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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Tales of the CoF II: Teacher teach Me"

Note: The Church of Fucking, to the best of my knowledge is an entirely fictional organization. Any resemblance to any real organizations, secret or public is completely coincidental Nor is any insult or threat meant towards Miss Watson. This is a fantasy. If you can’t figure that out on your own, get professional help
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Emma Watson’s first thought when she met her new tutor had been that she’d traded up.

Emma had first taken serious notice of boys about a year ago but between her work schedule and some overprotectiveness on her father’s part she never got to meet any except on the movie set. Of course Daniel, Tom and even Rupert were all cute and certainly they got along as friends but, if anything, she saw *too* much of them. They were more like brothers than boyfriend material. Besides, at the risk of sounding like Hermione they were *boys* which meant they were several kilometers behind her in the maturity department. And in Daniel’s case she wasn’t even sure he *liked* girls.

All the young actors were required by law to attend class on set during filming but the four stars were given private tutors. Emma had liked her tutor for the Sorceror’s Stone and Chamber opf Secrets, a woman who’s wry sense of humor had complemented her own. They had quite got on. Last year’s had been a disaster, a greasy middle-aged man who had always been putting his arm around her withpout being asked. When, that is his hand hadn’t been on her knee.

*This* teacher, she thought, could put his hands pretty much anywhere he wanted, even though so far he’d frustratingly shown no notice of her as a girl. Both in looks and demeanor he reminded her the star of an old movie series her father was fond of, Dirty Harry.

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