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Emma Watson Fakes Story: "The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 2"

The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 2
Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Watson, Stacey Dash
Shea Oliver
MF, cons, oral, rom, fant, rape, FF, f, viol
Disclaimer: This story is just that…a story. If you are offended by rape, then a particular part of this episode may bother you. Personally, I’m not into writing rape scenes but when it calls for it, it calls for it. If you’ve somehow skipped passed the first episode and are immediately reading this one, then there is no word to describe how lost you’ll be. So back track or just scroll down to the sex and drop the plot, that way when I ask for opinions on the story you can at least say, “well the sex was nice”. And as said the first time around, this is complete fantasy.

Episode 2: Not So Fairytale…

Emma’s Story (continued)

Oliver Lawrence held Emma Watson tight as they realized they were in a pretty bad situation. Their “firestarter” stood right across from their bed and still looked pissed about Oliver saving Emma and hitting him with a bat earlier. The man took a step forward and smacked his own head as if he forgot something.

“I’m sorry, you have to forgive my manners. In all the fire and bloodshed I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Devin…”

Oliver shook his head and interrupted, “Wait a minute, that’s it? That’s your name? Ha, that’s not even the slightest bit clever!”

Oliver slid his boxers on and stood up as he laughed at Devin wildly. Emma looked Continue reading

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Emma Watson just got a facial cumshot from one of her fans… which only brings the smile on her face!

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Emma Watson Naked Story: "Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody"

Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody:

Featuring: Emma Watson and Alexa Vega (2-02-03)

Story Codes: celeb, Mf, ff, pedo, oral

As soon as we heard St. Mary’s school bell ring, my best friend Alexa Vega and I straighten our clothes, and excitedly grabbed up our book bags. We had a three-day weekend and no homework! Much warmer than yesterday, we held our coats instead of wearing them.

“Emma, I’m sure glad we’re going to school together,” Alexa said with a bright sunny grin.

“So am I,” I answered, smiling back. “I still can’t get over Dad and Mum letting me stay with my Uncle Steve here in Los Angeles.”

“I’m glad too.” Alexa laughed as her smile changed to a mischievous look, “You know. If they hadn’t let you, I never would have met your uncle.”

I stuck out my tongue at her, “O you bitch. I love you to!” We both laughed.

Avoiding the tidal wave of screaming youth, we left the building by the side entrance. As we went around a corner, I immediately saw Uncle Steve. He was walking towards us along a hedgerow.

“There’s your Uncle.” Alexa said, pointing. “He sure looks hot today.”

“Yea,” he was wearing a nice suit. “I wonder why he’s so dressed up?’

“Hummm, how about I come over later and we use the hot tub. If he joins us, I hope he wears his thong. You know, the little blue one.”

“Don’t be gross,” I told her. Continue reading

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What makes Emma watson really happy? Two guys cuming in her mouth and on her naked body!

Emma Watson Oops

Watch your back because this drawn Emma Watson thing is much more skillful than you could have ever expected it to be: well-hung dudes! Cock-craving girls of Emma Watson sex tv show anxious to do their best to get all of your juices going… The and heroes are way too frivolous with nudity and foreplay that is only to begin with, it’s not difficult to realize what happens next! ;)

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