Emma’s Adventures 3: Kissing Practice

Story: Emma’s Adventures 3: Kissing Practice

Author: Tricksterson

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Celebrities: Bonnie Wright, Emma Watson, Katie Leung

Codes: mFf, ff, bukkake cons, first, inc, inter, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction. I do not believe that any of the people here act anything like they do in this story. The Church of Fucking is (as far as I know) a totally fictional entity and bears no resemblance (unfortunately) to any real religion I’ve ever heard of. So get over it and don’t bug me.

Notes: Alexander is 13, Bonnie is 16, Emma is 16 in the flashback and 17 in the present day scene, Katie is 19. Emma has an actual half-brother named Alexander but he is not a celebrity (although he did appear as an extra in OotP) and I have no idea what he looks like. I am sure he has a perfectly normal relationship with his sister.

Emma looked up at the knock on her trailer door and called “Come in.” She had been relaxing after a scene she had just finished rehearsing but hadn’t yet filmed in the latest Harry Potter movie, “The Half-Blood Prince”.

It was her friend and co-star Bonnie Wright. Well, sort of friend, more of a friendly acquaintance.. Even after five movies she still didn’t know the other girl that well. Bonnie was shy by nature and even shyer around Emma which made her suspect that the other girl had a crush on her. Under other circumstances she would h have long since made a pass at the pretty redhead, even though she generally preferred the male of the species but work and other sexual activities had intervened, particularly her recent seductions of her father and half-brother.

“What’s the matter?” Anyone who didn’t know Bonnie would never have guessed how nervous she was but by now Emma, as well as the rest of the cast and crew knew that the more expressionless the young redhead’s face got, the more upset she was.

“Um, I need your help.”

“Sure, with what?”


“Ah.” That explained a lot. Everyone knew that Dan and Bonnie had a kissing scene coming up in this movie. It was only slightly less known, within the cast and crew anyway, that Dan, even though he liked Bonnie well enough, would much rather be kissing Tom Felton and vice-versa. Still, he’d done a credible job with Katie. After Emma and her half brother Alex had coached her on how to coach him. Not to mention teaching her a lot of other things.

Which brought her back to Bonnie. She may not have actively hunted down this opportunity but she’d be an idiot to turn it down when it was practically throwing itself at her feet.

“So, what makes you think I can help you?”

“Well, I was talking to Katie and asked her about it since she had a scene with Dan in the last movie and she said you…helped her,” She looked down at her shoes, “…um…a lot.”

‘Hmm,’ Emma thought, ‘just how much did she tell you I wonder?’ Aloud she said, “All right then. But not now. Why don’t we get together at the hotel in my room. After all, kissing shouldn’t seem like work, should it? Not if you want to get it right.” She stood up and moved close to the younger girl until their bodies were almost touching. “You want this to be perfect, don’t you?”

Bonnie’s face turned redder than her hair but she nodded.

“Very well then. I’ll see you about eightish then.” Again the younger actress just nodded and let Emma turn her around and show her out.

When she was gone Emma went over to the plush recliner she’d had put in her trailer which she called her “comfy chair” in public and her “fucking chair” in private. She loved to masturbate in it and had given Alex and Rupert their first and in Rupert’s case only, at least from her, blowjobs while they were sitting in it so it had a great deal of sentimental value.

Few things made her hornier than the prospect of a new playmate and she needed to work off some heat so she kicked off her sneakers, let her jeans slide to the floor and slipped a hand underneath her pink, bikini-cut panties while she let her thoughts drift to her last “kissing lesson”, the one with Katie.


“Are you sure I should be here?” Alexander had asked. “After all, it’s you she wanted to help her.” Alex was her half brother on her mothers side and at thirteen, the only one of her half-siblings old enough to be worth fucking. They hadn’t yet. Unlike with her father she spent enough time around him so that she could afford to take her time although she’d gone down on him a couple of times, enough to make him willing to do anything she asked. He knew about the Church but as yet wasn’t a full member and wouldn’t be eligible until he got his cherry popped which, if Emma had anything to say about it, would be today.

