Emma Watson Fakes Story: "The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 1"

The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 1
Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Watson
Shea Oliver
MF, cons, oral, rom, fant
Disclaimer: This story is just that…a story. I don’t know Michelle’s favorite position but I can only assume (and pray to every God) that it involves her ass waving in the air for one lucky man or woman to treasure and worship. This story is based in the real world but it’s complete fantasy. That means that if this story closely resembles something that has happened in real life, then it is news to me. On a different note, the future episodes won’t quite be as long as this one. This one introduces the concept and my mainstay characters so it’s a bit lengthy. But the sex scenes are long too so hopefully that evens it out.

Episode 1: A Bit Unnatural

The virus hit all of a sudden, completely without warning. The world didn’t go crashing down like in the movies. There were no explosions, no fires, and no zombies mindlessly looking to slaughter the rest of the human populace. It was short and fast. A heavy mist fell upon the Earth and dissolved almost as quickly. The mist was inhaled by nearly 90% of the world. It crept through the streets and buildings alike. But it was hardly an “end of the world” type of deal. Nobody was hurt. The mist just made it into the population’s system and died out. There were hundreds of theories on what exactly happened, but no one actually had any idea. It was ultimately ignored and labeled as a “strange cloud of mist”.

It w wasn’t until about a year after the “heavy mist” that strange incidents began to occur. Banks were being robbed without any suspects being spotted, murders were being reported in formerly suburban areas and worst of all…celebrities’ stalkers had nearly tripled within the last year (well, maybe that wasn’t the worst of the happenings). Actresses especially seemed to be harassed much more and even attacked by people who seemingly had no problems going through their security personal.

In fact, Britney Spears was almost killed by paparazzi that had somehow entered her estate, after killing ten guards of course. He had done everything he could to get nude pictures of her. He tore her clothes off, beat her and raped her while filming. The police caught him the same night and they were forced to shoot him when they believed he pulled out a weapon. One of the cops on the scene, Officer Drew Lawrence, saw the paparazzo’s dormant body. It was like nothing he’d seen before. The face was completely distorted with razor sharp teeth, while the right hand was deformed with long fingers carrying sharp razor blades where the nails should be. As Drew Lawrence’s backup began to approach, the paparazzi opened his eyes and took a long heavy breath. His face realigned itself until it was back to normal and his hands did the same. He smiled at Drew before he passed out. Drew immediately went to check on Britney, who hysterically cried in a corner naked and bleeding.

Incidents like this were becoming the norm and celebrities and authorities began to take notice…well, in the sense that celebrities ignored it and authorities didn’t think much of it. Officer Drew Lawrence used the next couple months to keep his brother, a phenomenal private investigator named Oliver, in the loop. Oliver was weird, no question. He knew there was more to the mist the day it hit. He didn’t know the exact details, but he believed it messed with affected every single person it hit with a type of “power”. Not comic book type powers, but something that altered them a bit and made them a bit unnatural. And being that the mist infected pretty much everybody, every single person had the potential to do something-or become something very unnatural. Drew didn’t believe in all that, but he knew his brother could handle this better than all of the cities cops combined. He sent him two cases in the course of 3 weeks that involved Michelle Trachtenberg and Emma Watson…

Michelle Trachtenberg’s Story-3 Weeks Ago

Michelle Trachtenberg stood under an umbrella being held by her bodyguard. It had been raining hard for the past few hours and Michelle was in no mood to get her expensive clothes wet. She decided that the club was getting lame and left an hour earlier than expected. Now the trouble was that her limo driver had to stop whatever it was he was doing to come get her. She crossed her arms to keep herself warm, as her tight purple dress didn’t cover much skin. It was sleeveless and cut off a few inches away from her perfectly shaped ass, which was pressing hard enough against the fabric. She impatiently looked at her cell phone as a few paparazzi started to approach her. The security shielded her as they came near and the bulbs repeatedly flashed.

Michelle rolled her eyes and decided to head back into the club until her ride had arrived. Michelle looked back at one her bodyguard, “Call me when my fuckin’ ride is here! I don’t wanna deal with these assholes right now!”

He smiled and nodded as he followed her long enough to cover her with the umbrella before she re-entered the building. Suddenly he heard aloud commotion over by where the paparazzi stood. He rolled his eyes and started back until he saw a figure leap onto one of the photographers and rip his head clean from his body. The group scattered as the figure walked towards the club. The bouncer shook his head as the figure approached.

“What the fuck are you man!” The bouncer looked back at Michelle’s bodyguard, “You gonna help me out here man!”

