Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad"

Story: Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad

Author: Tricksterson

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Celeb: Emma Watson

Story codes: MF, cons, exhib, inc, oral, voyeur

Notes: There is no Emma’s Adventures 1. The reason is that the story starting off this series was in my Tales of the CoF series, specifically Tales of the CoF 5 and is titled Emma’s Posse 1 because that’s what I was originally going to call it. Sorry for the confusion. Btw, Tales of the CoF 2 and 5 are both germaine to this story but it’s not necessary for you to read them. Still they contain hot sex involving Emma and, in #5, both Emma and Rachel Hurd Wood, so you might want to read them anyway.

Emma is 17.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. I do not for a minute think that Emma and her father enjoy carnal relations and no disrespect is meant to either of them. On the other hand Emma, if you’re reading this and are looking for a father figure, my number is…just kidding. Kinda.

Day 1: Baiting the Trap

Every member of the Church of Fucking who is of a certain age is expected to seduce at least one of their parents. It’s an unofficial right of passage. Unless of course they were raised in the Church in which case their parents are usually their first lovers. Emma had decided that her time was now.

She knew she wouldn’t have a problem seducing him. She had already proven the Church doctrine that all men and boys wanted to fuck their female relatives with her 14 year old half-brother Alexander who followed her around like a puppy ever since she’d given him a blowjob on the set of “Order of the Phoenix”. She looked forward to popping his cherry soon but first things first.

She knew that her father wanted her as well. She’d caught him sneaking guilty looks at her whenever she came out of the shower wearing only a towel ever since she’d started developing curves, maybe a little before even. It had provided spice on her weekend visits. She loved her dad and wanted nothing more than to prove it by setting him free of the undeserved guilt pushed on him by society. Well, maybe she wanted to feel his big, fat cock inside her a *little* more. She knew about his cock size because she’d spied on him masturbating on and off during her weekend visits since she was fourteen. She was pretty sure that he and her step-mother weren’t having sex any more. She knew they didn’t have sex when she visited because the step usually found a reason to take herself and Emma’s half-siblings off somewhere whenever she visited. SInce their relationship could best be described as “polite” with occasional excursions into “chilly” and rarer ones into “guardedly friendly” it was just as well, especially since the twins at 3 and Todd at 4 weren’t anywhere near seducable age yet.

This time however it was Emma who had kept an eye on her step’s schedule. She would be away all week and Emma had arranged to spend the week at her father’s house under the excuse of spending some quality time before she went off to college. Of course she knew that she could get into the pants of any man she wanted, including her father, any time she wanted but she wanted her first incestuous fuck to be special. To put it plain, she wanted time to play with her food.

She’d been sure not to bring a single item of clothing that couldn’t be defined as slutty, not a top that didn’t show her cleavage and/or midriff, not a skirt whose hem went below mid thigh, not a pair of shorts, and they were *all* shorts, not trousers, that didn’t hug her ass and crotch like a second skin. She had the perfect breast size for not wearing bras so she’d brought not a one. She *had* brought a few lacy bits of cloth that technically qualified as panties but were strictly planned for taunting and teasing purposes once she’d made her conquest.

Currently, as she got out of the sports car that had been her present to herself upon getting her license there was nothing between the pink velour booty shorts she was wearing and her skin. The same was true of the seriously tight crop-top t-shirt she was wearing that ended two inches below her perky tits. Knee length calfskin boots completed the ensemble.

When her father opened the door she knew that how he reacted to the way she was dressed, which was far different from how she normally dressed when visiting, would be the first crucial test.

When he opened the door and saw her his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. His mouth opened, then closed, then opened again.

For a second she was afraid that she’d given him a stroke then decided to take advantage of his shock. She dropped her suitcases, ran up the steps and threw her arms around his neck, being sure to press her breasts and the erect nipples that topped them against his thck, powerful chest. She pressed her lips quickly against his then moved back a step, moving her hands to his upper arms.