“Yes, but it’s a boy she’s going to be kissing so you’re here to help us. With kissing and a lot more. Besides, I wouldn’t think that you’d mind making out with a girl as attractive as Katie.” As they talked they were sitting on the couch in the hotel room’s parlor exchanging lip kisses between sentences. Alexander was tall for his age and slender with shaggy, light brown hair and the sort of slightly androgynous good looks girls his age went for. She fully intended to set him loose on them eventually but not until she’d fucked him dry herself. He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans tighter than anything their mum would have approved of which is why Emma had bought them for him out of her own money because she loved the way they molded his ass and crotch. She herself was wearing a black belly shirt and short denim skirt.

Right now Alex had his hand on her leg just below her hemline. To encourage him to move it higher she leaned forward and kissed him more seriously, her tongue sliding between his lips and into his mouth. While their tongues played with each other her hand reached down and unzipped his trousers, making him stiffen in every sense of the word. Her own crotch had grown damp as his hand reached between her legs and under her skirt to rub it through her panties.

Then there was a knock at the door cutting off their play. Hastily the two siblings rearranged their clothes and fingercombed their hair into a semblance of normality before Emma went to open the door, Alex rezipping his fly just as she opened it.

As expected it was Katie, 5′ 5″ of Chinese/Scottish cuteness in loose trousers, denim jacket and a green tunicshirt belted with a flowery sash and topped off with what Katie would emphatically tell people was *not* a beret but a tam. Berets were for the French and she was, despite, or perhaps because of, her ethnicity, emphatically Scottish.

Of course at this point Emma was so hot from what she’d been doing with Alex she would have let the other girl in if she weighed 100 kilos and had a face like a toad. ‘God, I’m so horny!’ she thought. ‘I need something in me soon or I’m going to scream! Alex’s cock, Katie’s fingers, anything!’

On the surface however she maintained a charming and polite calm as she ushered her guest in, proving that she was a better actress than many people thought. Katie was a bit surprised at Alex’s presence.

“What’s he doing here?” Her tone wasn’t hostile, just puzzled.

“Since it *is* a boy you’re going to be kissing, I thought it might be good to have one on hand,” Emma explained smilingly, as she had to her half-brother.

“And you’re here then for?”

“Guidance. I’m betting I know more about kissing than either of you.” She was sure of this even though Katie was three years older. She had a very strict father which to Emma meant that what he really wanted was to fuck his daughter senseless. Not that she blamed him since that was exactly what she planned to do. Well, she’d see about helping Katie do just that later, but now to the business at hand.

“Let me show you what I mean. First you and Alex kiss.”

The two of them moved towards each other uncertainly. When they finally met, put their arms around each other and locked lips it wasn’t exactly a disaster but it certainly wasn’t what anyone would call a success either. Alex was used to being led by his half-sister. Left to his own devices he plunged rather clumsily ahead. Katie, already a bit nervous reacted by pulling back which caused Alexander in turn to become flustered and angry.

Before the situation could desolve into a panic fueled mutual snit fit Emma stepped in. Before either of the other two could say or do anything that everyone would regret she moved up and literally pried them apart by putting a hand on each of their upper chests and pushing gently. She then draped an arm over the shoulders of each of them to prevent them from turning away and stomping off.

“Okay you two lovebirds,” she said archly. “Calm down before someone gets hurt.” She turned to Katie. “He really is a good kisser. He just needs someone more experienced to guide him. Let me show you.”

Before the Asian hottie could think to ask how Emma would know how good a kisser her half-brother was the young tart had moved in between them and turned to face Alex. Katie moved back a little to get a full view.

