Smells Like Teen Sex (with Emma Watson)

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Smells Like Teen Sex

By voodoojoe

“First setup is going to be on the beach,” the pho otographer told Emma Watson as they stood in front of a rack of swimwear. “It looks like JoJo is running a little late so go ahead and pick something out. The changing room is over there if you need it.”

Emma had been approached to do a photoshoot for one of those teen fashion magazines annual Who’s Hot issue. She’d agreed to do it when a hole opened on her schedule, but now that she knew she’d have to do it with someone who couldn’t even bother to be on time she was beginning to regret the decision. It was too late to change her mind though so she decided to grin and bear it.

After he left Emma perused the racks. Some of them were far too small for her, not in terms of size or anything but in terms of coverage. She just wasn’t the type of girl to put on a thong and strut around for the camera. She was proud of the curves she’d acquired over the last couple years but not that proud.

“Shit, sorry I’m late,” JoJo said, bursting through the door.

“We’re supposed to pick out a suit,” Emma explained, holding up a lime green tankini.

“Yeah, he filled me in outside,” JoJo said, pointing over shoulder at the door with her thumb. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

“Maybe,” Emma said. The tank top certainly covered her but she was worried that it would cover too much.

“Here, try this,” JoJo suggested, grabbing a black two piece. It had a traditional bikini top paired with shorts that provided coverage in the back while also accenting the butt.

“Thanks,” Emma said, taking both suits into the changing room.

While Emma walked toward the back of the trailer JoJo’s eyes were busy watching her ass sway in her jeans. When the older girl closed the door JoJo finally started looking at the clothes.

“Holy shit,” JoJo hissed, stopping in her tracks.

Grabbing the suit that had caught her attention she held it against her body. The suit was dark blue and had Red Sox logos on it. The top had been cut so that there was a red sock on each cup and the bottoms had them scattered all over. Being from the Boston area there was no way she could pass it up, even if it didn’t fit.

“How do I look?” Emma asked, stepping out of the dressing room in the black bikini that JoJo had picked out.

“Great,” JoJo said, trying desperately not to stare.

Smiling at the compliment Emma grabbed a robe and put it on. With her outfit picked out she headed to get her makeup done before the shoot started.

+ * + * +

“Walk towards me,” the photographer instructed, snapping pictures as they followed his lead. “Remember, you’re having a blast so giggle. Okay, now put your arms around each other.”

Being the shorter of the two JoJo slipped her arm around Emma’s waist while Emma put hers on JoJo’s shoulder. The physical contact was almost too much for JoJo. The heat from Emma’s body was sending tingles through her at the points of contact.

“Take a moment while I reload,” the photographer said, mercifully giving JoJo a couple minutes to compose herself.

“I thought everybody had switched to digital by now,” JoJo said, making conversation while they waited to keep her mind off Emma.

“I know, I know,” the photographer said as he reloaded. “I just like film. I compromised though and got one that shows the picture on a screen like the digital cameras so I know if the picture is viable or not but I still get to use film.”

“Cool,” JoJo said.

“Okay ladies,” the photographer said when he was ready. “Let’s try some in the water.”

As the two of them frolicked in the water the photographer snapped his pictures. He took a few of each of them by themselves and then took several with both of them. When he was satisfied that he had what he needed he broke up the water fight that had started to break out.

“The last setup is a bonfire so go find what you want to wear, grab something to eat, get your makeup retouched, whatever, just be ready to go in an hour or so,” the photographer announced.

Back in the trailer JoJo grabbed her iPod out of her purse. Hitting play she flipped through the racks she grooved to the tune that filled her ears.

“If you don’t have the answer, why you still standing her? Hey, hey, hey, just walk away,” JoJo sang along to the music only she could hear. She even shimmied her body like Kelly Clarkson did in the video.

Suppressing a giggle at the sight Emma turned to face her own rack of clothing. Picking up a blue sundress she looked at it a moment before draping it over her arm.

“No, no, no,” JoJo yelled over the music.

“What?” Emma asked, unsure if JoJo was speaking to her or singing along to another song.

“You don’t want that,” JoJo said, turning off the music and speaking at a more normal volume level.

“Why not?” Emma scowled. JoJo had been right the first time, but she was beginning to get a little tired of being second guessed on her wardrobe choices.

