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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Emma Nails Her Next Role – Part 2"

(Writer’s disclaimer: This story, as well as the previous one, are works of fiction. Although I have lived in England, I have never been to the set of Harry Potter or met Miss Watson. )

Emma nails her next role, Part two. By Kwheels

Emma recoiled against the wall as my cock was still pulsating with cum dripping out of my still hard cock. Her pussy was dripping with baby seed as she instinctively sucked the last drops of cum out.

Her mouth let out a soft ”pop” when she curled up in my arms. I felt her 32b’s and rolled on top of her, as my still hard dick needed a tight cozy cunt to slam. She had been well fucked by several men, including her dad and uncle, but she preferred non-relatives.

I slid my cock inside her and started fucking that tight pussy. Her hand grabbed my butt and started pushing me deeper and deeper inside her. “Oh god, I want you so much,” she moaned. She knew I had no protection and that our movie was going to involve her getting pregnant. “Make me pregnant, for real!!!” She begged.

I was lost in the moment, as I knew I was the luckiest man on terra firma as I just kept fucking her. Emma Watson wrapped her lithe legs around my waist and I felt my balls begin to boil with semen and my ass cheeks tighten. “God damn cunt” “oh yes, call me names.” She replied to me. If all those Harry Potter fans knew that Emma was just a submissive slut who loved being dominated and humiliated, they would be beside themselves.

My sperm started to spew into her uterus and I moaned loudly, grunting out “I’m cuuuummmmiiiiinnngggg.” Emma’s legs locked me into position and my baby juice flowed inside her. “I love you,” she purred. We then kissed for what seemed like hours and she fell asleep.

I quietly got up and w Continue reading

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma nails her next role"

Emma nails her next role

By KWheels

Emma Watson was tired. She was tired after another day of balancing life and thinking that she just wanted to be normal. Since late 2000, at age 10 when she was plucked out of her school in Oxford, life has been anything but normal.

For accepting the role that every girl in the United Kingdom wanted, Emma’s life changed in the blink of an eye. Since November 2000, her life has been as glamorous as any child actress anywhere has. Harry Potter and his fellow students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the four movies made in the four years earned Warner Brothers a ton of money. For Emma, her life will be forever intertwined with that of Hermoine Granger, friend to Harry Potter and the smartest girl at Hogwarts.

Although aware of her standing in the public, Emma wanted to do other things, pursue other roles. This is where I come in.

I had met Emma Watson in 2001, when I was living near Manchester. I introduced myself and told her that I had written a few screenplays, but never had one produced. She was also intrigued about my disability and my travels. I told her, “Emma, in a few years, you will have traveled so much with your young friends, my travels will seem quaint.” She liked my humor and we exchanged emails and I took a few photos of her.

She had a beautiful rump and I had spent many a night and day thinking about how much I wanted her. I would get the occasional email from her, but she was so busy with the “Potter” movies and dealing with rumors about her love life and obsessive fans that she was too busy to email even those whom she knew.

Fast forward to summer of 2004. “The Prisoner of Azkaban” had just been released. I was back in Michigan permanently and had just seen an interview with “my Emma”, as I like to call her where she said she would like to play a “normal girl, Continue reading

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Nude Emma Watson is alone in the forest at night – someone’s ddream is about to come true…

Does Emma Watson Have A Boyfriend

Sexually eager Emma Watson cum receptacle dreams for this awesome black tool right up her ass, and then polish it with her mouth till it pours sperm into her mouth and on her face! Emma Watson sex heroes get back with a bunch of new sex episodes thatwill render your wiener hard as a rock… naughty toon personages fuck like rabbits: and you never saw them so and horny!

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Emma Watson just got a facial cumshot from one of her fans… which only brings the smile on her face!

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma Watson Gets Auditioned"

Emma Watson Gets Auditioned

This story is fantasy, not reality. If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Author: Mark Cunningham

Feedback gratefully received: [email protected]

Codes: MMMf, Ff, inc, rape, nc, oral, anal

Features: Emma Watson (15/04/1990) 17

Jacqueline Luesby (40 odd) Emma’s mother

It was late 2008, the Harry Potter movies had been finished filming. Emma Watson was now going to be officially unemployed for the first time since the first Harry Potter movie had come out. She was worried, because she had been for loads of auditions but hadn’t got any of the parts. She thought back to each of the auditions, and shuddered when she thought of the creepy directors looking at her, trying to persuade her to go topless or wear skimpy costumes. She refused, saying she wasn’t going to be an actress known for letting her body fall out of skimpy costumes or clothing.

In fact, now she thought about it, it made sense to her. She thought that maybe she ought to start dressing like a slut. She didn’t want to start copying the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. She was pulled out of her daydream by her mobile ringing. She picked it up, and saw it was her agent. ‘Hello, sweetie. Yes, I can do the audition tomorrow. Let me grab a pen. OK, got the address. Ask for a Mr. Robert Steinberg. OK, talk to you later’.

Emma was excited, and then suddenly the thought hit her. Her agent hadn’t told her what sort of part it was. She called her agent and she was told that the part was to be a schoolgirl. Emma was pleased, thinking it wasn’t going to be another audition like the ones she had been to lately. She relaxed and had a long so Continue reading

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Naughty Hermione is waiting for your magic wand!

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Hot blonde celebrity Emma Watson gets penetrated on a couch!

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Emma Watson Cartoon Sex

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Emma Watson is already nude and her legs are wide opened – she is ready to take your hard cock!

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Everyone want to meet Emma Watson, but these guys have also penetrated her… and she is having so much fun with them!

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Sex with Emma Watson: How to use your wand – Part one

Hermione was in the bath and heard a knock at the dorm door, so she got dressed into a shirt and panties, and answers it. It was Cho Chang, wearing a extra large FCKU top and white panties whilst holding her wand.

C:Hey Hermione can you help me with something?

H: Sure what is it?

They both went and sat on Hermione’s bed. Cho look a little embarrassed.

C:Well me and Harry had wanted to spice things last night, so i used my wand, although i didn’t know how to use it, and turned him into a mouse.

H:Ok well I’ll teach you.

Hermione slipped of her panties and got Cho’s wand, sitting cross-legged on the bed, Cho look a little surprise.

H: Ok her is what you do, just watch me ok?


Hermione slowly rubbed the tip of the wand on her pussy, as she lightly moaned and slowly sped up, she got louder and louder. She then got her wand as well, and stuck them both in, moaning as loud as she could, she cummed all over her bed.

:Now you turn.

:Ok, I’ll try.

Cho took her shirt off and began to rub her nipples, occasionally licking them. She picked up Hermione’s wand she went for it. Sticking the wand all the way, screaming and moaning as loud as possible. Hermione watched while rubbing herself, then stopped and began to lick Cho’s nipples. Cho began to slow down.

H:Here I’ll do it for you.

Hermione started pushing the wand in, while Cho resumed moaning. She then grabbed Cho’s wand and added it to the party as Cho moaned.

C:Oh, I’m cumming!

She then squirted all over the bed and laid in the cum soaked bed.

H:Well there is on way to do, now ill show you another way.

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