Putting one hand at the small of his back and the other at the base of his neck Emma moved her hands up and down his spinal column, stroking it, putting him at ease like a trainer with a skittish horse. Her lips darted towards his in a series of rapid pecks that gradually became slower and more lingering until their lips opened and their tongues slid out and along each other then past the lips and into each others mouths. Alex’s arms reached around his sister’s waist and pulled her close, their bodies grinding againsty each other then his hands slid downward to grope her perfect little ass.

Katie watched all this mouth agape, face flushed. Nor were her cheeks the only parts of her body that grew warm and tingly.

When the kiss broke off Emma turned to Katie and said in a husky, seductive voice, “Would you like to be kissed like that?” All the other girl could do was nod in reply. She very much wanted to be kissed like that. Kissed and more than just kissed, nor, at the moment did she care very much which of the two did it to her.

Emma took her by the hand and once more placed her face to face with Alex then got behind her making her the meat in a very appetizing sandwich indeed.

“This is so I can guide your movements,” Emma said. Katie felt the other girl’s breasts against her back and Emma’s pelvis pressing against her ass as well as the developing muscles of Alexander’s chest against her own small, firm tits. The resulting sensations were comforting, disturbing and exciting all at once.

“Hmmm,” Emma said judiciously, whispering into the other girls ear after brushing her hair aside. “Let’s give you a little more incentive this time.” Her lips were so close Katie felt like they were almost kissing it and wished that they were.

Pulling away slightly Emma told her brother, “Take your shirt off Alex.” Alex, used to obeying his sister because the result usually felt so good shrugged and complied, standing a little taller as he did so because he could feel both girls running their eyes over him and admiring the view. At thirteen he was still mostly Boy but there were hints of developing muscle, of Man.

Moving her face close to the other girl’s head again and this time not only nuzzling the ear but Katie’s neck and jaw as well while she spoke Emma said, “Touch him. Run your fingers over him. He wants you to. You want to. Do it.”

Katie didn’t really think about what she did next, her hands seemed to be doing the thinking for her, running up and down her new toys chest, shoulders and arms. She closed her eyes so she could revel more deeply in the feel of his skin, soft and hard at the same time. One hand drifted downward, fingers tracing along his belt but she managed, just, to stop herself from unbuckling it or unzipping his pants. For now.

While she was doing this Emma’s hands had come up from behind her to massage her breasts while Alex’s hands ran up and down her back, mirroring her movements on his chest. However, he did not stop at her waistline, dipping down to cup her ass cheeks.

“You want him, don’t you?” Emma whispered.

Katie gulped and then whispered, “Yes.”

“For a lot more than kissing don’t you?”

“Yes.” A soon as she said that the other girl turned her around and she felt Emma’s soft lips pressing against hers and a soft but insistent tongue dancing along the meeting line of her lips. At the same time the younger but far more experienced girl pulled her jacket off then undid the sash of her tunic, breaking the kiss off to pull it over her head and off, leaving her topless except for a lavender bra.

The two siblings then each took one of her hands and led her into the bedroom, pausing from time to time to help her take off an item of clothing or discard some of their own. By the time they reached the bed all three teens were clad only in their undies, Alex in white boxers, Katie in her bra and aqua, french-cut panties, Emma in matching lacy maroon bra and thong.

They sat on the edge of the bed, the Asian cutie in the middle. While her co-star and sibling finally locked lips in the slow and serious kiss that was all Katie had originally come for Emma unhooked the older girl’s bra and slid it off then took off her own underwear, bra and panties both then, as before, reached from behind to fondle the other girl’s A-cup tits, rubbing the dark brown nipples between her fingers provoking a soft and muffled moan from her. Katie broke off the kiss with Alexander to half turn and snog with Emma.

When that kiss broke off the English girl looked at the pretty Scot, smiled and said, “Let’s see what else we can find to kiss.” Emma got off the bed, knelt in front of her half brother and pulled his boxers down then tugged on Katie’s arm, prompting her to join her on the floor. If the other girl had a problem with how Emma was acting towards a blood relative she was too caught up in her own sexual haze to mention it, a haze that was only increased by having her face only inches away from Alex’s seven inch cock.