“It has no waist,” JoJo explained. “It’ll show off your legs but you want something that will accentuate everything else, don’t you? If you wear that it’ll completely hide that body of yours.”

“I guess,” Emma conceded.

“Here, try this,” JoJo suggested, pulling a green dress off the rack.

“Okay,” Emma said, draping the dress over her arm with her choice.

JoJo once again watched Emma head for the back of the trailer, but this time her focus was another of the older girl’s body parts. They were both in robes so the legs were what drew JoJo’s attention this time.

In the dressing room Emma had to admit that JoJo had been right again. It had a more form-fitting bodice that highlighted her slim build while drawing attention to her breasts. The skirt flared out a bit before ending just above the knee.

As JoJo flipped through the clothes her mind kept wandering back to her initiation as she thought of it. Towards the end of last year she’d been at some event or other, after a while they all run together, and happened to find herself next to Lindsay Lohan when a photographer happened to be near. After a quick picture she’d excused herself to go powder her nose.

Unbeknownst to her Lindsay had followed her. The redhead had struck up some minor conversation while they touched up their makeup. How JoJo wound up pushed against the bathroom door with Lindsay’s body pressed against her was a blur. What happened after though, was emblazoned on her memory to be replayed over and over again.

+ * + * +

Pressed against the door to one of the stalls JoJo felt helpless. After all, Lindsay was taller and older not to mention determined. She tried to push away but Lindsay just grabbed her hands and pinned them to the door next to her head.

“You’ll like it,” Lindsay promised before kissing the young singer.

As Lindsay kissed her JoJo felt her body start to respond. She wanted to fight it but her body was working independently of her brain. Without even thinking she pressed her chest against Lindsay’s and parted her lips, waiting to accept Lindsay’s tongue.

Sensing that she’d won Lindsay let go of JoJo’s arms. Before she could press any further though she heard giggles of women entering the bathroom. Not wanting to be spotted she grabbed JoJo’s hand.

“This way,” Lindsay said, hoping she’d sparked enough of JoJo’s interest for her to follow.

JoJo didn’t want to follow but once again her body took control. Before she even knew what she was doing her feet had started moving, following Lindsay out of the bathroom. Sure there was a sense of excitement over trying something new but it was something so alien to her that she barely had any idea what was happening.

Finding an empty janitorial closet Lindsay pushed JoJo inside. Without wasting any time she pressed the younger girl up against a set of shelves. Her mouth was instantly upon JoJo’s lips as her hands lifted the hem of the green polka dotted dress she’d worn.

Feeling the hand on the inside of her thigh JoJo once again tried to protest. Her words were lost in Lindsay’s kiss though and when she felt a finger push against her pussy through her panties her disapproval faltered slightly.

As Lindsay slid a hand into her panties JoJo felt like a deer caught in the headlights. Her eyes were wide open and her body was practically motionless. The finger that teased her pussy lips felt great but she was too shocked to truly appreciate it. Even when the finger start to push into her she barely reacted.

“Relax,” Lindsay whispered, pushing her middle finger into JoJo’s snatch to the second knuckle.

Taking Lindsay’s advice JoJo sought to loosen up. As she did she felt her body finally start to react. Her breath was coming in quick gasps and her hips were hunching forward against the invading finger.

“Much better,” Lindsay said, pistoning the finger in and out of JoJo’s cunt.

All too soon though it was over. Biting her lower lip JoJo let out a low squeal and felt her body shudder through the biggest climax of her life.

As it started to taper off JoJo felt her knees start to give out. If Lindsay hadn’t been pressing her against the shelves she probably would’ve collapsed into a heap of quivering muscles on the floor.

“You want more, don’t you?” Lindsay asked, drawing a meek nod from her companion. “Then you better get started.”

At first JoJo was unsure what Lindsay meant, but her questions were quickly answered when Lindsay’s hands went to the belt hanging loosely around her waist. Smirking, the redhead tugged on the zipper of her denim skirt and pushed it down over her hips.

“If you want more, you gotta earn it,” Lindsay said when JoJo failed to move.

“What do I do?” JoJo asked, finally deciding that she wanted to get the most out of the experience.