The bodyguard ran off into the club to get Michelle. The bouncer made a disgusted face and charged the figure, which easily evaded and cut at the bouncer’s neck with its sharp claws. The bouncer immediately hit the ground and the figure laughed. It stepped towards the club entrance and revealed itself to be a creature much like the one Drew Lawrence had found on duty, but this was a completely different person. The creature jumped into the club, which for the most part had already been cleared out. A few stray people, including Michelle and her bodyguard tried to look for another way out after seeing the creature enter the building. The creature laughed as he leaped through the air and jumped right in front of Michelle. He smiled as he raised his clawed hand to strike her. Michelle’s bodyguard finally grew a pair and stepped in between the two of them.

“If you want her, you have to get through…”

The creature stuck a single nail right through his neck. The bouncer coughed up blood and struggled to breath, though it was obvious he was about to die. The creature shook his head and in a very human voice said, “Come on…just because this is Hollywood doesn’t mean you have to use cheap movie lines on me…wow, are you really all that’s keeping me away from tearing Dawn’s ass apart? You mean it was that easy the entire time?”

Michelle tried to sneak away but the creature quickly took his nail out of the bodyguard and gently pressed it on her neck.

“Now where do you think you’re going Dawn? Don’t you know that all this was for you?”

“Please, let me go!” Michelle cried.

“Dawn, I just want to play with you for a while. It’s been my fantasy to fuck the key…”

“That’s not me! That’s a character I played years ago! I’m Mich…”

The creature pressed his nail a bit harder against her neck, causing a small trail a blood to leak.

“Dawnie, Dawnie, Dawnie…I want to be your first. And after I tear you apart, maybe we can have an orgy with the rest of the scoobies. That’s also been one of my fantasies.”

The creature moved his nail from her neck to the side of her dress and cut a slit from her hip, down to her thigh. He moved his normal hand under her dress and gripped her ass.

“Now…do you still have those tight jeans that you wore in the Bronze when you were dancing with the quarterback?”

Michelle looked at him with a mix of confusion and fear, “What?”

“The quarterback that put women under his spell with the letterman jacket. I want you to grind me just like you did him?”

A man wearing white pants and a white leather jacket walked into the club shaking his head.

“Are you sure you don’t want her to watch every episode with you and give you live commentary?” The man stepped over a dead body and gave a disgusted face as he walked up to the creature. “Or maybe you’d rather watch her finger herself while humming the Buffy theme…actually, that one sounds pretty hot…”

The creature immediately jumped at the man, who didn’t as much as flinch. The creature looked confused as he waved his blades at the man’s face.

“Who are you?” The creature asked, only actually half interested.

The man smiled at him, “I’m a vampire with a soul. Only me and my team of investigators can stop you and your diabolical plans of Armageddon!”

The creature swiped at the man with its claws. The man went down and held his cheek, which was bleeding from the four giant claw marks. “Anymore jokes funny man?”

The man struggled to his feet and tried to force a smile, “Hey, do you want to see my impression of Gandhi?”

The creature lunged at the man, who quickly pulled a gun out of the jackets’ pocket and shot the creature right in the head. The creature stopped in its track and fell over on its back. The man shot it in the head two more times for safety and looked back to Michelle.

“Are you okay?”

Michelle just stood in shock looking at the body on the ground, “What is that thing! And who the hell are you?”

“I’m Oliver Lawrence, and actually, the ‘it’ you’re referring to is actually a ‘who’…”

Michelle looked confused, “Huh?”

The man bent down to examine the body, “Saying ‘it’ implies that he’s some kind of thing, something that isn’t human.”

Michelle shook her head, “That thing is not human!”

Oliver stood up and put the gun back in his jacket. “It’s a guy…human. My brother saw a guy just like this not too long ago. He has the ability to morph into this…beast…thing. Whatever the hell it is. But it’s still a person.”

“What are you talking about?! That doesn’t even sound…”

“Look,” Oliver interrupted, “this will go a lot faster if you take a few things on faith here. The mist a year back caused a weird reaction in people that can cause all sorts of weird things to happen to them.”

“Hey,” Michelle worried, “I was there…am I going to turn into one of those things!!”

Oliver walked to her and gently held her. “No…well, I mean…you could.”

Michelle pushed him off and held her head.

“We all have the potential of becoming something or doing something out of the ordinary. I mean, it could be as simple as saying the alphabet backwards. I don’t know how it works, but I know that no matter what happens to us, we are in complete control.”

“He didn’t look like he was in control…”

“The sad thing is he was. I’ve been trailing him for a while, ‘Buffysbiggestfan#1’. The trouble with everyone having the potential to have powers, is that you get the freaks, comic book enthusiast, devil worshipers, fanatics, suicidal, and homicidal; and add celebrity worshipers to that list and that puts you and every other big name in trouble.”

