Emma Watson Fakes Story: "Emma’s Adventures 4: A High School Musical Cums To Hogwarts"

Title: Emma’s Adventures 4: A High School Musical Cums To Hogwarts

Author: Tricksterson

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Celebrities: Ashley Tisdale, Bonnie Wright, Brenda Song, Corbin Bleu, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, Jessie Cave, Katie Leung, Monique Coleman, Olesya Rulin, Rupert Grint, Vanessa Hudgens

Codes: FF, Ff, ff, FFff, mF, mf, mFf, FFf, MMFFFF, cons, exhib, inc, oral, orgy, rom, spanking, toys

Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction. Not for a moment do I believe any of the cebrities depicted here act in anyway as portrayed. So bugger off and leave me and Victoria alone. Find a less annoying hobby, like stamp collecting. And if you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be here so you go away too.

Note: All the High School Musical people are legal as are Katie Leung, Jessie Cave and Rupert Grint. Emma Watson is 17, Bonnie Wright is 16 and Evanna Lynch is 15

Ashley Tisdale drove down the unpaved Maine road towards the converted farm that now operated as a vacation hostel of the Church of Fucking. It was shortly to be occupied by two of the hottest Posses in the Church, the Hogwarts Harlots and the Tipton Tramps. Noone outside the Church knew who actually owned it of course, it had been purchased by one of the Church’s many shell corporations which was in turn owned by yet another shell. The remoteness of the location was part of many precautions the Church took to protect itself and the privacy of it’s members.

As she reached the complex of farmhouse, bunkhouse, barn and stable the blond starlet saw a pickup truck parked in front of the converted farmhouse where she and the others would be staying. She frowned. No staff was supposed to be here until tomorrow and even though they were all driving normal cars to avoid attention this seemed downscale even for purposes of disguise.

She stepped out of her cart, a nondescript sedan. She was wearing cowboy boots, a paire of stonewashed, skin tight jeans and a longsleeved, equally tight white pullover sweater because this far north it was a little nippy even if it was April, at least for a California girl like herself. She went up, keyed the code she’d been given into the pad and entered.

She saw a faux rabbit skin jacket hanging on one of the hooks in the entry hall. So one of the other girls, probably Emma *was* here. She assumed it was Emma because she led the Harlots just as Ashley, along with her “Suite Life” costar and cowife Brenda Song, who wouldn’t be here until the next day, led the Tramps. She exited the hallway and entered the house proper.

To her left was a spotless kitchen with what looked like the door to a walk in freezer. Divided from it by a stainless steel island was a dining room with a table set for eight. She figured that when the others arrived tomorrow they would either have to eat in shifts or on each others laps. She rather hoped for the latter, it might be awkward but it would certainly be fun.

Straight ahead was a corridor flanked on either side by the door to what she assumed was a bedroom and another straight ahead. next to the righthand bedroom was a stairway leading up and another leading down, probably to more bedrooms and the hostel’s dungeon respectively.

On the right was a two-step sunken parlor with a thickly cushioned, cream colored couch lining two and a half sides of it and a state of the art entertainment center taking up the rest. Sprawled on the couch was Emma.

“Howdy y’all,” she greeted the California girl in what was truly an awful southern accent. In general she seemed to be going for a soft-porn farmgirl look. She was wearing coveralls but perhaps “covernotthatmuches” would have been a better term because they ended in shortshorts that fit much tighter than was the norm. She didn’t seem to have anything on underneath. White kneesocks and saddleshoes completed the odd outfit but the farmgirl look itself was topped off by the fact that the English slattern had put her hair into pigtails.

“Hon, this is Maine, not Alabama.”

“But I can’t do a Maine accent,” Emma answered as she got off the couch, climbed out of the pit and draped her arms around Ashley’s neck. Ashley forebore to mention that she couldn’t really do a southern accent either.

“So would you like me to give you a tour of the place”? she said, pressing her body against the other woman’s. “Or would you rather just fuck?”