“Fuck me,” Lindsay snorted sarcastically in response as she stepped out of her skirt and leaned against the opposite wall of the small room. Seeing the blank expression on JoJo’s face she decided to give her a real answer as well. “Just do what you think will feel good.”

Nodding her understanding JoJo nervously dropped to her knees. Meekly she walked on her knees across the room until she was right in front of Lindsay. The bare concrete felt cool against her knees as she grabbed Lindsay’s sheer black panties.

The sight that greeted JoJo was one she knew she’d never forget. The tan from the rest of Lindsay’s body was absent, as was any sign of pubic hair. It was a sight that would’ve brought many to tears, even ones with far more experience than a soon-to-be fifteen year old getting her first up close eyeful of pussy.

Putting her hands on Lindsay’s thighs JoJo leaned in and gave the pussy in front of her a tentative lick, collecting a few droplets of the moisture that was congregating there. The taste was pungent, but it had a certain tang to it that appealed to her.

Deciding that it wasn’t so bad JoJo went in for another taste. She snaked her tongue along the length of Lindsay’s slit, delighting in the increased wetness with each swipe she made.

“Clit,” Lindsay said, putting a hand on the back of JoJo’s head. She bent her knees and spread her legs further apart to give her young lover better access.

Taking the command JoJo shifted her focus to the little nub at the top of the crease she’d been working on. When her tongue flicked across it the reaction was instant. Lindsay half hissed, half moaned her approval and increased the pressure her hand was putting on JoJo’s head.

“Such a good little pussy eater,” Lindsay grunted, rotating her hips against JoJo’s ministrations.

Wanting a little bit more stimulation, Lindsay began popping the buttons on the sheer black blouse she was wearing. When she got the last button was undone she let her left hand wander up her stomach, pushing the black tank top she was wearing under her blouse up as she went. When she reached her bra she pushed both tank top and bra up over her breasts, setting them free.

Pressing the palm of her right hand against the underside of her left breast Lindsay let her fingers run up the side. Her thumb and index finger closed around the nipple, tweaking it.

Getting more and more into what she was doing, JoJo traced circles around Lindsay’s clit. Every couple times around she’d flick at it, drawing moans from Lindsay.

From the moment Lindsay had laid eyes on JoJo earlier she’s had a hunch that she could be good. She was far from the best that Lindsay’d had but she was definitely a quick study. With some practice Lindsay was convinced that in time JoJo could be a fabulous carpet munch.

“Finger me,” Lindsay said, deciding to take JoJo’s training another step.

Moving her right off Lindsay’s thigh she dragged the middle along Lindsay’s slit. Flattening the finger out she let the back of the finger nestle into the folds of Lindsay’s pussy. As the pressure on the back of her head increased she decided to stop teasing her redheaded lover.

Showing the type of forward thinking that further convinced Lindsay that she had what it took, JoJo slipped two fingers into her snatch. When her middle and ring fingers were embedded in Lindsay’s crack up to the second knuckle she began to slowly pump them in an out.

“Fuck me,” Lindsay gasped, feeling her climax just around the corner.

Doing as she was told JoJo increased the tempo with which she was finger fucking Lindsay’s pussy. As Lindsay began bucking her groin against her face JoJo stopped flicking her clit and instead latched onto it with her lips.

“So good,” Lindsay moaned as JoJo sucked her clit.

Lindsay could feel her orgasm just out of reach. She tried rolling her nipple between her fingers but it didn’t help get what she wanted. It was so close that she was beginning to get frustrated that she wasn’t able to achieve it.

Sensing that Lindsay needed a little something extra JoJo took her left hand off the freckled thigh it rested on. Reaching up she blindly groped for Lindsay’s other breast. Finding it she pinched the nipple between her fingers.

“Shit,” Lindsay growled as JoJo twisted her nipple a little harder than she normally would’ve liked.

The pain, however, combined with the pleasure to give Lindsay just the nudge she needed. She pushed her crotch hard against JoJo’s face and arched her back. Her hips bucked slightly against JoJo’s mouth as the rest of her body seized up. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out her orgasm and merely whimpered her pleasure.

“Oh, you’re definitely going to get it,” Lindsay said, pushing her hair out of her face as she basked in the afterglow of her climax. “Lay down.”