Michelle looked at the body again and nodded. She approached Oliver and held his hand, “Where do we go from here?”

Michelle immediately jumped on Oliver and forced her lips against his as soon as they made it to his place. All of that action and shock on Michelle’s part really put the two in the mood. Michelle had been looking for a fling in the club anyway, so she just hoped that Oliver would understand that this was a one-night stand. She had the hots for Oliver just for the moment, but this definitely wasn’t a bid for a long-term relationship.

Oliver ran his hands against Michelle’s perfect smooth ass as he accepted her tongue in his mouth. He could tell Michelle was use to control, which he had no problem with. Michelle slipped her hands under Oliver’s shirt as they slowly moved backwards to his couch. Oliver’s place was definitely nothing special. It just had a small living room with a decent sized couch, which somehow doubled as a kitchen, a bedroom, and a small bathroom. Michelle was way too interested in ripping Oliver’s shirt off his body that she ignored her surroundings. As soon as she pulled the shirt from over his head, Michelle shoved Oliver onto his couch. Michelle gave a seductive grin as she slowly gyrated her hips back and forth.

“Do you save lives often Mr. Lawrence?” She said playfully.

Oliver smiled as he stared at her hips, “I just do what I can.”

“How often do you fuck the girls you save?” Michelle asked as she turned around and slowly bent over.

Oliver got a great view of her round ass peaking out from under the dress. Her black thong was barely visible, her ass just seemed to swallow the thing. Oliver started to answer her question, but just shook his head.

“Ask me that again in a couple hours, babe.”

Michelle laughed and turned back around towards Oliver. She took a few long steps up to where he was sitting and pulled the bottom of her dress up a bit. Michelle faced Oliver and straddled his lap. She could feel his dick pressing against her thong-covered pussy even from within his white pants. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward to kiss him. He loved the feel of her wet lips rubbing against his own, and the way she would roughly suck on his bottom lip. She used her tongue to pull his out and then suck on it. She sucked on it hard for a good twenty seconds straight before releasing it. Oliver continued to rub and grab her ass as Michelle leaned forward to suck on his ear. Oliver’s eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head when he felt her tongue lick his earlobe and roll inside his ear. She gently bit his lobe and sucked on it while using one of her hands to massage his hard on. Oliver smacked Michelle’s ass hard and rubbed
his finger along her thong until he reached her, now soaking, pussy. He let his finger slip under her thong and gently played with her pussy lips. Oliver pushed Michelle back a little so he could attack her neck. His lips and tongued were excited to press against the smooth skin of her neck. That was definitely Michelle’s spot because she immediately went to unzip Oliver’s pants.

“Mmm…are you gonna make me yours baby?” Michelle teased.

Oliver just responded by gently biting her neck and kissing down to her breast. Michelle stopped trying to take off Oliver’s pants in order to take her dress off. She quickly stood up and undid her dress while seductively biting her lips. Oliver watched as his “damsel in distress” stood in just a black thong. She sat back on Oliver’s lap and placed her hands on the back of his head. She forced him into her chest, where Oliver gladly let her nipple slide into his mouth. He forcefully sucked on it, enjoying every sexy moan Michelle let out. Oliver couldn’t help but to kiss, suck and lick every part of her breast. He loved her nipples of course, but he needed to taste every part of her breasts. Michelle ran her hands along the back of his head. Her hands would move down to his neck and down his back every once and a while. Whenever she reached his back, she would let her nails run up and down his skin.

“Damn! I’ve never been sucked on like this!”

Oliver continued this for another ten minutes before Michelle pulled his head out and kissed him passionately. Oliver grabbed Michelle’s ass and squeezed it tightly in his hands. Michelle grinned as she slowly moved her hips back and forth against him. She pressed her chest against his and kissed him as she continued to grind against his hard on.

Michelle moved her lips to his ear and whispered, “You ready to fuck me yet?”

Oliver nodded and went to take off his pants. “Yet? I’ve been ready since that monster said he wanted to ‘fuck the key’.” Oliver took of his pants and suddenly stopped before taking off his boxers. “Wait a minute…”

Oliver gently moved Michelle off of him. Michelle looked confused until Oliver pushed her onto the couch. Oliver sank to his knees and separated Michelle’s legs. He quickly kissed her lips and neck before he moved his head between her legs. Michelle let her legs rest atop his shoulders as Oliver let his nose press against Michelle’s pussy, which the thong still contained. Michelle lifted her legs up high in the air and pulled her thong off. As her legs were in the air, Oliver got the perfect view of the whole lower package. Two perfect round cheeks, a small, tight asshole, and a sweet pussy. He quickly caught her legs in the air and used one hand to keep them up. He shoved his face into her ass and inhaled deep before he let his tongue slide into her asshole. He just licked the surface at first, then he just went crazy and slid his tongue as far back in her hole as it would go. Every once and a while he would pull his tongue out of her asshole and
chew on her ass. It was so contagious. He wanted to stay there forever just kissing, licking, biting, and chewing on her great ass. He lost all track of time as he continued to slip his tongue in her ass, then once again suck on her cheeks.