“Stop that Bonnie! You’ll make me drive off the road.” What Bonnie was doing to distract the van’s driver, who also happened to be her girlfriend Katie Leung was lifting up her t-shirt to expose her bodacious tatas. It helped that they were enclosed in a pink bra, but not by much, especially when she kept rubbing them, making her nipples poke out through the sheer fabric.

“Why don’t you come back here and distract *me* instead?” came a cheerful voice from in back belonging to the van’s other passenger, Evanna Lynch. Bonnie looked back and what she saw was certainly distracting. Like Emma, Evanna had either gotten her regions mixed or thought it was amusing to pretend she did. She was wearing a short denim skirt, hiked even further up to expose her bare, pink pussy, cowboy boots and hat and a tooled leather vest with only a light grey sports bra underneath.

In a technical sense she was the newest of the Harlots but she was also the most experienced because, unlike the others, she had been born and raised in the Church of Fucking. Her mother had taught her how to masturbate when she was seven, both herself and her mother, she’d given her first blow job to her father at the age of ten and he had taken her cherry three years later. Her mind swam in the Church’s sea of sexuality like a dolphin. Bonnie and katie on the other hand, while they loved their sexual experiences within the Church and accepted it’s teaching of pure hedonism on an intellectual level were still plagued from time to time, unlike Emma who was a natural slut, with feelings of guilt and jealousy promoted by society.

Bonnie looked at her girlfriend who muttered “All right, go on with you then,” her Scottish accent, somewhat incongrous coming from a cute Asian girl, made stroger by the stress of driving on strange roads in a country where they didn’t even drive on the proper side of the road. She pulled over so Bonnie could get out and go in back, giving the redhead’s shapely ass a pat as she did so.

Of the three of them Bonnie was dressed the most ordinarily, in a plain white t-shirt, grey pajama pants with pink roses on them and a pair of trainers. Katie was wearing a black leather mini-skirt, matching boots, a tartan vest and a teal wifebeater.

The van had been rented from a dealership owned by the Church and so there were certain modifications, like the seat Evanna had been on folding and locking back onto the seat behind it to form a futon of sorts. Evanna was doing just this and so was on her knees bent over when Bonnie entered, providing her with the perfect opportunity slip her hand under her skirt and rub her pussy lips.

The blond girl looked over her shoulder and smiled even as there was a small bump caused by the van getting back on the road.

“If you have to brake, try not to stop too quick,” Evanna said

“Unless you want our legs around your head,” added Bonnie.

“Not yet,” answered their driver.

This settled the two young sluts started taking off each others clothes. Bonnie let the platinum blond pull off her t-shirt and take off her bra then pulled off Evanna’s skirt. They looked at each other, one topless, the other bottomless and laughed then Bonnie took off the other girl’s vest, pushed up her sports bra and leaned over to kiss and lick at her tits whose nipples were so pale a pink they were almost invisible. A soft moan escaped Evanna as she bit down on her lower lip, pulled off Bonnie’s sneakers, pulled down the pajama pants and finally the yellow and blue striped bikini panties underneath. Her red haired partner started to pull off her boots but she shook her head.

“Leave them on.”

Bonnie shrugged and starting at the blond wench’s right knee, began licking her way up Evanna’s leg. By the time she had reached her upper thigh the other girl was panting and moaning.

“Swing your hips over here beautiful,” the blond minx said breathlessly. “Yesss, that’s riiight! Oh your tongue feels soooo niiice on my twaaat! Now plant your sweet little cunt down on my mouth so I can return the favor!”

Up front as the moans and whimpers of her friends drifted forward Katie’s hands gripped the steering wheel so tight that she was surprised there were no cracks in the plastic. Maybe letting Bonnie get in back hadn’t beensuch a good idea. She knew one thing though. As soon as they got to the farm *someone* was getting dragged into the nearest bedroom!