Obeying the command JoJo sat down on the floor. Laying down she maneuvered so she was lying diagonally across the small room. It was a bit cramped and the concrete felt cool against her skin through the thin fabric of her dress, but she too horny and in need of what Lindsay had in store for her to care.

Using her feet Lindsay nudged JoJo’s legs apart. Kneeling on the ground she put her hands on the backs of JoJo’s knees and bent them. When JoJo’s feet were next to her ass Lindsay grabbed her hips and pulled her across the floor, drawing her closer.

“That was good Jo, but you still have a couple things to learn,” Lindsay said, hooking her fingers in the pair of white panties JoJo had on under her dress.

Depositing JoJo’s panties on the ground next to her Lindsay grabbed her legs and pulled her closer. The move also helped pull JoJo’s dress further up her body and cause it to bunch up slightly in the back.

“Don’t be afraid to tease,” Lindsay said, lightly dragging the tip of her finger along JoJo’s bare thigh as her legs lolled further apart.

As Lindsay dragged her finger back and forth along her thigh JoJo felt the temperature of the room spike. With each pass it came closer to her pussy until she could almost feel Lindsay’s knuckle brush her mons. It was agonizing but the fact that it was working underscored Lindsay’s point about teasing.

“Make your lover beg for it. Make them tell you what they want,” Lindsay said, lightly brushing past JoJo’s pussy as it headed for the other leg.

“Fuck me,” JoJo breathlessly said.

“What was that? I didn’t quite catch that,” Lindsay said, resting the palm of her other hand on JoJo’s lower stomach, positioning the thumb so that it extended down almost to her clit.

“Fuck me,” JoJo said louder, her voice catching slightly when Lindsay began to move her thumb over the bush that topped her pussy.

“I almost heard it that time Jo,” Lindsay said, her finger now tracing small circles around JoJo’s thigh, barely grazing JoJo’s labia with each pass.

“Stick that fucking tongue in my pussy and fuck me,” JoJo screamed, about ready to go out of her mind if Lindsay didn’t do something soon.

“There we go,” Lindsay said. She rewarded JoJo by extending her thumb until it pressed against her clit.

“Uhh,” JoJo moaned, closing her eyes as the jolt of pleasure shot through her.

“And don’t be afraid to use both hands,” Lindsay said, pressing the middle finger of her right hand against JoJo’s opening. Her left thumb slowly traced circles around her clit while she pushed her finger in.

“Fuck me,” JoJo gasped, lifting her butt off the floor and pushing her crotch against Lindsay’s hands.

“Huh?” Lindsay asked, stopping completely. She pulled her finger out of JoJo’s pussy but left her thumb pressing against her clit.

“I said fuck me,” JoJo screamed, moving her hips in an effort to get Lindsay’s thumb to move.

“Quick learner, I like that,” Lindsay said, licking JoJo’s juices from her finger. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Quick to obey, JoJo rolled over onto her stomach. Bending her knees she straightened her arms and came up on all fours. To give Lindsay a little more room to work she then crawled forward a few inches.

Since JoJo’s dress had fallen back into place during the move Lindsay grabbed the skirt part and flipped it up onto her back. She took a moment to take in the firm backside that was presented to her before gripping JoJo’s ass. Her hands were positioned so that her thumbs extended down to the young singer’s thighs and she used her hands to pull the ass cheeks apart, revealing her slit and asshole.

Leaning forward Lindsay let her tongue drag along the length of JoJo’s slit. She repeated process a couple more times, applying more pressure each time. She also started letting her tongue slide past the end of JoJo’s pussy and graze her sensitive rosebud.

“Mmm,” JoJo cooed, spreading her knees further apart and hitching her ass higher in the air to give Lindsay better access.

Finding JoJo receptive Lindsay kept up her licking as she moved her left hand from JoJo’s ass. Reaching around Lindsay grabbed JoJo’s dress and pulled it further up her body. With the material out of the way she placed her hand on JoJo’s stomach and slid it down towards her goal.

“Uhh,” JoJo gasped when she felt Lindsay’s finger press against her clit.

“You like it, don’t you Jo?” Lindsay asked, pulling her mouth away from JoJo’s snatch and replacing it with a finger of her right hand.

“Uh huh,” JoJo said, pushing back against the invading finger.

“Should I keep doing this or try something new?” Lindsay asked, not really caring how JoJo answered. She was going to do whatever she wanted to do whether the nubile teen wanted to or not.