“Oh my God!!” Michelle let out as Oliver’s ass fetish gave her more pleasure than she could handle.

After a long time of ass worship and smothering his face in Michelle’s ass, Oliver finally rested her legs back on top of his shoulders. He put his face in between her legs and buried his face in her pussy without hesitation. He took long licks to completely savor the taste of her juices, which were just flowing out of her pussy by then. Oliver kissed her inner thighs and sucked on her pussy before stabbing it with his tongue. He stretched his tongue out as far as it would go and beat on the walls. He bobbed his head back and forth and let his face just smack against her pussy.

“Please fuck me baby! God I want your dick now!”

Oliver continued to tease her until Michelle unwrapped her legs from around Oliver. She still liked to believe she was in control, even though she had sex like this before. She was use to the “one minute men”, so this was a welcome change. She didn’t like to feel vulnerable, but tonight she wanted to completely give herself to Oliver. She decided that tomorrow she could act like the sex was just another day at the office.

“Please make me yours baby.” Michelle said with the seductive tone lost from her voice.

Oliver stood up and pulled down his boxers. Michelle moved so that she could completely lay her back down on the couch. Michelle was definitely a girl that liked the top, but she wanted to see exactly how much power Oliver had over her. Oliver positioned himself over her body and gently laid his body on top of her. Michelle reached for Oliver’s dick and slowly jerked it off. She loved the feel of his hard dick in her hands. She moved her hips up so her pussy could touch the tip of his dick. Oliver lowered his hip and let the tip push into her pussy. Michelle let out a soft moan as Oliver worked to push the rest of his dick inside of her. Michelle moaned louder as Oliver got more inside. He reached his hands under her body and rested them under her ass. Oliver kissed Michelle in between moans as half of his dick was inside of her. Oliver finally began to work his dick in and out of her pussy. All Michelle could do is scratch Oliver’s back as he
completely controlled the situation. He started to slam his dick deep into Michelle who screamed louder with every thrust. Oliver got a rhythm going and seemingly wouldn’t stop drilling Michelle. Michelle couldn’t believe it, she was about to cum only a few minutes into the actually penetration.

“Oliver…baby…unhhh….God, I’m…cum…I’m gonna cum!”

Michelle’s body shook and she came all over Oliver’s dick. Oliver continued to tightly grab her ass and just slam into her pussy. He wasn’t gonna last too much longer after that either, so he figured he would pound the hell out of it before he came. Michelle grabbed the back of Oliver’s head and kissed him. They kissed every part of each other’s neck and chest as Oliver tried his best to hold on. When he put her breast in his mouth and sucked hard on it, he knew he couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’m gonna cum…” Oliver panicked.

Michelle closed her eyes and was too overwhelmed with pleasure to think straight, “Cum in me. I want you to cum in me!”

Oliver hesitated but gripped her ass tightly and just let his dick shoot its load into Michelle’s wet pussy. He felt so much pleasure and he released his cum into her. They just held each other tight as they both concentrated on the feeling of the release. Michelle knew that she would regret the decision but birth control wasn’t exactly out of her price range. She felt that it was worth it for the pleasure the two shared. Oliver moved so they could both lay on the couch. Michelle laid her head on his chest, letting out a long moan of pleasure. Michelle ran her hand along Oliver’s chest as he rested his hand on her ass and gently rubbed and squeezed it.

“Wow, that made me forget that I was almost killed by a Buffy fan.”

Michelle thought for a second about her whole situation and figured that the closer she stayed to Oliver, the better. Not just because he gave her the best sex she’s had in recent memory, but if what he said was true and every single person had the potential to have powers or turn into monsters, then she had thousands of Buffy fans who would take their Dawn fantasies way too far.

Michelle rested her head on his chest and looked up at him, “You know, I can help you if you need it. You shouldn’t be doing this on your own, we can get a whole operation going.”

“No, I can’t put you in harm’s way like that. I’m good.”

“But what about me? I can be attacked at any time. If I worked with you then at least I know I’d be safe. I can be a celebrity by day and help for fight evil at night.”

