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Emma Watson Nude Story: "It’s A Living! – Chapter 3: Cheerleaders"

By Lude


Starring; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilar, Amanda Bynes, Lila McCann, Kyra Hart, Christy Romano, Alexa Vega, and Emma Watson.

I had only worked for Britney several months when she starting working on a big new cheerleader movie. I think the films working title was ‘Bring it on II’, but I liked the name Britney gave it, “The Might Cunts!”

It was a Friday when I picked up Britney and five other young starlets. Filming a football game for the movie, the girls all were wearing little blue and gold cheerleader outfits. Britney’s new skirt was so short that when she sat down I could see her panties. Running up to my convertible and leaned over the doors to say hello. I wasn’t sure which were bigger, my smile or their breasts, as their tight low cut sweaters hung down, displaying themselves to me. I knew I was in for a good time.

We were celebrating Amanda Bynes (The Amanda Show and All That) sixteenth birthday and Britney asked me to be nice to her. Upon meeting her, I was surprised how hot she was. With sweet perky breasts, a beautiful smile, long legs that seem to go all the way up to his ass, and luxurious brownish-blonde hair, I really like her trim body.

A little later, when I was preparing sodas for them in the kitchen, Amanda came in and asked, “My head is splitting. Do you have anything?”

“Sorry about your head, is aspirin ok? I’ve got some right here.”

“No,” shaking her head, “aspirin makes me sick. Is there any Acetaminophen?”

“Sure – no problem,” I told her.

In about five minutes I returned with a bottle of 500 mg pills. While I was gone, Amanda had finishing poring out the soda for me. As I came in, I thought I saw her put a small bottle in her purse. At the time, I figured it wasn’t anything to worry about. “Than Continue reading

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