“Uhh, uh huh,” JoJo grunted, turning her head to look over her shoulder at Lindsay.

“Good answer Jo,” Lindsay said, slipping the finger out of JoJo’s pussy and slowing her rubbing on the younger girl’s clit.

“Nooo,” JoJo groaned in frustration. She’d been getting close to coming and she now she was barely treading water. The friction against her nub was barely enough to keep her where she was and certainly wasn’t enough to get her off.

Grinning at JoJo’s disturbance Lindsay used her hand to pull JoJo’s butt cheeks apart. Leaning her head down she went back to lapping at JoJo’s opening. When JoJo began to moan once more Lindsay rubbed her drenched finger against the rosebud of her anus.

“Ohh,” JoJo gasped as she felt the tip of Lindsay’s finger start to lubricate her asshole with her own juices.

Sensing that JoJo was back on track to coming, Lindsay began to intensify her movements. The finger that was rubbing JoJo’s clit began to move faster and press harder. She folded the tip of her tongue and pushed it into JoJo’s opening.

While Lindsay’s tongue and finger were busy with JoJo’s pussy she began to push her other finger into the youngster’s backdoor. There was some resistance at first but Lindsay’s rubbing of her clit quickly broke it down.

“Oh God,” JoJo moaned as her asshole gave way to Lindsay’s pressure.

With the tip of her finger imbedded in JoJo’s asshole Lindsay let her tongue dart inside the folds of JoJo’s pussy. Shifting the position of the hand on JoJo’s ass she began to push more of her finger inside. When she had her finger in JoJo’s asshole up to the second knuckle she began to fuck both of JoJo’s holes in alternating strokes, pushing her tongue in as she was withdrawing the finger and then reversing the action.

“Fuck me,” JoJo bellowed as she felt her stomach muscles begin to contract.

With an animalistic growl JoJo’s asshole clamped down on Lindsay’s finger and her body began to convulse with her orgasm. Not letting up Lindsay continued to frig JoJo’s clit while her tongue set to lapping up the cream that was being discharged. The continued stimulation prolonged JoJo’s climax until she felt like she was going to turn inside out.

Finally letting JoJo go Lindsay disengaged from the exhausted teenager. When Lindsay’s hands left JoJo’s body she toppled forward onto her stomach, nearly hitting her head on a set of shelves right in front of her.

“Call me if you want some more training,” Lindsay said as she got herself back in order. As JoJo began to sit up Lindsay handed her a piece of paper with her number on it and gave her a peck on the cheek.

+ * + * +

Looking at herself in the mirror Emma had to admit that JoJo had been right once more. Turning to check out different angles Emma saw that the almost corset-like bodice hugged her upper body and gave her curves she didn’t know she had. Meanwhile the skirt flared out from it before ending just above the knees, giving the dress a very classic yet sexy look.

Unable to get the zipper in the back all the way up by herself she went back to the main part of the trailer to see if JoJo could help her out. What she found was JoJo so lost in her own world that Emma had to wave her hand in front of her face and call out her name several times before she even got so much as a blink.

“Huh?” JoJo asked, snapping out of her memory.

“I asked if you could zip me up,” Emma repeated.

“You’re not going to wear a bra with that, are you?” JoJo asked her.

“Why?” Emma asked.

“The bra straps are too wide for the spaghetti straps of the dress. You should either wear a strapless bra or none at all,” JoJo explained. “I say you forget the bra altogether since the dress should be able to support you without one.”

“You think?” Emma asked, realizing that JoJo was right. The white bra straps really stuck out and looked kind of silly.

“Yeah, it’ll drive the guys crazy,” JoJo said. “They love it when a girl goes braless.”

With a shrug Emma reached behind her and unhooked the bra. JoJo pretended to flip through the racks and watched intently as Emma slid the straps down her arms before slipping the garment out the top of the dress. She cursed silently that nothing had slipped in the process, but she’d still enjoyed the brief show.

“What are you wearing?” Emma asked JoJo, discarding the bra.

“I don’t know,” JoJo said, still pretending to look through the wardrobe choices in order to cover her ogling. After that first time with Lindsay she’d been hooked. A couple days later she’d called Lindsay and practically begged for a repeat performance with the redhead.