“Mmm!” Emma moaned. She was sitting on the stainless steel kitchen island, legswrapped around Ashley’s torso, the top part of her soveralls down around her waistt and the blond bombshell’s hands and mouth respectively stroking and sucking on her left and right tits while her own hands were pulling off the other girls pullover.

The singer-actress pulled back and bent forward to let her artner pull the sweater over her head then moved back into the embrace of Emma’s arms and legs. After a brief squeeze with both Emma raised her pert little rump so the other woman could slide the coveralls from around her waist to let them drop onto the floor, leaving her clad only in a white mesh bikini bottom through which the wet mound of her pussy was clearly visible.

“Turn around,” she said. Asley looked at her quizically.

“Just do it!” The blond girl shrugged and complied only to feel Emma’s weight as the English tart climbed onto her back, wrapping her arms around Ashley’s neck and her legs around her body just above her hips.

“Giddyup!” she said with a giggle.

“Where to?”

“My bedroom silly!,” Emma said, readjusting her grip so that her hands now held onto the other woman’s small, firm tits. She proceeded to steer her “horse” out of the kitchen and into the corridor by squeezing the left or right breast depending on the preferred direction.

When they reached the stairs Ashley paused and asked, “Straight or up?”


“Good,” she said starting down the corridor. “Because if I had to climb with you on top, you would be one thrown horsewoman. I should be riding you, you’re taller! And have you ever considered the Atkins diet?”

“You are *so* getting spanked!,” the younger girl said teasingly as they reached the room at the end of the hall.

“Promises, promises,” retorted Ashley as they entered. When they reached the bed she turned around and unceremoniously dumped her rider on the bed, which like all beds in CoF hostels was a King Size Plus, since you never knew how many partners you might be sharing it with.

“Oooh, where’s my riding crop?,” Emma said as she got off the bed, blowing hair out of her eyes. At first Ashley thought the young Brit might actually be mad but when she looked she was smiling sunnily as she took the aforementioned crop out of the wardrobe that all hostel rooms contained and that served as a “toy chest”. She was more surprised at what else was in there.

“A whole riding outfit? Why?”

“What do you think they keep in the stables, flamingos? Honestly, didn’t you read the brochure on Erosnet? Now turn around and drop your drawers.”

‘Well, Brenda will happy,’ the blond woman thought as she skinned out of her jeans and shoes, leaving her dressed only in a black thong and revealing one of the nicest asses Emma had ever seen. Ashley’s “Suite Life” costar and cowife had a fondness for animals, especially horses, that occasionally reached beyond the conventional.

“Bad horsey!” Wack!


“Naughty girl! Wack! “Naughty, naughty, naughty!” Wack! Wack! Wack! went the crop, reddening the buttocks of Emma’s latest plaything.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! OWWWW!” But at the same the literal pain in her ass was lighting a flame in her crotch. Ashley stuck a finger in her slit and started working it in and out. She felt Emma’s body pressed against her back and the other woman’s hand slide into her panties.

“Is my horsey horney?,” she cooed.

“Uhhuh.” She felt her thong being peeled off her ass and down her legs. The she felt the English girl’s lips and tongue working their way down her spine while Emma’s hand removed and replaced her own inside of her. The blond pop tart leaned forward and braced herself against the foot of the bed, her lips pulled back in a grimace of ecstasy as the other girl’s tongue licked it’s way down the muscles of her back and starting kissing the exquisite globes of her ass. The pleasure of the kisses combined with the feel of Emma’s fingers in her twat and the lingering soreness of her buttocks to make her head spin.

“Unnnngghhh!,” she groaned as her partner’s tongue started licking at the sensitive flesh aound her anus then, as the younger girl’s fingers closed on the nub of her clit Ashleys eyes bulged and she gave an explosive “AHHHHFUCCKK!” then fell forward onto the bed, shaking uncontrolably.

“I hope you don’t think this is over,” said Emma with a grin as she turned her new playmate over onto her back then went back to the “toy chest” and took out a large rubber coated, double headed dildo.

Ashley smiled and scooted backwards on the bed as Emma took off her soaking wet mesh panties and crawled between her spread legs.