Oliver laughed, “It’s not exactly as fun as it sounds. And you could be in just as much danger helping me as you would being on your own.”

Michelle wasn’t about to quit. “Well I have connections! I can get you in when you need to help a celebrity. I mean, how often will you be able to just walk into a celebrities’ house and protect them?”

Oliver smiled and nodded, “Actually that’s a good point…”

Michelle smiled back, “See…so how about it? Can I help? There’s no point in going back to my old life when I know all that I know.”

“Well…” Oliver started.

Michelle grabbed Oliver’s dick and slowly started to jerk it off. She planted kisses on his chest and up to his neck as he softly moaned. Michelle giggled as she laid on top of him and grinded his dick with her pussy. “Pretty please…”

“Okay Michelle, you can!” Oliver gave in.

Michelle smiled and leaned down to kiss Oliver. Her lips pressed softly against his lips as her tongue wrestled with his tongue.

“Ha, ha, I win…” she teased cutely.

Oliver shook his head, “Are you ready for round two?”

“Hell yeah if it’s anything close to round 2!”

“Just as good or better. But can you do me a favor first?” Oliver asked.

Michelle nodded, “Of course, anything.”

“Alright…I’m Spike, you’re Dawn with a huge crush on me and curious about how it felt for your sister Buffy to have sex with a vampire.”

“No.” Michelle quickly dismissed.

Oliver shrugged, “I tried…okay round 2…”

Emma Watson’s Story-1 week, 3 days ago

Emma Watson smiled as the last few ‘tween’ autograph seekers got their photographs signed at the mall. She was wearing a cute yellow long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans that complemented her ass, but not enough to make the parents angry. She still had to dress conservative until the movies were done, then she would be happy enough just running around naked or near enough. She waved to the adoring crowd and yelled, “Don’t forget to watch the movie! That’s the whole point!” She and the crowd laughed. Her team of security walked her through the crowd and towards the jet.

It was starting to get dark, Emma wasn’t looked at the watch and it was only five o-clock.

“How come it gets dark so bloody early? Its not quite like home out here is it Ronald?”

Her bodyguard laughed, “You’re making enough money from these movies to have the night taken away if you wanted. You could have endless sunshine and bunnies frolicking if you wanted.”

Emma smiled, “No, I know that would bother you ever so much. I’ll just have to live with the dark.” He patted her shoulder as they approached the jet, “Home is only a flight away…”

The group watched in horror as the jet set ablaze. Fire ripped through the giant vehicle while a few attendants and the pilot ran out. Ronald gently pushed Emma away from the jet. They all immediately got on their phones trying to call the fire department or anyone that could assist in the situation.

“Hello…” Ronald started.

A man slowly opened the door and whistled as he walked out of the jet. He hit the ground and moved towards Emma and her group.

“Oh I’m sorry, that was awfully rude of me. Breaking your plane and all…what was I thinking?”

Security grabbed their weapons and immediately pointed them at the man.

“Stop or we’ll shoot!”

The man smiled as he continued to walk towards them. Ronald didn’t hesitate to start shooting. But the bullets would hit the man and seemingly melt on contact.

The man playfully hit himself in the head, “Oh stupid me, where are my manners? I’m a fuckin’ man-made of fire! Unfortunately I have to touch something to get it all hot and bothered,” the man winked at Emma.

Security continued to shoot while Ronald tried to escort Emma out of the area. The man ran towards security. He smacked one guard in the face, which crisped the skin on his cheek. He screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. Another brave guard jumped on the man, but was set on fire as soon as the man touched his clothing. The guards were quickly dispatched and the man had no trouble running down Ronald and Emma. Ronald quickly turned around and smashed the man with a hard right. The man was a little shaken but laughed it off.

“Nice hit, but…”

The man struck Ronald with a hard jab to his nose. Ronald screamed as the pain was just too much for him. His nose was burning as he tried desperately to remain composure. The man laughed as he grabbed Ronald’s neck and his hand burned right through it. Emma looked away as she figured her bodyguard’s head had rolled off. She had nowhere to run. The building she came out of was at least fifty feet away and she was wearing high heels. She was amazed, and deeply saddened, that no one had heard all the noise or seen the fire.

The man grabbed her by the arms. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna burn you…not yet anyway. I need to light up that ass first. I know obsessions are extremely unhealthy but you are so fuckin’ gorgeous! A young little cock tease since the first Harry Potter, aren’t you?”

Emma cried, “No!!”

The man gripped a little tighter and Emma felt a little rush of heat and sank to her knees. The man nodded, “Right where you need to be bitch! Be careful with my dick, I’m not too sure if it does the same thing the rest of me does…”

The man began to pull his zipper down until he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“What is it?” he said as he turned around.

