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Emma Watson Porn Story: Could be Love II

Emma Watson Porn Story: Could be Love II

Could be Love II
By Nicola & Emily

Weeks had passed, Emma was happy since Warner Brothers were doing another Harry Potter; Emma had looked forward to seeing her friends Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton again. Alexa also was pleased since she had just been cast in the new Batman movie as Batgirl; she looked forward to wear a costume that she found sexy when Alicia Silverstone wore it in Batman and Robin. With their careers on a high note, their personal life was another matter; Alexa and Emma were missing each other. They decided not to communicate by phone since Emma was paranoid that her young brother, a gadgets freak, could listen in on their conversations so they stuck to using E-mail. Both girls created new E-Mail address specifically to be used for their love letters.

One day Emma was searching on the web for upcoming movies that were in production. She passed many movies until she got to one title Untitled Batman Project. Emma was curious since she had been, and still was, a big fan of the first film. She clicked on the title and it presented a synopsis and cast list, she was surprised to read that Alexa Vega had been cast as Batgirl, she was happy that her lover was in something that Emma loved, but what really made her happy was where the film was being shot at, it stated ‘Pinewood Studios’ where Emma in this present moment in time had been working on Harry Potter. She got to her E-Mail page and she received a message from Alexa that she is coming over to England to shoot a movie. So the rumour was true. Emma was ecstatic.

Two weeks later, Harry Potter had finished shooting and Batman had come. Emma, who at the age of fourteen was already planning to leave home to live near the studio where she worked at, took advantage and waited for Alexa. Alexa arrived in normal clothes ridden by a chauffeured limo. Alexa went to her dressing room and found a card on her desk, she opened it and it read:
‘I’m glad you’re here. Meet me at nine o’clock in front of the stage entrance. Love you sweetie.’ Alexa was giddy with excitement. Nine o’clock came and Alexa who had changed for a simple jumper and jeans saw Emma at the entrance. They both looked at each other and then they walked out with no contact. It wasn’t until they reached the front room of Emma’s new house that they expressed their feelings. Emma closed the door behind them and she jumped on Alexa, Alexa got her and they both shared a passionate kiss. “I’m so glad you’re here.” Emma said “Me too, I missed you so much.” Both girls kissed again. They headed upstairs.

Both girls jumped on Emma’s king size bed and they kissed again with great passion, they started taking off each other’s tops as they were kissing. Whilst kissing, Emma ripped Alexa’s sweater in half, Alexa was wearing no underwear. Emma broke off the kiss and massaged Alexa’s developing breasts. “Oh, Emma. Emma ties me up to the bed. I want you to screw me like an animal, my body is yours.” Emma replied both shocked and eager “Sure, I would love that.” Alexa and Emma removed the rest of their clothing, and Emma got some rope and tied Alexa to the bed. “Kinky” said Alexa. Emma smiled and kissed Alexa on the lips, she then kissed down her neck, her chest, her beautiful breasts and her stomach, Alexa moaned in ecstasy. Finally Emma arrived where she wanted to be, Alexa’s pussy. Emma still remembered how Alexa had broken her hymen and how good she felt after she did. Emma kissed Alexa’s shaved pussy and started to lick it up and down, Alexa moaned. Emma then stuck her tongue out and started to tongue fuck her, Alexa was enjoying it and Emma felt happy that she did, Emma then took her two index fingers and put them up to Alexa’s mouth, Alexa knew what this was all about, she simply sucked the fingers. Emma then inserted her fingers in Alexa’s pussy, “Oh Emma.” Emma inserted them and once she heard Alexa’s comment she knew she hit the spot. Emma then started to fuck her, Emma was fucking and Alexa was moaning. “Oh shit, that feels so good, I’m going to cum.” And cum she did, Emma was ready and she put her face close Alexa’s pussy and started licking the cum that was ejaculating. Once Alexa finished cuming, Emma went up to Alexa and French kissed her on the mouth. Alexa tasted her own cum.

“What else do you want?” responded Alexa in a sexy voice. Emma got up and went down to Alexa’s tied up and stinky feet. Emma kneeled down and closed her mouth around Alexa’s big toe, she sucked it Alexa was in heaven. Emma continued to suck Alexa’s other toes and kiss her soles. “Oh Emma, how I missed you.” Emma went up and kissed Alexa.