The blond sat up and let her lover pull her in for a long, slow kiss while the younger woman worked one head of the dildo into her cunt. She pushed it in about halfway then slid her own pussy down onto the remaindr. Soon both women had worked out a rhythm and were pushing each other up and down the rod, arms and legs locked together.


“Yess, oh yesss!” Emma’s lips sucked at Ashley’s tits even as the other slut’s lips and tongue licked at her neck



“Cum with me baby, *cum* with meeeee!”

“I ammm, ohhh, I ammmm!”

So engrossed were they in their mutual orgasms that neither of them heard the vehicles pulling up up in front heralding new visitors to the rural pleasure dome.


As Katiepulled into the farm’s driveway she saw an SUV with three young women getting out. Her first and only thought was of which one she was going to drag to the nearest available bed. If she didn’t just do her right there on the grass. She was still deeply pissed at Bonnie and Evanna so no nookie for them. All right, she had said they could screw each other but did they have to *stay* naked afterwards? Every time she looked in the rearview mirror she could see their bare, lissome bosies as they kissed and caressed each other. At this point it was a good thing the shift was automatic, because she would have already been humping a stick.

As she drove up and parked she eyes the three of them. Two of them she was only vaguely familiar with, although she knew all three of them had appeared in the “High School Musical” movies.

Two of them were dressed more like it was November than April. Well, this was Maine and they weref from bloody California. The black girl, whose first name Katie kew was Monique, was wearing a denim jacket which failed to conceal her sizable bosom and a pair of ultra tight jeans that didn’t even try to conceal her equally impressive ass.

The second girl looked like she was only about fourteen, although that could have been because she was so tiny. The young Asian thought she couldn’t be quite five feet tall. She had a doll like cuteness and was the only one dresse for spring, in a flowery peasant blouse and short plaid skirt. Knee socks and pedalpushers contributed to the youngish look.

The final member of the trio, Vanessa Hudgens, was of course instantly recognizable, not just because she was the female lead of the HSM movies but because every member of the Harlots had masturbated over the naked picture of her that had come out on the internet. She was dressed similarly to Monique but with high heeled boots, Gortex jacket, gloves and knitted cap in addition. If the black girl was dressed for November, her compadre was drssed for January. In the Arctic.

Nonetheless it was the petite young woman, who was Russian, older than Katie and named Olesya Rulin, who had the fortune, good or bad, to be standing closest when Katie parked the van, threww open the door, looked at the wee girl and growled “You’ll do.” Before Olesya knew it she was slung over the other woman’s shoulder in a fireman’s carry and being hauled up the stairs of the farmhouse.

“Eek!,” she cried. Monique started to come to her friend’s rescue but was waved back.

“It’s okay,” the Russian girl said as Katie carried her somewhat awkwardly through the door. “I think. Ow!” This last came from being slapped on the head by the closing screen door.

Monique and Vanessa looked at each other, uncertain as to whether to attempt a rescue. then they were distracted by the giggling coming from the back of the van.

When they looked inside they saw Bonnie and Evanna still naked and chortling gleefully.

“What was that all about?”asked Monique.

“Olesya’s going to be all right, isn’t she?” added Vanessa.

“She’ll be fine,” said Evanna. “Katie just needs to get laid.”

“All she had to do was ask,” said Monique.

“Word,” added her friend


“You can put me down now,” the petite Russian American said to her would be ravisher.

When her feet were back on the ground she looked up at Katie and said, “What was that all about?” A short version of the trip up followed.

“Oh,” said Olesya when Katie was done and more civilzed introductions had been made. “That was mean.”

“It’s worse than that but the rest is a bit too personal for me to tell you until we know each other better.”

“Well, let’s take care of that,” the smaller woman said, stood on her tip toes and pulled Katie’s lips down to hers. Tongue met tongue, half wrestling and half dancing.

When they broke off the brunette said, “All you had to do was ask. After all, that’s what we’re here for right?”