He was met with a baseball bat smashed across his face. Oliver stood over him in his signature all white attire. He wanted to say something clever but decided that a guy made out of fire was probably not the right guy to provoke. Instead, he pulled off Emma’s heels and carried her in his arms towards the building.

Emma looked confused, “Why did you do that?”

“In case he comes after us I need you to be able to run.”

“He’s not…normal…he’s like a fire person or something!”

“Yeah I know, he killed a couple people on the way over here. I would’ve been here sooner but I needed to find something to use against him.”

“And a bat was the best you could do? You didn’t even kill him!”

“Hey, I brought a gun too but I saw what happened out there to your guards, fuck that!”

Emma let out a small cry, “Oh my God, Ronald…”

“We’ll get him for that…” Oliver assured.

Oliver kicked the door of the mall and stormed in. A few of the stores were closing but for the most part it was still pretty crowded. A few people saw Oliver and looked at him funny. One could be heard saying “Is he holding Emma Watson!” Emma shielded her face as Oliver jogged through the mall with Emma in his arms. They made good progress until Emma looked back and saw the doors they had entered in set ablaze.

Oliver dropped Emma to her feet, “We need to run.”

Emma looked around, “Can’t we hide in one of the stores? There’s a lot of different ones, he won’t be able to find us.

Oliver shook his head, “He’s gonna set the whole place on fire anyway!”

“Well…” Emma started to talk but was interrupted by a group of firemen and police officers running passed them. “About bloody time!”

Oliver pulled Emma towards the entrance of the mall. They could hear screaming and gunshots behind them but never stopped running. They headed outside and Oliver spotted his car in the Handicap space. They ran towards it as fast as they could, Emma’s feet were really starting to get to her. Oliver quickly unlocked the passenger side door and let Emma in. He darted around the car and threw himself into the driver’s seat.

Emma looked at the Handicap ticket in the car. “How did you get this? You are definitely not handicapped.

Oliver avoided the question, “I’m kinda trying to drive frantically here!”

Oliver quickly pulled out. Emma looked to her right and saw the car parked next to them in the other handicap spot had it driver’s side window broken. The tag had apparently been stolen.

Emma looked to Oliver making a “tsk tsk” face, “Oh you’re a bad man…”

After almost an hour of driving, Oliver reached an old broken down motel. Emma looked over the place from the car disgusted.

“You have got to be kidding…”

Oliver shrugged, “We need to hide out at least until tomorrow morning. There are too many things that can happen to us out here at night.”

“Like what? What could be so terrible that we have to stay at this dank, intolerable excuse for a motel?”

“Well it use to be that we could be mugged, shot, or just harassed by trannies…but now we can be barbequed and skewered…”

“What do you mean skewered?” Emma wondered.

“Well a week ago this thing with huge claws tried to kill Michelle Trachtenberg…”


“No it’s fine, I totally saved her. Got him with the Gandhi line. I said, ‘Do you want to see my impression of Gandhi?’ And he…”

Emma bowed her head down, obviously shaken up by everything that had occurred within just a few hours. Oliver noticed this and immediately stooped talking. He drove passed the motel and drove five minutes until he reached Motel 6. Emma forced a smile.

Oliver shrugged, “It’s not that much better but at least it has the name brand going for it. I’m sorry about all this…”

Emma leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, “Thank you for everything. Let’s just go inside before we’re barbequed and skewered.”

Oliver handled everything within a few minutes and escorted Emma to their room. He immediately grabbed his cell phone. Emma watched him as she sat on the bed and stretched out her legs. She looked at the bottoms of her feet, which were still hurting from all the running without shoes.

“Hey Drew, I hope you have a good reason for not picking up because this is huge. All the reports about an arsonist are false…well, for the most part anyway. There’s a guy still at large that’s like a living fire or something. Can’t touch him, can’t shoot him…he’s like 50 Cent, except he can make you melt with a single touch…so I guess he’s more like L.L. Cool J…”

Emma smiled and rolled her eyes.
“…call me or Michelle if you see him. Bye.” Oliver hung up and met with Emma’s glance. They awkwardly stared at each other for nearly a minute before Oliver noticed her feet. “Ouch, are you okay?”

Emma nodded, “It hurts but I’m sure it’ll pass.”

Oliver shook his head and went into the bathroom. He came back with a miniature bar of motel soap and a couple tissues.

“Let me get that for you…”

Emma laughed, “I don’t think cleaning my feet is entirely the same as healing it.”

Oliver laughed too and put the soap down. He sat beside her.

Emma looked over at him, “It was a nice thought though.”

