Stacey Dash. Oliver was in shock as he a life that he had put himself in charge of, die in front of his eyes…

To Be Continued

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