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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody"

Fictional Story Disclaimer: It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing.

If you are under the legal age, please leave this sight now. This is just an erotic story, with not the slightest element of truth, or fact, even though we might wish the opposite to be true.

Although this story is based upon real people and contains certain factual information, all actions, mannerisms, statements, and events are completely fictitious. Quotes and references that are based on fact are used only for creative purposes and are taken completely out of context. This is NOT to be taken seriously. This is not meant to slander anyone’s reputation.

Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody:

Featuring: Emma Watson and Alexa Vega (2-02-03)

Story Codes: celeb, Mf, ff, pedo, oral

As soon as we heard St. Mary’s school bell ring, my best friend Alexa Vega and I straighten our clothes, and excitedly grabbed up our book bags. We had a three-day weekend and no homework! Much warmer than yesterday, we held our coats instead of wearing them.

“Emma, I’m sure glad we’re going to school together,” Alexa said with a bright sunny grin.

“So am I,” I answered, smiling back. “I still can’t get over Dad and Mum letting me stay with my Uncle Steve here in Los Angeles.”

“I’m glad too.” Alexa laughed as her smile changed to a mischievous look, “You know. If they hadn’t let you, I never would have met your uncle.”

I stuck out my tongue at her, “O you bitch. I love you to!” We both laughed.

Avoiding the tidal wave of screaming youth, we left the building by the side entrance. As we went around a corner, I immediately saw Uncle Steve. He was walking towards us along a hedgerow.

“There’s your Uncle.” Alexa said, pointing. “He sure looks hot today.”

“Yea,” he was wearing a nice suit. “I wonder why he’s so dressed up?’

“Hummm, how about I Continue reading

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Emma Watson Fakes Story: "Emma’s Adventures 4: A High School Musical Cums To Hogwarts"

Title: Emma’s Adventures 4: A High School Musical Cums To Hogwarts

Author: Tricksterson


Celebrities: Ashley Tisdale, Bonnie Wright, Brenda Song, Corbin Bleu, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, Jessie Cave, Katie Leung, Monique Coleman, Olesya Rulin, Rupert Grint, Vanessa Hudgens

Codes: FF, Ff, ff, FFff, mF, mf, mFf, FFf, MMFFFF, cons, exhib, inc, oral, orgy, rom, spanking, toys

Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction. Not for a moment do I believe any of the cebrities depicted here act in anyway as portrayed. So bugger off and leave me and Victoria alone. Find a less annoying hobby, like stamp collecting. And if you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be here so you go away too.

Note: All the High School Musical people are legal as are Katie Leung, Jessie Cave and Rupert Grint. Emma Watson is 17, Bonnie Wright is 16 and Evanna Lynch is 15

Ashley Tisdale drove down the unpaved Maine road towards the converted farm that now operated as a vacation hostel of the Church of Fucking. It was shortly to be occupied by two of the hottest Posses in the Church, the Hogwarts Harlots and the Tipton Tramps. Noone outside the Church knew who actually owned it of course, it had been purchased by one of the Church’s many shell corporations which was in turn owned by yet another shell. The remoteness of the location was part of many precautions the Church took to protect itself and the privacy of it’s members.

As she reached the complex of farmhouse, bunkhouse, barn and stable the blond starlet saw a pickup truck parked in front of the Continue reading

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "The Interviews"

The Interviews
by Jeff Walters (

Emma Watson stood outside the Hotel waiting on two her pals from the Harry Potter movies. It had been 8 months since the movie had been finished and now after editing and other such things they had been called on to give press interviews before it’s impending release.

Daniel and Rupert started walking towards the hotel; since the movies started they had become firm friends and had even started going to the same school together. It was when they were about 50 metres away they noticed this hot looking girl near the window of the hotel, they started to glare at this girl who was wearing a blue dress which looked like she had been poured into. The shapely legs the tight ass that flat stomach and the size of her breasts. They both went to say something to this heavenly creature when she turned towards them and said, Hey boys you two are late. They stopped in surprise and in unison said’ Gee Emma you have changed a lot since we last saw you. Thanks boys but both of you have changed too, u both are so tall now. They moved either side of her and they took each other hand and walked into the hotel next door.

They made it to the end of the day and they were so tired, the studio had gotten them hotel rooms so that they would be ready for the premiere the next day and they were shown their hotel rooms. They had interconnecting rooms and they all went in and agreed to get some dinner together. They arranged for the meals to be brought up to Emma’s room where they were going to watch TV and play games. They each ate their meals and were changing though the channels and couldn’t find anything to watch.

Lets play cards said Rupert, I think I saw some over near the fridge. They started to play poker but after a while it was starting to get boring. Whoever loses has to take a drink from the mini bar. They a Continue reading

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