Oliver smiled. He grabbed her legs and sat them on his lap. He reached over and began to massage her feet.

Emma was amazed that as bad as her feet had been hurting, Oliver was able to pick the right spots and make it feel a little better.

“How do you do it?” Emma wondered.

“I just know how to massage naturally I guess.”

“No I mean, everything. I mean, everything. You walk out wearing a ridiculous white leather coat and matching shirt and pants just in the nick of time to save me, a celebrity. Something’s funny about the entire situation.”

Oliver continued to rub her feet as he said, “Nothing is ‘funny’ about the situation, its horrible. I’m just trying to make it a little better. I doubt I can ever completely stop it, but I have to try.”

“Why you?” Emma asked.

“I really don’t know. I like to think its because I’m the only one that can, but that’s not even true. It just takes someone that’s paranoid, but has private investigation’s license to show that he’s not entirely crazy. I just know that with this outbreak of monsters and obscure abilities, the celebrities, politicians, everybody in the public eyes is open for any violent or obsessed citizen to take things too far and…”

“Rape me…” Emma interrupted, “he tried to rape me. He wanted to rape me just because I play a character in a bunch of movies! Do you know how many crazy Harry Potter fans there are?”

Emma laid down and softly sobbed. Oliver slid over next to her on the bed and held her hand. He gently kissed her head and looked her in the eyes.

“I won’t let anything happen to you…you have my word.”

Emma matched Oliver’s gaze and slowly leaned in towards him. She lightly touched lips with him and slowly breathed into his mouth. Oliver was hypnotized by her beauty and innocence, all he wanted to do was stay in her young pussy and hold her all night. Oliver gently stroked Emma’s hair before fully pressing his lips against hers. Oliver loved the feel of Emma’s lips, she was a lot gentler than Michelle. Her tongue rarely left her mouth but Oliver made it a point to rub his against hers. Oliver placed his hand against the small of her back and leaned forward into the kiss. Emma seemed to get more out of it as she let out soft moans. Oliver kissed Emma’s cheek a few times as he made his way down to her neck. Emma really liked that. She held on to Oliver as he devoured her silky skin. Emma was just as sensitive on her neck as Michelle was. Oliver didn’t mean to keep comparing the two, but he wasn’t the most loyal guy in the world. He was a nice
guy but a true victim of “the heat of the moment”.

Oliver pulled the collar of the yellow long sleeve shirt to the side and planted kisses on her shoulder. Oliver wasn’t too sure how Emma would react to grabbing her ass, but he was desperate to find out. He ran his hand along her back as he kissed her should, back to the neck, and of course her sweet sensitive lips. He gently placed his hands on her ass until Emma reached back and pushed Oliver’s hand hard against her ass.

“Come on, I’m not that innocent!” Emma teased.

Oliver smiled and tightly grabbed her ass through her loose jeans. He was definitely hoping for something much tighter, but soon enough he’d get if off anyway. Oliver positioned himself on top of Emma and pinned her arms over her head.

“What are you doing?” Emma asked.

Oliver responded with a more passionate kiss, which was well received by Emma. Once again he attacked her neck and took long swipes at it with his tongue. He immediately moved his head to her waistline and lifted her shirt up with his nose until the bottom was over her belly button. Oliver leaned down, still pinning Emma’s arms, and pressed his lips against her stomach. He laid soft kisses and licks all over her smooth skin. Emma moaned and giggled at times, being that she was very ticklish. Oliver slipped his tongue into her belly button and slurped at it. Emma tried to break free of Oliver’s grip as she moaned louder and louder. Oliver let go of her arms and reached to take her shirt off. Emma helped him and immediately went to take off her bra. She felt so safe and open with Oliver that she was willing to do anything at this point.

“Is this what you want?” Emma said as she took off her bra.

Oliver watched as her petite tits were set free and rested peacefully on her chest. He took his time licking every inch of her breast before he decided to suck on her erect nipples. Emma was extremely sensitive in that area, as evidenced when she screamed and grabbed the back of Oliver’s head. Oliver suck hard on her nipples, softly chewing on them to get a reaction. Emma continuously banged her head against the pillow, the pleasure was too much for her to handle. Oliver slipped his hand down her belly and into her jeans. His hand crept under her panties and Oliver slipped a finger into her pussy.

“I love it! I love it! I’m yours!” Emma screamed with a passion.

Oliver instantly remembered that Michelle had nearly said the same thing, yet another unneeded comparison that had crossed his mind. It got to the point that the pleasure was so good for Emma that she hugged the arm Oliver was fingering her with and planted kisses on his muscles. She sat up and moved her hips back and forth, while Oliver continued to finger fuck her. Oliver used his free hand to unzip Emma’s pants and pull them and her panties down to her ankles. Emma quickly kicked them off the rest of the way.