“I know, it’s complicated.”

“Then let’s find a bed and get to know each other better.”

“Let’s,” the Asian cutie replied and, taking her by the hand led her to the first bedroom with an open door.

No sooner had they closed the door behind them than Katie grabbed the other girl by the arms and tossed her onto the bed.

“Are you always this rough?” Olesya asked, sticking her bottom lip out.

“No. Sorry. I just have…some issues to work out.”

“Well, all right but try not to break anything, okay?,” the petite brunette asked as she pulled her top over her head to reveal a pair of small, but yummy looking breasts with dark pink, over sized nipples. “I’m delicate.”

“I’d never do that!,” Katie said, shocked by the frightened tremor in the other woman’s voice. She sat down next to Olesya and stroked her hair. “Did someone…hurt you like that?”

“No, just…be gentle?”

“I’ll try.”

“Good because I won’t!,” the mischievious minx said as she jumped on top of her new friend and pinned her to the matress for a fierce tongue kiss that ended with her taking the Asian-Scots girl’s bottom lip between her teeth and sucking on it hard enough to leave what promised to become a spectacular bruise.

“Oh, you’re a sneaky one, you are,” Katie said to the diminutive wench who was straddling her waist.

“When you’re as teeny as I am you have to beaaagh!” This last exclamation was caused by her abductor turned victim reachhing up and tickling her ribs.

“You gonna die!,” she screamed cheerfully as she reached down to to apply her own fingers to Katie’s sensitive regions.

“Tough talk for a midget!,” the other girl retorted as she rolled over on top of the young Russo-American. This set off a wrestling match in which ticking played a major part and which paused periodically for one of the gamin combatants to either pull off an item of her opponents clothing or to remove a piece of her own in which she had gotten tangled. It ended with Katie naked and on top, pinning Olesya’s wrists to the bed in a reversal of their original position with the Slavic pixie’s wardrobe reduced to a pair of black bikini panties.

“Give up?,” the victorious honey asked.

The other woman licked her lips and said, “Anything you want me to,” in a sultry voice.

Instead of answering in word, the Asian strumpet kissed and sucked her way around the smaller hottie’s neck, leaving a chain of developing hickies.

“Yesss!” Olesya snarled. “Make it *hurrrt!*”

“You like it rough, don’t you?” Katie asked as she continued to lick and bite her way down the other woman throat and between her small tits.

“Yesss! Giving and recieving,” was the answer as the mini-Slav arched her back while her conqueror sucked at one huge nipple and her fingers pinched hard at the other. Meanwhile Olesya ‘s fingernails were digging furrows into the other wench’s back and shoulders.

Katie’s mouth left her new lover’s breasts and descended down her body, depositing lovebites on her ribs and her soft, desire tightened belly. Finally Katies head went between the other woman’s legs to dance teasingly around her vulva.

“Ohhh! Such a goood tongue! Such a cleverrr tongue!” The tongue in question licked down one, puffy, shaved pussylip and up the other, finally pushing between them.

“Soooo fucking goood!” Olesya moaned, knotting her fingers in Katies soft, dark hair. She felt her partner fingers join her tongue inside her and thrust her hips upward in ecstasy.

“Aaaah!,” she screamed as she felt a white heat wash outward from her cunt into every corner of her body. She lay gasping as her partner kissed her way back up her body. By the time the other woman’s mouth was on hers again she had regained her strength and turned the Asian girl on her back.

“Stay there,” she said with a smile and went to the room’s wardrobe. She opened it, loooked through it’s contents and took out a large, black strapon.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” growled Katie. As Olesya came back to the bed, the other girl got on her knees and licked the head of the dildo then took it into her mouth, inch by inch. When she’d swallowed it all she pulled back slowly, lay down, spread her legs and said softly, “Fuck me,” then stiffened as the smaller woman pushed into her.

