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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody"

Fictional Story Disclaimer: It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing.

If you are under the legal age, please leave this sight now. This is just an erotic story, with not the slightest element of truth, or fact, even though we might wish the opposite to be true.

Although this story is based upon real people and contains certain factual information, all actions, mannerisms, statements, and events are completely fictitious. Quotes and references that are based on fact are used only for creative purposes and are taken completely out of context. This is NOT to be taken seriously. This is not meant to slander anyone’s reputation.

Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody:

Featuring: Emma Watson and Alexa Vega (2-02-03)

Story Codes: celeb, Mf, ff, pedo, oral

As soon as we heard St. Mary’s school bell ring, my best friend Alexa Vega and I straighten our clothes, and excitedly grabbed up our book bags. We had a three-day weekend and no homework! Much warmer than yesterday, we held our coats instead of wearing them.

“Emma, I’m sure glad we’re going to school together,” Alexa said with a bright sunny grin.

“So am I,” I answered, smiling back. “I still can’t get over Dad and Mum letting me stay with my Uncle Steve here in Los Angeles.”

“I’m glad too.” Alexa laughed as her smile changed to a mischievous look, “You know. If they hadn’t let you, I never would have met your uncle.”

I stuck out my tongue at her, “O you bitch. I love you to!” We both laughed.

Avoiding the tidal wave of screaming youth, we left the building by the side entrance. As we went around a corner, I immediately saw Uncle Steve. He was walking towards us along a hedgerow.

“There’s your Uncle.” Alexa said, pointing. “He sure looks hot today.”

“Yea,” he was wearing a nice suit. “I wonder why he’s so dressed up?’

“Hummm, how about I Continue reading

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Age Of Emma Watson

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Sex with Emma Watson: How to use your wand – Part one

Hermione was in the bath and heard a knock at the dorm door, so she got dressed into a shirt and panties, and answers it. It was Cho Chang, wearing a extra large FCKU top and white panties whilst holding her wand.

C:Hey Hermione can you help me with something?

H: Sure what is it?

They both went and sat on Hermione’s bed. Cho look a little embarrassed.

C:Well me and Harry had wanted to spice things last night, so i used my wand, although i didn’t know how to use it, and turned him into a mouse.

H:Ok well I’ll teach you.

Hermione slipped of her panties and got Cho’s wand, sitting cross-legged on the bed, Cho look a little surprise.

H: Ok her is what you do, just watch me ok?


Hermione slowly rubbed the tip of the wand on her pussy, as she lightly moaned and slowly sped up, she got louder and louder. She then got her wand as well, and stuck them both in, moaning as loud as she could, she cummed all over her bed.

:Now you turn.

:Ok, I’ll try.

Cho took her shirt off and began to rub her nipples, occasionally licking them. She picked up Hermione’s wand she went for it. Sticking the wand all the way, screaming and moaning as loud as possible. Hermione watched while rubbing herself, then stopped and began to lick Cho’s nipples. Cho began to slow down.

H:Here I’ll do it for you.

Hermione started pushing the wand in, while Cho resumed moaning. She then grabbed Cho’s wand and added it to the party as Cho moaned.

C:Oh, I’m cumming!

She then squirted all over the bed and laid in the cum soaked bed.

H:Well there is on way to do, now ill show you another way.

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Nude Emma Watson and her horny friends…

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Harry Potter Porn

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