Now though, JoJo was looking to spread her wings a bit. She’d gotten some extra experience with a couple of Lindsay’s friends but she was determined to do a little seducing of her own. The worst that could happen was that Emma turned her down, but the potential payoff was well worth that risk.

“Zip?” Emma asked, turning her back and pulling her hair out of the way so JoJo could zip up her dress.

“Sure,” JoJo said, still plotting out her attack as she zipped up Emma.

With one eye on Emma, JoJo used the other one to look for a dress. Finding one she liked she pulled it out and draped it over the rack. Rather than take it into the dressing room she decided to test Emma. In front of her she untied the sash of her robe and pushed the garment off her shoulders.

Watching JoJo’s naked body come into view Emma was a little shocked. While nothing she’d seen had made her think JoJo was shy, she certainly hadn’t expected her to drop her robe right there. Of their own volition, her eyes darted from JoJo’s breasts to where her bush should’ve been.

Seeing a shaved pussy made Emma blush slightly and turn her head away, but not before JoJo took note. With a sly smile JoJo pulled the light, flowery dress over her head and knew she had Emma right where she wanted her.

“You know, there’s plenty of time until we have to be back out there. There’s no sense keeping these things on until then,” JoJo when Emma had turned back to face her.

“Maybe you’re right. Unzip me?” Emma asked, turning around so JoJo could get at the zipper. When it was down she moved to go to the dressing room to take the dress off.

“Go ahead and take it off here,” JoJo said. “We’re both girls after all.”

Unable to think of an excuse Emma pushed the straps of the dress off her shoulders. Bunching it up at her waist she pushed it over her hips and bent over to hold onto it while she stepped out of it.

If JoJo’s pussy hadn’t already been wet with expectation, the sight of Emma’s bare breasts and light green panties would’ve done the trick in no time. As it was she could already feel it start to get itchy and she almost imperceptibly clenched her thighs together.

As Emma went to hang her dress up JoJo lost her self-control. She reached out and grabbed Emma’s hand, pulling her to her. Fortunately Emma hadn’t been expecting the move and froze. By the time she could react their bodies were already pressed together with only the thin fabric of JoJo’s dress between them.

Putting one hand on Emma’s ass JoJo pressed their hips together and kissed her. When Emma started to struggle against her she used the same technique Lindsay had used. She tightened her hold and deepened the kiss until she felt the resistance start to fade.

As Emma stopped fighting back JoJo pushed the advantage. The hand on Emma’s ass crept between her legs and a finger began to lightly caress her pussy lips. Feeling the vibrations of a low moan escaping Emma’s lips into her mouth JoJo finally pulled back.

Dropping to her knees JoJo pulled Emma down with her. Pushing the slightly older girl onto her back JoJo pounced like a cat. She didn’t want to give her prey a moment to think for fear her thoughts might clear and it would be game over.

Pressing Emma into a kiss once more JoJo straddled one of Emma’s legs. Bringing her own thigh into contact with Emma’s pussy JoJo began to move her lower body just enough to grind her pussy against Emma’s leg, and vice versa.

Emma’s eyes were wide with a combination of fright and excitement as JoJo continued to kiss her and grind a thigh against her pussy. She wasn’t sure how to react, but everything JoJo was doing to her felt so good that it tore at her mentally even more. She could fight JoJo off, but then she’d be left with the curiosity that was beginning to awaken to inside her. At the same time, if she kept going Emma knew she’d have to deal with whatever ramifications came from it.

Sensing the battle raging inside Emma’s head, JoJo sought to tip the balance in her favor. Without breaking the kiss JoJo let go of Emma’s wrists and dragged the tips of her fingers down Emma’s arms and followed the curve of the older girl’s armpits to her sides. Reaching Emma’s breasts JoJo cupped them, pressing her palms against Emma’s nipples, feeling them harden slightly under her touch.

Letting out a moan the last shred of resistance Emma had in her was torn away. Parting her lips she let JoJo slide her tongue into her mouth and made the decision to give just as good as she got.

With Emma now participating, JoJo let up a little. Breaking the kiss she pushed herself up onto her knees. Making eye contact with Emma JoJo grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly lifted it up, revealing her shaved pussy and naked body inch by agonizing inch.

