Emma Watson And Kate Beckinsale

Emma Watson and Kate Beckinsale
By Emily and Nicola
(FF, Pedo, oral, foot-fetish)

Synopsis: Kate is in pre production meetings on the sequel to Underworld whilst Emma is shooting the new Harry Potter movie. Both girls meet in the studios cafй.

Kate sits down with a can of Coke. She is tired and frustrated with the meetings; it was her first outing as producer. Emma came in and went up to the counter. She got her drink and saw a lot of empty tables; she walked up to Kate’s table. “Is anyone sitting here?” Kate responded, “No, sit down.” Emma sat down and Kate looked up at Emma. Kate was amazed, sure she had seen the Harry Potter movies but she never imagined that Emma looked so beautiful. “Sorry I was rude. I loved you in the Harry Potter movies.” “I’m glad you did, I also loved you in Pearl Harbor.” Emma responded. “You are the only one.” Kate responded with a smile. Emma also was captivated by her radiant smile. “You have a beautiful smile.” Said Emma “Thank you, Emma.” Kate responded with shyness. The two women looked at each other, something was happening here. “Listen I’ve finished for the day, want to go somewhere?” Emma asked “Love to, why don’t I meet you outside in five minutes.” Kate said “Sure.”

Emma waited outside and a black BMW pulled into the driveway. Emma got in, and Kate drove off. For ten minutes not one word was exchanged. Both Kate and Emma had a sense of frustration, why weren’t they replying to their sexual feelings. Kate stopped the car, finally Emma thought. Kate and Emma came together and kissed each other passionately. “Why did you hold off so long?” Emma asked “cause I thought you felt differently towards me.” Kate responded. “Want to come back to my place?” “Sure, Madame Beckinsale.” Emma replied seductively, Kate smiled at that comment.

Kate and Emma entered, Kate’s rented cottage and as soon the door behind them was closed, they kissed. Their tongues intertwined. “Let’s go upstairs.” Both Kate and Emma went upstairs. Once up there they kissed again, Emma began removing her sweatshirt, to reveal a black sports-bra. Kate removed her top and she wore no underwear. Emma looked at Kate’s breasts and she went down licking and sucking Kate’s tits. Kate moaned. Emma then removed her bra and jumped on the bed. Kate jumped also and took Emma’s small but generous breasts into her mouth. She sucked and kissed the pre-teens tits and she moaned. “Let’s see more.” Kate said. Emma smiled and removed her shoes and soaks and also her trousers. She too was not wearing any panties. “I hate panties they are so uncomfortable.” “You got that right.” Kate responded. Emma went down on her back and Kate who also removed her remaining clothing and was naked, started to kiss Emma’s breasts, stomach and she went all the way down to her hairless pussy. “Do it Kate.” Emma responded seductively. Kate dived in with her tongue and licked Emma’s clit. Emma moaned, “Oh, I’m cumming.” Emma screamed in ecstasy. Emma Watson cummed right into Kate’s mouth. Kate licked Emma’s pussy for any remainders; Kate went back up and kissed Emma.

“Your turn” Kate said. Emma kissed Kate and went to work on her. She kissed and sucked Kate’s tits again and went all the way down to Kate’s pussy. Emma kissed and started licking Kate’s pussy, as Emma sucked, Kate moaned into an orgasm. “OH FUCK!” Kate shouted. Kate soon climaxed into Emma’s mouth.

“Emma are you still a virgin?” “Of course I am.” Emma responded “If you want to pop me, then do it.” Emma said. Kate smiled at that comment and kissed Emma’s lips. “I’ll be right back.” Kate walked downstairs naked. Five minutes later she came back upstairs. Kate was dressed in a 1940’s male soldier uniform, with cap, trousers and shirt. Emma was getting excited, but it was Kate’s barefeet that Emma loved. Kate was wearing the uniform but she was barefoot and wore flip-flops over her barefeet. Emma saw this and started to masturbate. “You have beautiful feet.” “Oh, you are a foot lover also? Well Emma I love your feet also.” Emma got on the ground and crawled towards Kate’s feet. She kissed Kate’s toes and licked her nails. “Emma undo my zipper.” Kate asked. Emma did that and a plastic dildo came out. Emma marvelled. “Get on the bed.” Emma did that and Kate approached and inserted the dildo into Emma’s pussy. With one thrust move she popped Emma’s cherry. Emma screamed but soon she experienced pleasure. Cum soon came out of Emma’s cunt. “Now Kate do my ass.” Emma bent over and Kate entered Emma’s asshole. She moved in and out and Emma was enjoying it. “Oh fuck.” Emma came again. She collapsed on the bed.

“Can I do your feet.”? Kate asked “Please” pleaded Emma. Kate went down and sucked every toe, and licked them also. Soon Kate was licking and kissing Emma’s soles. “Where did you get that costume from?” Emma asked “I got it from the Pearl Harbor set, I cross dress when no one is around.” Emma went down and licked Kate’s feet. Kate moaned with passion. “Emma, spend the night with me?” Kate pleaded, “Sure Kate, I want to spend more time with you.” Emma answered. Kate smiled and Emma went up to Kate and passionately kissed her. Both Kate and Emma went back down on the bed. They both kissed.

Part II will be up shortly.

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