“Oh Dad, I’m so happy to see you!” The she hugged him around the waist and kissed him again, letting her lips linger on his but not opening her mouth. It was far too early in the game for that.

She let him go and stepped back, knowing that right now she held his mind, heart and, most importantly, his groin in the palm of her hand. But she didn’t plan to close her hand until later in the week. When she did though, she promised herself to never let him go.

“Could you bring my bags in daddy?” she asked, employing her most winning smile.

“Of course luv,” he said.

As she moved to let him by she let her hand brush, seemingly by accident, across his hip, trailing her fingers from not quite touching his groin to not quite touching his meaty butt. As he picked up the suitcases, she led the way in, giving just enough sway to her hips to ensure that her father’s eyes would be glued to her firm, young ass cheeks, barely concealed by the tight fabric of her shorts.

The game had begun.

Day 2: Luring In The Prey

She’d been sunbathing by the pool in a red bikini for about half an hour. She knew that her father had been watching her all that time from the house.

She turned over onto her stomach, undid the strings of her top and called out, without actually looking at the house, “Daddy, are you busy?”

“The response was immediate, as she’d expected. “No luv, what do you want?”

“Could you come out and rub some lotion on me? Pretty please?”

If he’d been playing the game better he wouldn’t have answered so soon and he wouldn’t have come out and knelt by the blanket she was lying on so quickly. But then she was the only one of them who knew that a game was being played, much less, the rules.

She handed him the lotion and instructed him to kneel between her spread legs to best rub it in.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, “Your hands are so strong dad.” They were too and surprisingly skilled as they massaged her shoulders and back. ‘It’s not *just* a game,’ she reflected. She really did love her father and wanted him as well. She wanted those big, strong hands on her breasts as well as her back, those long, thick fingers in her moist pussy. Most of all she wanted his willy, in her mouth, in her cunt and even, eventually, her ass. But she needed it to be on *her* terms, thus the game. She needed to build such a towering desire in him that when she finally gave him what they both wanted he would do almost literally anything for her.

Which was why, when the thumbs of her father’s hands worked their way down her spine and below the panty line of her bikini bottoms she turned half around and cried out, “Dad! What are you doing?,” in well faked shock. In doing so she flashed her bare breasts at her father, inadvertantly of course, or so she would swear on a stack of Bibles, not that she believed in the Bible.

The look on her father’s face at the sight of her naked boobs was everything she’d hoped for, a mix of surprise, longing and shame. He hastened to pick up and refasten her top, though not too hastily.

“I…I’m sorry Emmy! I didn’t mean…”

“It’s all right, dad, I know you didn’t,” she said soothingly, taking one of his hands between hers. “Besides, nobody saw. Nobody knows except us.” One by one she kissed the middle knuckles of his fingers. “Anything could have happened and it would just be our secret.” She looked soulfully into his eyes then took his thumb in her mouth, sucked on it and pulled off slowly. “Anything.”

She let go of his hand, got up and said, as if nothing had happened, “Well, that’s enough sun I think. I’m going to take a shower,” then walked into the house as he watched her hypnotically swaying hips, confused and lustful.


As he followed his daughter belatedly into the house Chris Watson’s husky body was trembling. Had his little darling girl meant what he thought she meant? Had she even said what he thought she said? How could she?

But then, as he stopped at the door, hand on the knob his mind flooded with visions of her pale, round breasts topped by soft pink nipples, of how those nipples had felt, hard, erect and pressed against his chest yesterday, of how her firm little ass had looked in those tight, pink shorts and today in the even more revealing bikini bottoms.

When he entered he heard the faint sound of the upstairs shower. It pulled at him like a siren song. He didn’t know why he was going there or what he would do when he got there, only that he had to go.