When she finally had the dress up to her shoulders JoJo started to pull it over her head. What she hadn’t counted on was just how into the whole thing Emma had decided to get. As her vision was blocked by the dress Emma sat up and took the opportunity to wrap her lips around one of JoJo’s nipples before the younger girl knew what was happening.

“Mmm,” JoJo moaned, arching her back and pressing her chest against Emma’s face as she finished taking the dress off. Her nipples had been rock hard since Emma had taken her dress off, but the feel of a nice warm mouth made them stiffen even further.

For Emma the move solidified her decision to go through with it. It took her away from being an onlooker and made her an active participant in her own pleasure, which was always a much better choice in her view. Besides, JoJo’s tits had looked so scrumptious and she’d gotten hot enough that she wouldn’t have been able to contain herself if she wanted to.

“Good girl,” JoJo moaned, putting a hand on the back of Emma’s head to hold her in place.

As good as it felt to have Emma suck on her nipple, JoJo wanted to go further. With a slight sigh of regret JoJo pulled Emma off her chest and pushed her onto her back. Sliding down Emma’s body JoJo hooked her fingers in the waistband of Emma’s panties and peeled them back, getting her first look at the light blonde bush that adorned her pussy.

Being completely naked in front a woman for the first time made Emma’s nerves return, but the excitement of it all easily tamped them down. After all, it wasn’t like she was a virgin or anything. She’d had sex before, and she’d never been afraid to try new things with her boyfriend, so she looked at it as merely trying something new with a friend.

“Someone’s wet,” JoJo said, running the tip of her finger along Emma’s slit. “Do they want me to lick them?”

“Yeah,” Emma breathlessly said.

“Do they want to lick me?” JoJo asked, leaning down into position to give Emma’s pussy a nice long lick if she answered correctly.

“Yeah, ohh,” Emma said, moaning as JoJo gave her a reward.

“How bad?” JoJo asked as she shuffled around to get into a sixty-nine.

Emma wasn’t sure how badly she wanted it, but she knew she wanted JoJo to lick her. And at this point she was willing to do just about anything if it meant getting what she wanted. “Real bad.”

“Good answer,” JoJo said, throwing her leg over Emma’s head and lowering her pussy to Emma’s mouth.

As JoJo set to work feasting on Emma’s tight little British cunt with gusto, Emma wasn’t quite as zealous to return the favor. Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and flicked JoJo’s pussy, getting a little of her juices in the process. At first she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. It had a different, sort of pungent flavor to it, but there was a definite tang to it that she found arousing. Sticking out her tongue again she tried a longer lick, gathering more of JoJo’s juices and swirling them around in her mouth.

“Eat me,” JoJo demanded, pushing her pussy down toward Emma’s mouth and tongue before diving back into the pussy in front of her.

Shrugging her shoulders Emma decided that she kinda liked it. It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but she’d always liked having her pussy licked and she wasn’t going to pass that up if the only thing she had to do was return the favor. After all, it wasn’t like she was being asked to do something she completely hated. It was somewhat enjoyable and had a feeling she might like it a lot if she kept going.

With that in mind, Emma decided to give it all she had. Reaching her hands up she grabbed onto JoJo’s bare ass. Lifting her head she flicked her tongue across JoJo’s clit and then dragged her tongue along the folds with more confidence than she’d shown thus far.

“Ohh, that’s it,” JoJo moaned before sucking Emma’s clit into her mouth. Applying suction and flicking it with her tongue JoJo quickly had Emma returning the moan.

Repeating the move Emma wrapped her lips around JoJo’s clit and sucked on it as if were a small cock. While the nub was in her mouth Emma flattened her tongue against it and tried to hold on as JoJo bucked her hips in pleasure.

“Quick learner,” JoJo groaned. The pride was obvious in her voice as she ground her pussy against Emma’s face.

Seeing how fast Emma was picking things up, JoJo decided to take the next step. Sticking her middle finger in her mouth she coated it with her saliva before removing it. Pressing the tip against Emma’s hole JoJo slowly inserted it, loving the way Emma’s pussy gripped and squeezed her finger so tightly.

Following suit Emma used one hand to spread JoJo’s pussy lips and got the index finger of her other hand nice and slick with JoJo’s juices. Pressing the finger into JoJo’s wetness Emma was rewarded with a low moan of approval. JoJo also started pumping the finger she had inside Emma.