“Yeah, ohhhyeah, fuckyeah!” she gasped as Olesya pounded into her. Her legs wrapped around the other woman’s heaving buttocks, her fingers dug into her shoulders and her head started flailing wildly. “Fuck me Bonnie! Oh yesss, FUCK ME!!,” she screamed as she came


“Who’s Bonnie?,” Olesya asked as they lay in each others arms.

“My longterm, why? In the Church, relationships tended to fall into one of four not quite formal categories, the casual fuck, which was just what it sounded like and which the weekend was mostly going to consist of, the longterm fuck which basically just meant that the two, three, four or howevermany people involved had sex with each other more often than with anyone else, bondingd which were the Church equivalent of marriage but much looser, the only real stricture being that you needed the permission of your partner or partners for involvment outside the relationship and the very rare One and Onlies which were mutuallyexclusionary of any sex outside the relationship and which usually only occured between two people.

“You yelled her name when you came,” the smaller woman explained.

“Oh,” said Katie, blushing. “I’m…I’m sorry…I mean…”

“Don’t be, we were fucking, not making love. It was good, real good, and I’ll be happy to do it again, any time this weekend but no harm, no foul.” Olesya narrowed her eyes and tilted her head. “You weren’t raised in the Church, were you?”

“No, Bonnie and I were both initiated by Emma.”

“You love her?”

“Bonnie?” Once again Katie blushed and lowered her head against the other woman’s chest. The young Slav kissed the top of her new friend’s head and then put two fingers under her chin to raise it, bringing them once more eye to eye.

“Sorry, none of my business.”

Katie sighed. “Yes, I love her. But she doesn’t love me. It’s Emma she really wants.”

“What does Emma think of this? Does she know?”

“Probably, Bonnie isn’t shy about it. But no, she’s happy enough to fuck Bonnie, me or anyone else, male or female, that she thinks is pretty but she doesn’t really love anybody. It’s just not in her” Olesya nodded approvingly at this. After all “only fucking matters,” was the core of all Church doctrine. While the idea of “true love” wasn’t forbidden, it was considered naive and a little embarrassing.


“I think I’m in love with him,” Emma said to Ashley. They were both on their sides, facing each other and exchanging the occasional caress and information about their respective Posses. Talk had turned first to Ashley’s triadal marriage with Brenda and Vanessa, then to emma’s feeling about her own Posse members, especially her half-brother Alex.

“So is that why you wanted this event open to guys?” Although the first day of the weekend was going to be strictly girl-on-girl Alex would be coming up with Rupert Grint and Jessie Cave, the girl who would be playing Lavender Brown in the sixth HP movie and would be getting initiated this weekend, the next day. From the HSM side Corbin Bleu, the movies only straight male playing a major part, would also be coming up. Daniel, Lucas, Tom and Zac were having their own little get together somewhere in Oregon.

“Well, that and I generally prefer meat to fish,” Emma answered. “No offense.”

“None taken, Monique’s the same way and the rest of us like at least a little sausage in our diet now and then,” the blond starlet answered with a smile.

“Katie and Evanna are the same way. Bonnie…” she trailed off

“What about her? Is there a problem?”

“She worries me a little. She told me she loved me when I initiated her. I tried to push her in Katie’s direction because Katie really does love her but…”

“Still kind of obssessed?”

“I just hope she grows out of it and realizes that she should love the one who loves her and be happy to fuck those of us who just want her sweet little body.” She got an impish look on her face and started rubbing the palm of her hand against Ashley’s pussy. Speaking of sweet little bodies….” She slipped two fingers between her partner’s labia and started pumping them in and out furiously.

The blond slut arched her neck, exposing it to Emma’s nibbling teeth and licking tongue. The arch extended to her entire body as the younger girl’s fingers continued to probe and push. The scream of her second orgasm was muffled by Emma’s mouth.

Ashley had barely recovered from coming when she found herself staring at the tulip of her friend’s vulva and the ten pointed star tatooed just above it.

“Eat me!” Emma ordered. The other woman was more than happy to comply. As the moist, glistening cunt descended towards her face Ashley opened her mouth and pushed her tongue firmly inside while reaching out to cup the English starlet’s ass.