When he got there he saw that the door was ajar. Not open, just not completely shut. he could see a thin thread of light through an uneven crack. Seemingly of it’s own will his hand reached out and ever so gently widened that crack until he could see his daughter’s slender body through the shower’s glass door. He could see the outline of her slender form, the round curves that delineated her head, breasts, hips and buttocks, the indistinct mass of her light brown hair but no details.

It was enough. Enough to get him hard.

And then the shower stopped and she stepped out giving him a quick glimpse of smooth, perfect nakedness before she wrapped it up in a large burgundy towel that molded itself delightfully to her damp body.

He retreated to his office, which was on the same floor as the shower and the guest room she was staying in and waited, panting, for her to come out. ‘I’ll just wait until she goes into her room and then go downstarirs,’ he thought, although the rock hard bulge in his pants was a persistant invitation to unzip and beat his meat.

‘When I’m downstairs and in my bedroom,’ he thought at it but it continued to throb painfully and insistantly.

Which is why, after he heard the bathroom door open and close, followed by Emma’s footsteps going into the guestroom he left the office but couldn’t resist looking wistfully at her door.

Sure enough there was another line of light, showing that her door was slightly open. If he’d been in a clearer frame of mind he might have been suspicious of this but just as the shower had it drew him like a lodestone does iron. He eased the door open a centimeter at a time, not sure what he expected to see. Emma dressing for bed? Or already in bed, asleep?

What he saw was better than he could have possibly imagined. There she lay on the bed, naked in profile, hands stroking her breasts, fingers pinching her nipples.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. As he watched on hand stroking it’s way down her belly while the other continued massaging her tits his own hand, again seemingly with a will of it’s own, reached down, unzipped his pants, pulled out his thick, eight-inch log of a cock and started stroking.

His eyes fixed on his daughter’s lovely form as her hand dipped between her thigh and they started flexing in time to the thrust of her fingers. He had only a side view of her and couldn’t actually see the precious pussy in question but his imagination supplied ample details. Soon his own stroking was in synch with the movements of her hand and wrist.

“Unnnnngh!,” she moaned as she came. “Yes, daddy, yesss! I want it tooo!”

He stared, stunned. At first it was only the shock that stopped him from bursting in, tearing off his clothes and climbing on top of her. That and the fact that her exclamation had made him come already.

Then, orgasm achieved, his mind started creating excuses as he zipped up and retreated downstairs. ‘She was just fantasizing,’ he thought to himself. ‘Reality is something else entirely. What if I’d gone in and she’d screamed and fought?’ Was he capable of raping his own daughter? ‘Of course not,’ he told himself. he wasn’t capable of raping anyone. A fantasy it was and a fantasy it would remain.


After her father left and the wave of her own orgasm had subsided Emma padded naked to the door and opened it. She looked down at the floor and smiled. Even though he had tilted his penis upward as he came a few drops had still fallen on the floor. She bent down and wiped a couple off with her fingers which she then brought to her mouth and licked.

“Tomorrow,” she said, softly but with a note of triumph in her voice. “Tomorrow my darling.”

Day Three: Things (And People) Come to a Climax

When she came downstairs the next morning her father was in the den, intently watching the Yuletide Ball scene from “Goblet of Fire”. So intently that he didn’t notice her until she sat down next to him and gently put her arms around him and rested her chin on his shoulder. He turned his head and gave her a look like a deer caught in headlights. What she was wearing seemed modest enough, a fuzzy, white trimmed, pink bathrobe that came down to just below her knees until he realized, by the feel of her body against his, that she didn’t seem to be wearing anything underneath.

She kissed him chastely on the cheek, a chasteness that was belied by the feel of her nipples pressing against his arm then lay down on the couch, putting her long, shapely legs across his lap, an act that caused the lower left quarter of the bathrobe to slide downward, exposing her leg to the hip and revealing that indeed the bathrobe was the only thing she was wearing.

“Emmy…darling…you shouldn’t…,” Chris Watson said weakly.

“Why?,” she said with a pout, “Don’t you like my legs?

