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Emma Watson Pornography Story: Emma Watson Meets A Real Life Wizard

Emma Watson Pornography Story: Emma Watson Meets A Real Life Wizard


Emma was on a tour promoting Harry Potter 3 when things started to happen
firstly her chaperone fell asleep in front of her Emma tried to waken her but it was impossible
next the hotel window opened by itself and in came 2 floating lengths of rope
she was petrified and ran for the door but one of the ropes sped over and lassooed both ankles tripping her up
she opened her mouth to scream but a belt flew off her dressing gown that lay on the bed gagging her instantly
her hands shot up to remove the gag but didn,t reach before the second rope looped around her wrists tieing her securely
Emma then felt something pulling at her summer dress that was ripped clean in two leaving her standing in just her pink teenage underwear
the pulling started again and her underwear was ripped apart leaving her stark naked. Continue reading

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Emma Watson And Kate Beckinsale

Emma Watson and Kate Beckinsale
By Emily and Nicola
(FF, Pedo, oral, foot-fetish)

Synopsis: Kate is in pre production meetings on the sequel to Underworld whilst Emma is shooting the new Harry Potter movie. Both girls meet in the studios cafй.

Kate sits down with a can of Coke. She is tired and frustrated with the meetings; it was her first outing as producer. Emma came in and went up to the counter. She got her drink and saw a lot of empty tables; she walked up to Kate’s table. “Is anyone sitting here?” Kate responded, “No, sit down.” Emma sat down and Kate looked up at Emma. Kate was amazed, sure she had seen the Harry Potter movies but she never imagined that Emma looked so beautiful. “Sorry I was rude. I loved you in the Harry Potter movies.” “I’m glad you did, I also loved you in Pearl Harbor.” Emma responded. “You are the only one.” Kate responded with a smile. Emma also was captivated by her radiant smile. “You have a beautiful smile.” Said Emma “Thank you, Emma.” Kate responded with shyness. The two women looked at each other, something was happening here. “Listen I’ve finished for the day, want to go somewhere?” Emma asked “Love to, why don’t I meet you outside in five minutes.” Kate said “Sure.”

Emma waited outside and a black BMW pulled into the driveway. Emma got in, and Kate drove off. For ten minutes not one word was exchanged. Both Kate and Emma had Continue reading

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Emma Watson And Tom Felton Kissing

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