Emma untied Alexa. “Bend over.” Emma said. Alexa raised a smile and she did just that. Emma saw her asshole, god how she missed that anus. Emma kissed it; she stuck her tongue out and started licking it. “Emma look in my bag will you.” Emma stood up and went downstairs; she opened it and came back up. “Is this what you had in mind?” Alexa got up and looked at Emma, she was wearing a strap on dildo. “Yeah.” Emma kissed Alexa “I’d love to do it to you.” Emma got back on the bed behind Alexa and shifted the plastic cock in her asshole. “Oh man. Do it.” Emma pulled out and pulled back in, she got a rythem and she started to fuck Alexa Vega’s asshole. Alexa held on tight to the pillow in front of her. “Oh its coming. Ohhh” Alexa moaned. Until cum came out of her pussy. Emma pulled out got underneath Alexa and drank all her juices. When Emma got out underneath her both Alexa and Emma were spread out on the bed and they were sweating.

A few minutes passed and Alexa came up close to Emma. “How did you like it?” “It was great.” Replied Emma. Both girls faced each other and shared a wet French kiss. “Can I do you?” asked Alexa. “I thought you’d never ask.” Alexa kissed Emma, Emma stood up and removed the dildo. Emma went back on the bed. Alexa went on top of her and kissed her lips, she then went down to her neck, to her chest, then to her breasts. Emma’s breasts were still developing but Alexa still found them sexy. Alexa went to work by kissing and sucking Emma’s right nipple Emma moaned, as Alexa was sucking the nipple she took her right hand and started playing with Emma’s left nipple. Alexa was sucking so hard that milk was already coming out of Emma’s breast. Alexa did the same with the other nipple. Alexa continued her journey down to Emma’s hairless pussy, Alexa kissed it and then she started licking it. However Alexa was not going to finger Emma, instead she put on the strap on dildo that she brought with her. “I’m going to make love to you Emma. And I’m going to do it with this.” She showed it to her, she was excited. Alexa strapped on the dildo and she put in front of Emma who sucked it. Then she positioned herself on top of Emma and kissed her. “You ready my darling?” “Yes, sweetie.” Responded Emma. And with one big push, she inserted the plastic cock in Emma’s vagina. She pulled out again slowly and then back in again, “I feel great now, do it.” So Alexa started to fuck her. Occasionally during the five minute fuck Alexa would go down and kiss Emma. “OH CHRIST!! I’M GOING TO GO!!” shouted Emma. As soon as she said that she cummed onto the plastic dick, Alexa removed the cock from her vagina and went down to kiss Emma’s pussy and drink her juices. Alexa took off the dildo and gave to Emma who tasted it. Once all the juices were gone, Emma and Alexa looked at each other and kissed each other.

An hour passed and the two lovers were still in bed naked. “I’m so happy you came.” Said Emma. Alexa replied “Me too, I have been thinking about you a lot. In my room, when I’m in bed, when I’m at school. I had many relationships, and there was always something to hide. With you I could tell you anything.” Alexa got up. Emma too and they sat on the bed. “Alexa I want this to be more than just a fuck session. I really want to start with you something I’ve never had before.” Alexa’s eyes swelled up, tears were appearing but they were not dropping down her cheek. Alexa got up; she put on a silk robe and went to the window. “Emma, I’ve heard guys telling me that they love me before, but if you are lying to me right now, I swear I’m gonna jump of this balcony.” Emma saw the seriousness in Alexa, she knew she wasn’t acting at this moment this was real. “I am not lying to you, I really want to be with you.” A tear went down Alexa’s cheek; she ran back to Emma and kissed her. “What shall we do now?” asked Alexa. “Wanna a dip in the tub?” replied Emma in a broken American accent. Alexa laughed at the broken accent. “Sure, Mum.” Alexa replied in a broken, over the top posh English accent.

Emma and Alexa were in the Jacuzzi tub, and the Jacuzzi was on. “Where are you staying?” asked Emma. “Don’t know, yet.” Replied Alexa. “Listen, do you want to stay with me?” Alexa was shocked “You realise I’ll be working.” Emma replied “No problem, I think I’ll be getting home schooling, that’s not if I’m working on a film. One way or another I’ll be busy.” “Okay, let’s do it.” Replied Alexa.