“Ever seen one before?,” Emma asked.

“Not…live. Just in class. And in a magazine once.”

“Just follow my lead,” Emma said then ran her tongue from just below the glans of her brother’s member down to the root. Katie followed suit, wrinkling her cute nose slightly at the unfamiliar taste but not seeming to mind all that much. They repeated this a few times, pausing a couple times to kiss each other, lips and tongues meeting around Alexander’s cock, the whole procedure causing him to groan mightily and wrap a hand in both of their hair.

Emma reached up and gingerly freed herself then moved away from her half-brother’s penis and behind their new partner.

“Okay, Katie, stop for just a second. Oh, don’t pout Alexander. Just be patient won’t you? Now move right in front of him, that’s good. Now, darling, I want you to open wide and take his willy in your mouth. Very good!” Now suck gently, then harder.” She could tell from the expression on her sibling’s face that, novice though she was, Katie was doing a more than adequate job. She put her hands on either side and moved the other girls head down the length of Alex’s rod. “Okay, now move down as far as you’re comfortable with, then back up. That’s right, up, down, up, down and try to go a little deeper each time until you hit bottom. Very good!”

After she saw that the Asian girl had a good rythm going she bent down and half pulled, half ripped off the aqua panties that were the other girls only remaining clothing then inserted her hand between Katie’s legs, rubbing her pussy lips.

“Spread your legs wider. Thaaat’s it.” Emma got on her back and then slid underneath her new lover and pulled her cunt down on her face.

When she felt the younger girl’s tongue licking first the area around her vagina then the pussy lips themselves Katie’s head came up from Alex’s member and she asked, “What…what are you doing?”

“Do you like it?” Emma asked then went back to licking and probing the other girl’s pussy on the assumption that it was a rhetorical question.

“Ohhhh yessss, morrre, morrre!” Katie yelled, her Scottish accent adding a peculiar sound to the “mores”

While listening to this and on the verge of coming Alexander had grown impatient and literally taken matters into his own hands. A few strokes was all it took to spray his cum all over Katie’s lower face, neck and upper chest. Eyes rolled up in her head and well on the way to her own orgasm the Asian girl barely noticed.

“F-f-f-FUCK!!!,” she screamed as she came. Emma crawled out from under her with a smile, guided her back up onto the bed and lay her down on her back then started licking Alex’s cum off of her.

Her brother half fell, half crawled over to them and gave his attention to both their lower halves, his fingers going inside Emma’s pussy and his tongue inside Katie’s. Katie was soon into her second orgasm, writhing, moaning and clawing at the sheets.

Much though she enjoyed the feel of Alex’s fingers in her twat Emma had other plans. She gave the now nearly comatose Katie a long slow kiss then crawled over her prone body to lie next to her and spread her legs.

“Big sister is ready brother dear,” she cooed. Yes, technically he was only her half-brother but she always called and thought of him as just “brother”. it was so much more sinful, more delicious.

“For what?” Alex asked hopefully.

“For her little brother’s big cock. Time to become a man. My man.”

Allex’s eyes widened with delight. He had waited for this for months now. Watching Emma lick Katie clean of his cum and having his tongue and fingers in both beautiful girls had already restored his erection. He quickly moved on top of his half-sister, though not yet into her. Instead he let her pull his mouth down onto hers with one hand and guide his cock into her with the other.

“Unngh!!” Emma grunted as he entered her and Katie watched dazedly. “Yess! That’s right, do it to me! Fuck me hard! Oh you’re sooo g-goood little brother, sooo goood!” Her fingers dug into his still slender shoulders as her ankles locked around his ass. As he pounded harder and harder into her she screamed, “YES! OH FUCKING YESSS! MAKE BIG SISTER CUM! MAKE HER CUMMMM!”

When they were done Emma rolled her brother off to one side the turned to the other, kissed her Asian honey gently on the lips and said, “Lesson over.”