“Uhh,” Emma grunted, as JoJo swiped her tongue across her clit. The combination of the penetration of JoJo’s slim, girlie finger and stimulation of her clit was quickly driving Emma out of this world. She only hoped her efforts were having the same effect on JoJo.

Emma needn’t have worried because JoJo was just as into it as she was. If anything, JoJo was more into it by the sheer fact that she had initiated it. Emma was her conquest and that provided a mental edge that nothing else she’d tried had given her.

Grinning inwardly, JoJo decided to see just how much Emma could take. Removing the finger from Emma’s pussy, JoJo ignored the whimper Emma gave her and quickly moved the finger down to rub that special spot between Emma’s butt cheeks.

“Huh?” Emma asked, shocked as she felt JoJo’s finger massage her anus. It felt weird, but there was a certain naughtiness to the action that kept her from telling JoJo to stop.

Ignoring Emma’s questions, JoJo continued to stroke Emma’s back door. When Emma still didn’t tell her to stop after a few seconds, JoJo started to press the tip of her finger against the tight opening. As it started to spread, JoJo attacked Emma’s clit, trying to cover any discomfort with as much pleasure as she could muster.

“Fuck,” Emma muttered. Her eyes were wide with surprise as her asshole was invaded by JoJo’s digit. No one had ever touched her there, and she wasn’t sure she liked it. It didn’t really hurt though and she wasn’t about to give in though so she pushed her ass back against the finger.

Since Emma wasn’t stopping her JoJo continued to attack her pussy while she pushed more of the finger into her ass. When she had her finger in Emma’s ass up to the second knuckle, JoJo began to withdraw. Starting a slow pumping motion, JoJo fucked Emma’s ass with her finger.

“Ooh,” Emma gasped, getting into the anal play more and more as JoJo kept it up.

“You like it in the ass?” JoJo asked, slipping a second finger into Emma’s asshole.

“Yeah,” Emma moaned. In an effort to one-up JoJo she quickly wet down a finger on her other hand with her own saliva and pressed it against JoJo’s anus.

“Fuck yeah,” JoJo gasped as she felt Emma’s finger spread her starfish. With a finger still in her pussy JoJo felt like she was about to be transported to the moon with the double penetration.

Both of them were seeking to outdo each other, and both were quickly racing towards their respective orgasms, but JoJo had one more trick up her sleeve. Glancing up from Emma’s pussy she spotted her iPod Nano laying nearby. Reaching out, she was barely able to grab the cord to the headphones and pull it to her without having to disengage her fingers from Emma’s ass.

After a brief moment of trying to decide whether she really wanted to do it, JoJo rubbed the end of the iPod against Emma’s pussy. As Emma was lifting her head to ask what she was doing, she found out when JoJo pushed it into her snatch like she would a dildo.

“What is that?” Emma asked in a half gasp, half moan.

Ignoring the question, JoJo slowly pushed the iPod into Emma. Working it in and out, JoJo gradually got as much into her as she dared before stroking about half of it into Emma’s tight pussy.

“Oh God,” Emma moaned, the finger in her ass and the iPod in her pussy pushing her over the edge. Burying her face in JoJo’s pussy to muffle her screams, her whole body spasmed, her pussy and ass clamping down tight as they milked their respective assailants.

Watching Emma come like a freight train pushed JoJo right to the brink. When Emma’s muscle spasms caused her fingers to graze JoJo’s clit, it was enough to push the younger girl over the cliff as well.

JoJo’s orgasm wasn’t as intense as Emma’s, but it was every bit as satisfying. Her hips bucked and when Emma’s climax subsided she resumed her assault on JoJo’s clit, drawing out the younger girl’s own orgasm.

As JoJo was beginning to come down there was a knock on the door. As the photographer’s assistant announced that they had five minutes they disengaged from each other.

“Great photoshoot,” JoJo said as she grabbed her dress from where she’d left it.

“I’ve had better,” Emma said dryly as she quickly pulled on her dress. When JoJo raised a questioning eyebrow, Emma smiled and winked. “A girl can’t make a joke?”

“That’s what I thought,” JoJo said, smiling as she thought of the story she’d have for Lindsay.

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