“”Oooh, fuck yess!,” Emma moaned as she came. “You little whore! Fuck me with your tongue, you sweet little WHORE!”


As Olesya and Katie lay together Bonnie thrust her head in after a cursory knock. As she ran an appreciative eye over the naked bodies of both her girlfriend and the diminutive Russo-American she said, “Evanna, Monique, Vanessa and I are going to warm up in the hot tub, want to join us?” Both girls shook their heads.

“Suit yourselves. Katie, I put our stuff in the room across the hall, okay?”

“Sure sweetie. Give me a kiss?”

Bonnie walked in wearing only a pair of sneakers bent down and slowly kissed her girlfriend. In the way of the Church Olesya got drawn into the kiss and it was some time before the three broke it up.

“Ta love.”

“Ta,” said Katie. “Nice to meet you,” added Olesya. As she left the room both girls eyed her retreating bum and licked their lips.


She met Vanessa in the hall who had been on a similar mission. Unlike the naked Bonnie Vanessa was still in full winter regalia.

“Are you going to get in the tub like that?,” the redhead asked.

“No, of course not, I’ll strip as soon as I’m in someplace warm.” Bonnie just shook her head and muttered “Californians.” Notheless she took her new friend by the hand and led her to the barn that had been converted to a spa containing a hottub, sauna and massage tables.

When they got there they found Evanna already in the large, six-person tub, naked of course.

“Where’s Monique?” Vanessa asked.

“In the sauna,” answered the young blond, motioning to her head to a clothes rack where the black starlets clothes hung, next to which was a table with a pile of towels.

“Mmmm, saunnnaaa!” said Vanessa and started moving in that direction, arms out like a zombie only to have her progress interrupted by Monique coming out with a towel around her waist, huge breasts bare.

“I thought I heard more people,” she said, coming to give first Vanessa, then Bonnie a hug. Her new and old friend took advantage of her toplessness to each take a large firm tittie in both hand and mouth, sucking hard on her large, charcoal-dark nipples.

“Mmmm,” She moaned, as the redheaded girl moved aside the towel to rub her pussy.

“Is anyone coming in, or am I going to have to climb out in order to get some?” asked the Irish girl in the tub plaintively.

“Oh, stop whinging,” Bonnie said, then gave Monique another slow kiss, climbed up to the edge of the tub then cannonballed in, drenching the Californian duo.

“Sorry about that,” said Evanna as her friend grinned unapologetically.

“So, that’s how it’s gonna be?” said Monique, stripping off the soaking wet towel, climbing in and lunging playfully at Bonnie. They wrestled playfully for a bit until Monique ducked the redhaired girl underwater , held her down for a couple of seconds then let her up for air.

“Hmmm, guess I should give you mouth to mouth,” the black girl said with a grin.

“Guess you should,” Bonnie replied and the two were soon liplocked.

“Well, you coming in or not?,” Evanna said to Vanessa, looking up and cupping her breasts in invitation.

Vanessa, not known for her decision making abilities, was torn. She really wanted the sauna but the hottub was warm too and had hot women as an added inducement. Since she would have to take off her clothes for either she decided to give the other girls a show while she was at it.

She started by taking off her knitted cap and shaking her mane of dark, thick hair senuously while staring straight at the Irish girl who had taunted her. Evanna met this move by rubbing her soft, pink nipples into hardmess with her thumbs.

Bonnie and Monique came up for air to see the caramel hued starlet swaying to her own inner music as she unzipped her jacket and let it fall to the floor revealing a cranberry colored cableknit sweater underneath. They decided to enjoy the show and sat down, Monique on the other girl’s lap, arm around her neck, playing with each others tits.

Vanessa ran her hands up and down her torso, teasing her audience. Evanna watched fascinated and put a hand between her legs, rubbing at her pussy while Bonnie started stroking Monique’s thighs. The young odalisque in front of them ran her hands through her hair, wiknked and turned slowly around as she lifted up her heavy sweater halfway up to show a white t-shirt underneath.