“Yes, Alex, yes! Oh, I want your cock in me so bad!,” Emma groaned as she masturbated and came to the memory of her first time with her younger half-sib. She and Katie had only done it together a couple times of times since then, largely due to the fact that Katie’s character, Cho Chang, wasn’t much more than a walk-on role in the latest movie but she and Alex fucked every chance they got. In fact she was beginning to think that she was falling in love with her fuckalicious little sibling.

‘But back to the matter at hand,’ she thought…and thought some more about how much Katie might have told Bonnie about their “kissing lesson”. Best to be prepared. She got up, zipped up her pants then went to the makeup table where her cellphone was waiting.


“Come in. It’s open.” Actually it was just ajar enough to be pushed open. It was all part of the trap she had laid. Getting up would have spoiled her pose and she had put a lot of time and thought into her pose. Just as the two members of the hotel staff had put a lot of time and effort int moving the parlor couch so that it faced the door. This was the same room that she had popped Katie and Alex’s mutual cherries in. She had made sure she always got this room in this hotel ever since she had lost her own cherry to the Church Teacher, named “Bill”.

Bonnie’s expression when she walked in was worth the time and effort. She looked rather as if she had been hit right between the eyes with a sledge hammer. What she saw was the girl she’d had a crush on for five years lying lengthwise on a couch wearing a gold corset, ruby red stockings, gold garter belt and blood red thong.

“She told you!,” the red haired girl said in a voice that was half wail, half whine.

‘That you have a crush on me?,’ Emma thought to herself. ‘I think I figured that out before you did.’ Aloud she said “Told me what?” as she sat up and patted the couch next to her in invitation. At the same time she noted curiously that the younger girl was hiding something of her own. This was not the season or the weather to be wearing a trench coat that came well below her knees. The three-inch, “fuckme” pumps she was wearing were also a clear hint that something was up.

“What I had planned. I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well she didn’t tell me that so it still will be. So come here and we can talk about it.”

The other girl cheered up considerably at this but instead of going over to the couch her hands went to the tranch coat’s belt and undid it after which she shrugged and let it fall to the floor.

The brunette seductress’ eyes widened. It seemed that Bonnie had a surprise or two in her after all. This might be even more fun than she had anticipated.

Bonnie was dressed in a Hogwarts uniform. Sort of. It was a Hogwarts uniform as it might have been designed for a porn version of the Harry Potter movies. She was wearing a sleeveless vest that was held closed by only a single button. Underneath it was nothing but a black pushup bra. Her skirt probably had lessmaterial in it thanthe school tie that hung loosely around her neck and her legs were clad in sheer red nylons that, Emma noted with amusement were a perfect match for the ones Emma was wearing.

Emma fought to keep from chuckling because she suspected, from the insecure look on the other girl’s face that any sign of derision would result in a burst of tears followed by her running from the room. And, Emma decided, running appreciative eyes over her co-star, that was the last thing she wanted right now. Bonnie’s figure was best described as “sturdy”. Not fat by any means but you could tell she had to diet and exercise regularly to keep it trim unlike Emma who had one of those metabolisms that allowed her to eat whatever she wanted and still look like a runway model. The upside was that Bonnie’s tits were a full cupsize bigger than Emma’s B-Cups.

This time when Emma crooked her finger and patted the seat next to her Bonnie came over and sat. Putting her arm around the other girl Emma asked, “Should we start those kissing lessons now?”

The redhead blushed and said, “Katie already taught me all I need…I mean to get through the scene with Dan.”

Emma raised an eyebrow as she felt just the slightest twinge of jealousy. “And how far did you two go?”

Bonnie’s blush spread from her cheeks to her whole face and down into her neck. “Just kissing…and…um…she kissed and touched my breasts. She said she really liked them.”

“Well, who wouldn’t. So, you don’t want to kiss me?” Emma said with a mischievious smile.

