Emma Watson Hot Story: "The Interviews"

The Interviews
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

Emma Watson stood outside the Hotel waiting on two her pals from the Harry Potter movies. It had been 8 months since the movie had been finished and now after editing and other such things they had been called on to give press interviews before it’s impending release.

Daniel and Rupert started walking towards the hotel; since the movies started they had become firm friends and had even started going to the same school together. It was when they were about 50 metres away they noticed this hot looking girl near the window of the hotel, they started to glare at this girl who was wearing a blue dress which looked like she had been poured into. The shapely legs the tight ass that flat stomach and the size of her breasts. They both went to say something to this heavenly creature when she turned towards them and said, Hey boys you two are late. They stopped in surprise and in unison said’ Gee Emma you have changed a lot since we last saw you. Thanks boys but both of you have changed too, u both are so tall now. They moved either side of her and they took each other hand and walked into the hotel next door.

They made it to the end of the day and they were so tired, the studio had gotten them hotel rooms so that they would be ready for the premiere the next day and they were shown their hotel rooms. They had interconnecting rooms and they all went in and agreed to get some dinner together. They arranged for the meals to be brought up to Emma’s room where they were going to watch TV and play games. They each ate their meals and were changing though the channels and couldn’t find anything to watch.

Lets play cards said Rupert, I think I saw some over near the fridge. They started to play poker but after a while it was starting to get boring. Whoever loses has to take a drink from the mini bar. They a all agreed and started to play and Emma was first to lose and they continued to play and they all lost hands and they were starting to get close to be pretty drunk. Emma said why don’t we play strip poker. The boys looked at them selves and then at Emma and agreed. The boys being less drunk didn’t lose as much but Emma started to lose clothing, first her shoes, socks, and now was taken off her skirt. The boys looked at she bent over to take off her skirt. They noticed that Emma had been wearing a black thong they saw her ass and how the thong moved in between her cheeks. She sat back down and continued to play and started to win games. The boys were now just down to their shorts and underwear and were bare-chested. It might have been the alcohol but Emma just started to notice how good these boys’ bodies were. They had certainly changed just like her since the movie finished production 8 months ago. They were now taller and there bodies more developed, she started to wonder what the also had under those shorts. She had only started to get these feelings about boys since her own body had developed. She has started to explore her own bodies but she would also get these spasms any time she saw a really hot guy. These guys were hot and she noticed that the front of her panties were now a little wet.

Emma started to deal the hand and just as she was dealing the card said that the winner of each game could also ask one of the others to do something as well as the losers would also lose a piece of clothing. The boys nearly naked anyway said yes and they started to play there hand and Rupert eventually one, Emma second and Daniel last. Daniel and Emma both started to remove their clothing, Emma removing her blouse and Daniel his shorts. Emma noticed that Daniel was hard she could make out the outline of his cock against his white underwear. She tried not to stare but she was close to seeing a cock. Rupert looked at both and them and smiled and said Emma I want you to give Daniel a tongue kiss for two minutes. Emma looked at Rupert but she couldn’t complain, as it was her rules anyway. She moved closer to Daniel, she had only ever kissed relatives and once the director at the end of the movie but had not ever kissed a real boy. She leaned forward and their mouths met, it felt nice and she melted into his body, her breast covered by her bra was rubbing up against Daniel body and his groin touching her stomach. She could feel his cock against her body and this excited. There tongues finally touching and she couldn’t believe the feelings she was getting from her body. It was like lightning strikes all over her body. It was then that Rupert called time. She let out a sigh and they both sat back down.