Emma and Alexa walked towards the studio. They went to the film producer. “Hey sir. Listen where are we staying?” “We are working on it, right now Alexa.” Replied the producer. “If it’s any consultation, I’ll be staying with a friend.” “Okay, great no problem, its better for us.” Replied the Producer. “Thanks.” “Listen who is your friend?” asked the producer. “Emma, come here.” Emma walked towards him “Hi, I’m Emma.” “Yeah I know who you are, if it doesn’t bother you can you put up with her?” Emma smiled at the remark “No problem.” “Okay, great. Listen Ms Watson, can I see you in my office?” “Sure.” Replied Emma. The producer went and Emma turned to Alexa “He’s not a pervert or something?” asked Emma “No way, he’s a great guy.” Emma went inside. “Listen Ms Watson, I have a problem. I don’t know if Alexa told you that we are doing a Batman movie?” Emma replied “No she didn’t, but wow. I am a big fan of the first film.” The producer was happy “Oh that’s great because, our star for the role of Catwoman backed out at the last minute, so I was wondering if you would like the role.” Emma was surprised. “I personally would love to do it, but isn’t Catwoman an adult?” “Yes she is but the writers have already rewritten her as a teenager.” “Okay, then why not.” An hour later Alexa stepped out in her Batgirl costume. Emma stepped out of the dressing room, she was dressed as Catwoman. Alexa and Emma looked at each other “What you got cast as Catwoman, great.” Emma looked at Alexa in her costume, and she started to get wet in her pussy.

Emma and Alexa went back to Emma’s house, dressed in their normal clothes. “Oh sweetie, I’m working opposite you. That’s great.” Alexa kissed Emma on the lips. “Listen can we put our costumes on, your Batgirl outfit turned me on.” Alexa said, “Why don’t we swap.” Fifteen minutes later Alexa came out dressed as Catwoman and Emma dressed as Batgirl. “Let me kiss you Batgirl.” “Why not.” Emma and Alexa shared another kiss. That night whilst Emma was asleep and Alexa, who was sleeping in the same bed, thought to herself “At last I’m with someone I love.” She smiled to herself, they were a true couple.

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Emma Watson Porn Story: Seducing Dad

Emma Watson Porn Story: Seducing Dad

Day 1: Baiting the Trap

Every member of the Church of Fucking who is of a certain age is expected to seduce at least one of their parents. It’s an unofficial right of passage. Unless of course they were raised in the Church in which case their parents are usually their first lovers. Emma had decided that her time was now.

She knew she wouldn’t have a problem seducing him. She had already proven the Church doctrine that all men and boys wanted to fuck their female relatives with her 14 year old half-brother Alexander who followed her around like a puppy ever since she’d given him a blowjob on the set of “Order of the Phoenix”. She looked forward to popping his cherry soon but first things first.

Now 17, she knew that her father wanted her as well. She’d caught him sneaking guilty looks at her whenever she came out of the shower wearing only a towel ever since she’d started developing curves, maybe a little before even. It had provided spice on her weekend visits. She loved her dad and wanted nothing more than to prove it by setting him free of the undeserved guilt pushed on him by society. Well, maybe she wanted to feel his big, fat cock inside her a *little* more. She knew about his cock size because she’d spied on him masturbating on and off during her weekend visits since she was fourteen. She was pretty sure that he and her step-mother weren’t having sex any more. She knew they didn’t have sex when she visited because the step usually found a reason to take herself and Emma’s half-siblings off somewhere whenever she visited. SInce their relationship could best be described as “polite” with occasional excursions into “chilly” and rarer ones into “guardedly friendly” it was just as well, especially since the twins at 3 and Todd at 4 weren’t anywhere near seducable age yet.

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Emma Watson Porn Story: Emma Gets Bonded

Emma Watson Porn Story: Emma Gets Bonded

Emma Gets Bonded
By KWheels

Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery

M/F, MM/F, Mm/F, oral, n/c, n/c?, drugs, enhancers

Disclaimer: This is the work of fiction. All acts and actions are
fictional and bare no resemblance to the truth. If you are under 18, you
may not read this story. While based on real people and real events, none
of this happened. The author has never met any of the people mentioned in
this story.

The British Academy Awards, also known as the BAFTA’s, which were held in
February of this year, honored “Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban”
for being 2004’s most popular movie in Great Britian. In addition to the
producers and Warner Brother’s suits that attended, Emma Watson, the comely
young nymph who plays “Hermonie Granger” in the series, gave a thank you
speech on behalf of the actors in the film.
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Emma Watson Naked Story: "A Slumber Party"

Fictional Story Disclaimer: It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing.

If you are under the legal age, please leave this sight now. This is just an erotic story, with not the slightest element of truth, or fact, even though we might wish the opposite to be true. Although this story is based upon real people and contains certain factual information, all actions, mannerisms, statements, and events are completely fictitious. Quotes and references that are based on fact are used only for creative purposes and are taken completely out of context. This is NOT to be taken seriously. This is not meant to slander anyone’s reputation.