“No! I mean yes! I mean…” Whatever she might mean was stifled as her girlcrush took advantage of her open mouth to stick her tongue in it. For a second shock prevented the younger girl from responding, then panic made her tongue flail about wildly, which had some interesting effects all by itself but soon it was tamed and coaxed into cooperation by Emma’s more experienced oral member. At the same time she felt Emma’s hand sliding up her leg and under the hem of her skirt. She closed her eyes and opened her legs, filled with ecstasy at her love’s touch.

For her part Emma was once again surprised to find nothing under the skirt but shaved pussy and recently shaved at that.

“You little slut!” she said teasingly as she rubbed a finger in btween the other girl’s labia.

“Mmmm, your slut,” was the moaned reply.

“Well, lets to bed then,” Emma said, rising and pulling a cheerfully compliant Bonnie behind her.

As they entered the bedroom she watched as Bonnie unbuttoned and shrugged off her vest then the two girls reached around each other, sharing a kiss as they did so, Bonnie to undo Emma’s corset, Emma to unhook the other girl’s bra. It took Bonnie a bit longer to loosen Emma’s stays. The older girl spent the time well, burying her face it the more buxom girl’s tits, kissing, licking and reveling in their warm girlsmell. Not to mention fondling, lots and lots of fondling.

Finally the corset was loose enough to get out of and she pulled back, reluctantly, to do just that. Bonnie’s hands reached out to play on her smaller tits while she gently pushed the redhead down onto the mattress and pushed up her joke of a skirt. Bonnie’s hands glided down Emma’s body with gentle, feathery caresses until they reached her crimson thong and pulled it down her long slender legs.

The brunette seductress finshed the job of sliding off her undies then straddled the crotch of her new lover, rubbing one hot, slick vagina against the other. She reached down and they twined their fingers together as she licked Bonnie’s neck and their cunts moved together faster and faster.

The besotted redhead arched her back and moaned, “ohhhh, Emmmy! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cunt!”

“Who’s my little slut?,” Emma purred into her willing captive’s ear as she stuck her tongue in it. “Who’s my little fuckslave?”

“Mmmeeeee! Forever! Ahhhhh!” After that there were no words, just grunts and moans as the two starlets came together.

“Did Katie tell you what that means?” Emma asked. The two girls were lying together, limbs entangled in a post-coital haze. Emma was on her back, arm underneath Bonnie’s neck, the redhead was on her side tracing her finger along the ten pointed star tatoo above her lover’s vagina.

Bonnie nodded. “She told me about the Church. She wanted in initiate me but…I wanted it to be you.” She looked into Emma’s eyes and kissed her then said, “I love you.”

Emma sighed. She’d been afraid of this. She got up on her side, ran a hand through Bonnie’s bright red hair and kissed her on the forehead.

“I love you too but…you’re not my One and Only. That only happens once in ten thousand pairings.”

“So you don’t want to be with me?” The younger girl’s lips were trembling and her eyes glistened with potential tears.

“I do! Tonight, all night! And other nights too, just not…every night. And not just with you. It’s how I am. It’s how most people are and they only hurt themselves and each other when they pretend otherwise. That’s what our motto, “Only Fucking Matters” really means.

“So, what should I do?”

“Stay with me tonight. Fuck me into a coma and I’ll do the same to you. Then as soon as you get the chance get together with Katie and fuck each others brains out. I’ll always be available for you but don’t be afraid to bring Katie either. Or anyone else you find hot. Remember, it’s the fucking that matters. The fucking and how good it makes you feel.”

‘Yes, but people matter too,’ Bonnie thought. ‘But but she’s right in one thing. If she thinks like that she’s probably not my “One and Only”, no matter how good she makes me feel. Maybe Katie is. Or not. But until I find her, or even just possibly, him, I can have a really good time looking.’ Aloud she simply said “Okay. We still have tonight?”

“And other nights.”

“Then let’s not waste what we have,” the redheaded wenchette said as she rolled on her back and pulled Emma on top of her.

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