They played again and this time Emma won and Daniel came second and Rupert last, watching Emma and Daniel obviously affected him because his concentration was shot. Daniel took his underwear off and Rupert now down to his underwear. They waited to see what Emma was going to ask for but Rupert was shocked when Emma said she wanted to see his cock and she wanted him to rub his cock for two minutes. Rupert pulled down his pants he started to gently rub his cock. It started to rise to the 7- inch cock he was proud of; he was looking at Emma’s breasts while Emma was looking at his cock. She couldn’t decide which one to look there was Rupert who was pulling his 7-
Cock or Daniel’s cock which looked even thicker and longer. Rupert was pulling his cock hard and was close when Emma started the countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and before Emma could get one out he started to shoot his cum, it flying through the air and nearly landing on Emma but some did land on the table. She moved her fingers over and dressed down and licked her finger, mmmm salty she said. They decided to play one more game and this time Daniel won and Rupert came second and Emma last. Emma felt behind her back and undid the clip and let the bra fall to the floor, the boys just stared at her breasts her nipples erect. Rupert removed his final piece of clothing and they both stood there naked.

Daniel looked at Emma and gave her his task; he wanted her to give Rupert a blowjob. Rupert smiled and Emma walked around the table in her thong and bent down and started to rub and kiss the head of Rupert’s cock. She then started move her mouth down the cock, she didn’t realise how natural this came too her, must be part of a girl’s makeup. Emma could hear Rupert moaning and saying how good she was at it. It was then she felt her panties being moved to the side and then she started to feel Daniel’s cock at the entrance to her pussy from behind. She was really wet but she was still a virgin and Daniel was having trouble much if his cock in to her. Emma spread her legs more and she felt Daniels cock in a little more and Daniel put his hands on Emma’s hips and started to thrust in the 4 inches he had already in him until he felt Emma Hymen. He tried to push through it but couldn’t and then he thrust and Emma pushed back against him and he cock went through and his balls slapped against her ass. Daniel couldn’t believe how tight a pussy could feel, how hot it feels and how it feels so good. Emma felt the pain as her hymen was broken but she also felt pleasure as a cock went a place nothing had been before. She continued to suck and then she felt Rupert start to cum, initially it was only small and then more and more cum started cumin from his cock, she swallowed as much as she could but some escaped from her mouth. Emma licked her lips and kissed Rupert’s cock and moved back, she could now concentrate on the feelings she was getting from this monster cock of Daniel’s. She moved back up against and Daniel put one hand around her stomach and the other around her breasts. He squeezed and rubbed her nipple and kissed her neck, and then she moved her mouth around and they kissed passionately. Daniel had slowed down from fucking her pussy but pushed her down and started to thrust hard into Emma, grabbing her by hair he thrust harder into, moving his cock around thrusting so quick he could start to feel the build up in his balls and new he was going to cum shortly. He took his cock out of her pussy and grabbed her hand and they ran to the bed, Daniel laid down and Emma straddled his body and grabbed his cock and put it at the entrance to her clit. She lowered herself down and instantly feal her clit rubbing more against Daniel’s body, she had been close to cumin when Daniel had taken his cock out. She started to move up and down on Daniels cock and then she started to feel herself cumin. She had never felt this good, her whole body seemed to be on fire. She could feel her muscles tighten around Daniels cock and then she felt him cumin in her pussy.

She rolled off Daniel and laid on the bed, she looked over and noticed that Rupert was watching them and was rubbing his cock. Better not waste any of that why don’t you come over here with that cock and see how you like this tight pussy. Rupert nearly ran over and moved in between Emma’s legs and Rupert lifted her legs and placed them over his shoulder and Rupert started to move in, being less thick then Daniel he was able to get fully in her and he started to thrust in and out, God she was tight Rupert thought. Rupert started to make her have her second orgasm this time she started to scream. She had contained herself the first time but her body was now in control and she was screaming to be fucked like the slut she was. Daniel cock had started to get hard and started to stroke his cock and this time it would last long and after a few minutes he started to cum but because he was aiming his cock it flew and hit Emma on her tits and stomach and at same time Rupert started cumming in her pussy.

They lay side by side on the bed and smiled, there relationship forever changed, not that Emma minded with hot guys like these two with cocks that were big enough for her. She placed her hands on both of their cocks and asked. Hey studs whom going to be first up my ass.

But that’s for another story.

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