A Slumber Party:
By Lude

Starring the talents of:

Hilary Duff, Christy Romano, Amanda Bynes, Mackenzie Rosman, and Emma Watson

Story Codes: celeb, mf, mff, oral

Chapter One:
It’s Best

Like usually my sister, Hilary Duff was on the phone. But this time she was on a mission. I whispered into her ear, “Have them bring their swimsuits, okay.” Having a raging hard-on. Hilary was sitting in my lap jacking me off as she talked to her friends.

She covered the phone with her hand. “Don’t worry,” she told me. While Hilary continued talking, I enjoyed stroking Hilary’s neatly trimmed honey-blonde pubic hair. Making it difficult for her talk, her pussy sparkled in the sunlight as I finger fucked her. When her last call was completed, she said, “That does it. Christy Romano, Amanda Bynes, Mackenzie Rosman and Emma Watson are coming tonight for hot tubing and to sleep over.”

“Wow, you did a good job.”

She smiled and said, “Now big brother, where’s my reward?”

“O, do I have to?” I pretended to whine.

Her hair smelled of strawberries as she showered me with a sweet flirtatious smiled. “Come on, you promised!”

I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. “Now let me see. I h Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Emma Watson Caught In The Rain"

Emma Watson Caught in the Rain

By Otterman

(M, F, g, celeb, bi, pedo, oral, anal)

Disclaimer: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn’t happen; it never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story is liable to be prosecuted for a series of felonies that will keep them in prison for the rest of their natural life.

Again, this story is simply a work of imagination…fantasy fiction that does not portray anyone or anything that really happened. If you are under the age of 18, live in a jurisdiction where reading erotic stories would be considered illegal, or are just plain offended by material of a sexual nature, then stop now and don’t read this. Now that we’re clear on what’s what, and what’s not, read on.

A bright light flashed across the living room window, followed immediately by a resounding crash. I went to the window and pushed aside the drape and looked out through the rain. By a flash of lightning I saw a car tipped into the roadside ditch in front of my house. Quickly I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my raingear, a torch and an umbrella and headed out.

At the foot of the driveway was a late model Mercedes with it front end in the ditch and its rear end pointing to the sky. From the odd angle of the left front wheel it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be moving on its own any time soon. Next to it stood two figures. A closer look showed they were a woman, looking exactly like a wet cat, and a child, looking like her bedraggled kitten.

A couple of quick questions convinced me they weren’t hurt, just a bit shaken. The woman reached into the car and grabbed two purses and a laptop. Holdin Continue reading

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Emma Watson on a leash with naked tits – dreams come true!

Emma Watson Sinful Comics

Well endowed hootchie of Emma Watson comic strip is hopping with a massive vaginal invasion inside!… Here hookers will have to deal with some monstrous and strongest cocks that will process… I have always wanted to witness the Emma Watson XXX hotties who crave for cocks 24/7 above all ;)

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Here we see Emma Watson spreading her legs and giving us a nice shot of her boobs and pussy while she masturbates!

Emma Watson Pictures

Here are a few Emma Watson heroes that refuse to control their overmastering lust any more and get right down to their naughty pursuits! ;) It is obvious that fuck-yearning Emma Watson hentai cunts haven’t been pumped for too long! ;) Incidentally, it is not a fuck session one can spot in this pic? and !

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Great photo collage of naughty Emma Watson having sex!

 naked emma watson, emma watson sexyInsatiable teens from Emma Watson sex parodies show are waiting for it ready for non-stop fucking action, eager to taste off some dicks for their cum holes to be plugged and to squirt!… Drilling in the Emma Watson sex parodies hentai piquant rendition is really enjoyable and the raunchiest. Emma Watson babes but love getting dirty about one another and to bring the best drawn sex that you have ever seen! ;)

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See how nude Emma Watson getting fucked in her big round sexy ass!

 emma watson free fakes, emma watson fakeWe go on with Emma Watson sex parodies raw instances of anal, oral and traditional sex and some powerful threesome scenes to go with the habitual fuck galore ;) There are some Emma Watson characters that just can’t hold an overwhelming will to fuck and for another second get into wild hardcore fucking adventures!… Emma Watson sex parodies porn guarantees access to protected and upgraded fucking for everybody and ladies included…

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Nice photo of Emma Watson riding on someone’s dick… and she has a really nice boobies!

 emma watson free fakes, emma watson sexyThe Emma Watson sex parodies heroes are way too frivolous with lots of revealing scenes that is there just for a start, and you can imagine what they do next ;) How can you ever be tired of Emma Watson sex parodies porn first-class and action that will get all of your juices going turn your sex-starved cock ;) Emma Watson grants your admittance to protected and upgraded fucking and for everybody ladies included .

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