“They’re beautiful,” he was forced to admit, confirming the judgement of a number of professional photographers. “But…”

Before he could continue, the incestuous minx slid forward and up onto hs lap, securing her perch by once more wrapping her arms around his neck. This action loosened the sash holding the robe closed, exposing even more of her fine flesh.

“Don’t you love me daddy?” As she said this she was sliding her ass back and forth across his erection.

“Of course I love you!,” he protested.

“And don’t you want me?,” she whispered. This was followed by her tongue sliding up his neck and into his ear.

This broke the last shreds of his resolve. “I…yes. I want you. More than anything!,” he said with a sob. “Even if I go to Hell for it.!”

“There is no Hell. Only Heaven. Let me show it to you.” With this she moved so gracefully that she seemed to flow off his lap and onto her knees, shedding the bathrobe as she went. Quickly she unzipped his pants then pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. Then she took his huge cock and rubbed it gently between the palms of her hands, like an American Indian working a fire drill, As she did this her tongue came out to lick the precum off his cockhead and then took it into her mouth. She sucked on it like a baby on a teat, bringing a sound, half gasp, half moan, from her father. She took it in her hand, which just barely fit around it and started stroking while switching her licking and sucking to his testicles. Just as he was on the verge of coming she put the thumb of her free hand at the base of his penis, cutting off the flow of his sperm.

She raised her head, taking in with satisfaction the look of mingled misery and ecstasy on the face of her beloved, her slave.

“Do you know what Heaven is Dad?” He shook his head.

“Heaven is fucking. Fucking and cumming. That’s all it is. That’s all it needs to be.” She pulled away from him and lay down on the floor, legs spread, shaved pussy exposed. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me and bring us both to Heaven,” she said, a note of both command and pleading in her voice.

He needed no more urging than this. He quickly took off the remainder of his clothes and threw himself onto her. He pinned her wrists to the floor, although resistance was the last thing on her mind, put his mouth on hers and pushed his tongue into it at the same moment his cock invaded her pussy.

“Yes, oh yesss!” she hissed into his ear, bringing a feeling of deja vu. “Fuck me daddy! Pound me! Squirt your cum into me!” She arched her body against his. her wrists were still pinned, but her legs came up and around him trying to pull him ever deeper even though his member already buried itself root deep with every stroke.

“Aaagh!” she screamed after what seemed like hours of heated ecstasy although she had never come so quickly. “Fuckfuckfuck!!!” Or so hard. Now she understood the Church teaching, “Noone knows you like family. Noone loves you like family. Noone fucks you like family.” There had been others before, there would be others after But she knew noone would ever be quite this good, although she looked forward to testing that soon with Alexander.

When he spent himself she wasted no time. They weren’t finished. She slipped out from under him and proceeded to clean his genitals off with her tongue. Long, loving strokes soon brought his erection back to full before it ever had a chance to fade. Then she stood up and reached out her hand.

As he got up her father asked nervously, “Emma luv, I wasn’t wearing a rubber. Are we risking…”

“It’s taken care of,” she said as lead him down the hall to his bedroom, thinking as she did, ‘*Our* bedroom now.” No female members of the Church ever worried about unwanted pregnancies. Thanks to advanced Church technology they were all implanted with nanochips in their uteruses that bombarded incoming sperm with microwaves and sterilized them.

When they got there she manuevered him onto the bed, then straddled and mounted him as his hands reached out to stroke and grope the roundness of her tits. Large and clumsy looking, they were, as they had been massaging her back, suprisingly skilled as they pinched and rubbed her nipples, making her bite down on her lower lip and close her eyes as she went fastr and faster up and down his rigid pole. When it came her orgasm was less explosive but lasted longer bringing a soft sigh from her lips.

When they had both come she bent down, his cock still in her and kissed him long, slow and full. She pulled herself off him and cuddled against his body, head on his beefy chest then, raising her head and looking into his eyes said, “I’m your wife now.”

He nodded.

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