“Girl, is there a you under there?,” her black friend called out while Evanna growled, “This is torture,” masturbating even faster. Vanessa only looked over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at them then pulled the sweater over her head. As she did so the t-shirt also lifted, showing three inches of honey-hued back. She turned around slowly and bent down as she pulled off the t-shirt, revealing a peach colored silk bra, then tossed it at Evanna who caught it and buried her face in it then tossed it behind her and out of the hottub. By this point Bonnie had her fingers buried deep in Monique’s snatch and the black girl was sucking on her new friends smaller but still ample tits.

For the next stage of her show the showoff starlet climbed the steps to the hot tub, sat onthe top one, unzipped her boots and tossed them over her audience’s heads and onto the other side of the barn, revealing a pretty pair of feet. No longer able to merely watch Evanna sttood up and walked over to her current object of worship. Vanessa sat down on the top step then lifted and spread her legs to greet her fan. The Irish girl moved between them, undid her belt and unzipped her jeans. Vanessa raised her rump off the step and let her peel them off revealing a pair of bikini panties that matched the bra.

On the other side of the tub Monique had taken a deep breath and dived between Bonnie’s legs. The young Brit arched her back as the other woman licked her way up her thighs then let out an explosive gasp as she took her clit in her mouth and blew airbubbles against it. Monique came up for air smiling.

“You like?” Bonnie could only nod wordlessly.

Meanwhile Evanna had slipped her partner’s panties off and had her head buried deep between her thighs while Vanessa, having removed her bra was massaging her tits.

“Do you mind?” Came a voice behind the Irish muffdiver. The two young women looked to see Bonnie and Monique, hand in hand standing impatiently wanting to get out.”

“I figured that we’d take this out of the tub, since I’m not all that good at holding my breath,” the redhead explained.

“That’s because it involves keeping your mouth shut,” retorted Evanna tartly, earning herself a glare and a splash. Still the other girl’s point was taken and all four climbed out of the hotub, Bonnie and Monique heading towards the massage tables and the other two to the sauna.


“Whew,” said Evanna as she and Vanessa entered the sauna cabinat. “I’m glad we’re already naked.”

“I think it’s just perfect,” said her new friend with a smile. “In fact,” she said as she pushed the Irish girl down onto a bench and straddled her lap, “I think I’ll make it even hotter for you.”

“Well, if you put it that way…” Evanna said as she pulled the darker skinned girl’s mouth down on hers.


“Lie down,” Bonnie said. Monique raised an eyebrow.

“Back or stomach?”

“Stomach, I want to start with a real and truly massage before going on to even better things.”

The older woman shrugged and lay down, sighing as the English girl’s surrisingly strong and skilled hands went to work on her shoulders.

“Mmmmm,” the HSM starlet purred. The purring got louder when she felt the younger redhead’s lips joining her hands in caressing her back. Slowly the combination of lips and hands worked their way downward, Bonnie’s fingers digging in particularly when she reached the black woman’s large, firm ass. Monique spread her legs in invitation and was gratified to feel one of the redhaired girls hands slip between them to rub at her pussy.

“Mmmm, yeah! More!,” she pleaded.

“Turn over, so I can do your front. Especially those big tits of yours.” Monique complied and Bonnie climbed up on the table with her. Since it belonged to a Church of Fucking facility it was both a bit bigger and sturdier than the norm since it had been designed with the assumption that a lot more activities would be going on on top of it than just massages.

As Bonnie reached for her tits, Monique replied in kind, taking the other girl’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and rubbing them vigorously. The English girl arched her back and hissed then ducked her head to suck on the black woman’s hard, protruding nipples then started working her way down towards her new lover’s crotch.

“Move those sweet hips this way girl so I can return the favor,” Monique asked. Bonnie was happy to comply and soon both beauties lips, tongues and teeth were hard at work on each others cunts.

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