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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma nails her next role"

Emma nails her next role

By KWheels

Emma Watson was tired. She was tired after another day of balancing life and thinking that she just wanted to be normal. Since late 2000, at age 10 when she was plucked out of her school in Oxford, life has been anything but normal.

For accepting the role that every girl in the United Kingdom wanted, Emma’s life changed in the blink of an eye. Since November 2000, her life has been as glamorous as any child actress anywhere has. Harry Potter and his fellow students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the four movies made in the four years earned Warner Brothers a ton of money. For Emma, her life will be forever intertwined with that of Hermoine Granger, friend to Harry Potter and the smartest girl at Hogwarts.

Although aware of her standing in the public, Emma wanted to do other things, pursue other roles. This is where I come in.

I had met Emma Watson in 2001, when I was living near Manchester. I introduced myself and told her that I had written a few screenplays, but never had one produced. She was also intrigued about my disability and my travels. I told her, “Emma, in a few years, you will have traveled so much with your young friends, my travels will seem quaint.” She liked my humor and we exchanged emails and I took a few photos of her.

She had a beautiful rump and I had spent many a night and day thinking about how much I wanted her. I would get the occasional email from her, but she was so busy with the “Potter” movies and dealing with rumors about her love life and obsessive fans that she was too busy to email even those whom she knew.

Fast forward to summer of 2004. “The Prisoner of Azkaban” had just been released. I was back in Michigan permanently and had just seen an interview with “my Emma”, as I like to call her where she said she would like to play a “normal girl, Continue reading

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Emma W. and the Bucket of Cum

Emma W. and the Bucket of Cum
By Dudester (M+ f, exh, celeb, alcohol)

I tried, twice, to give this story to a celeb site, but they declined to
publish. Their loss is your gain. I should add that if you are an adult
who does the things in this story you could end up with a cellmate named
bubba, so don’t try it – but do enjoy the story.

At long last I was able to get my dream car, but the amount of the
down-payment and associated costs blindsided me. I took a second job on
the weekend working room service until my bank account had been repaired. I quickly impressed the room service manager, who wished he could have me
full-time, so when the hotel had special guests it was a no-brainer that I
was assigned to deliver to the penthouse.

“Those Harry P_tter kids are in the penthouse” Lenny told me as we set
up the room service cart.

It was a large order, but then again, well heeled teens will order a lot
of food. I took the cart up and delivered the cart to the penthouse. I
set up the cart and the kids signed off on an appropriate tip. I noticed
that Emma was watching me closely and she slipped out into the hallway as I
left the room to return downstairs.

“Pardon me,” she asked, producing a folded fifty-dollar bill from her
pocket and holding it towards me, “I was wondering if you could get me a
bottle of whisky, and be Continue reading

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