“Oh wow you feel great!!”

Oliver used his free hand to pull down his pants and boxers. He briefly took his finger out of Emma, much to her disappointment. Oliver positioned himself so that his dick was just over her head and he could still lean forward to finger her. He put two fingers in her pussy and brought back the loud moans.

“Do you suck dick?” Oliver wondered.

“No…” Emma answered honestly.

Oliver let his dick fall onto her face. She was so beautiful. Seeing his dick rub against her forehead and cheeks just excited him so much. He wasn’t going to settle for a “no”. He rubbed his dick all over her face as he fingered he, and finally brought his dick to her lips. He didn’t force it in, but with Emma moaning so much, her mouth was pretty easy access. He let the tip slide in to see what Emma would do. She was hesitant at first, but really felt open with Oliver, so she reached up with her hands and put Oliver’s dick in further. Oliver continued to finger Emma as she got her first taste of dick…and she loved it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the mixed pleasure of having her pussy fingered and having a big, hard dick in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head and gently sucked on it. She let her tongue roll all over the head. Oliver dropped his hips lower and put more of his dick in her mouth. He got enough in that he could
lean forward comfortably and get his head between her legs. He licked at her sweet pussy wildly as he felt his dick being devoured. Emma used her hand to play with his balls as she bobbed her head up and down to get Oliver’s dick deeper in her mouth. Her tongue ran up and down the shaft with inexperienced, but very intense streaks.

Oliver held her legs further apart and slurped Emma’s pussy up. She wasn’t a virgin but damn near. He let his tongue roll from her pussy to her ass and back again. Michelle definitely had the more enjoyable ass but Emma’s pussy was doing a lot more for him. He fingered her asshole as he lapped up a continuous flow of pussy juice. He bit her ass cheek, which excited Emma even more. Emma could feel her body shaking and could feel herself about to cum. She didn’t warn Oliver as she wrapped her legs around his head and moaned loud with his dick in her mouth as she came.

“Yes! It’s your turn!” Emma said still reeling from the explosion.

She began to jerk off Oliver’s dick with her hand while sucking as much as she could fit in her mouth. Emma pulled the dick out of her mouth and began to suck on Oliver’s balls. That caught him completely by surprise and he almost came right then and there. Emma’s tongue was everywhere. It took long lashes at the dick hanging over her head, it licked up Oliver’s balls, and Emma even took a few swipes at Oliver’s ass, which once again almost set him off.

“I’m gonna cum soon…” Oliver warned.

Emma moved out from under Oliver. “Wait, I want to feel you inside of me first.”

Oliver took his shirt off and laid down on the bed. Emma hovered over him and looked just too sexy and cute staring at him. Emma grabbed Oliver’s dick and slowly worked it into her pussy. Emma was wet enough that it slid in without too much traction. Emma threw her head back as every inch pressed inside her and she moaned in pleasure. Oliver reached up and squeezed her breasts. Emma got a nice fast rhythm going as she continued to move her hips back and forth without pause. Oliver placed one hand on her hop and the other on her ass. It was so hard for him to watch a girl as beautiful as Emma Watson and hold back his load from shooting into her.

“I’m really gonna cum babe!” Oliver said trying hard to hold it in.

“Not yet! Say you’ll keep me safe!!” Emma screamed as she rode Oliver’s dick.

“I’ll keep you safe!!” Oliver answered back.

“Will you keep me safe baby!”

“I’ll keep you safe!!”

“Unhhh…keep me safe!!!” Emma threw her head back and clutched her breast.

“I’m cumming!” Oliver warned one last time.

Emma jumped off and moved her face to his dick. She continuously licked his dick like a lollipop until a huge stream shot up and hit her face. She smiled wide as she continued to lick it like a lollipop and watched the streams shoot out. She wrapped her hand around his dick and rubbed up and down trying to make it shot again. Oliver’s cum leaked out of his dick and Emma licked it.

“It actually taste pretty good.”

Emma licked up and down Oliver’s dick getting all the cum off. When she couldn’t find anymore, she jerked his dick off and wrapped her lips around it, sucking as hard as she could. When she was finished, she laid next to Oliver. The two held each other tightly.

Emma gave a sigh of pleasure, “At least some good came out of today, right?” Emma got no answer. She turned around to Oliver, who was focused on the door of the motel. Emma asked again, “Right? I mean it was good for me. Was it good for you?”

Emma looked back towards the door and her mouth hung open as she saw their fire man staring at them…

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