Emma Watson Porn Story: Emma Watson pleasing Her Dad Hard

Emma Watson Porn Story: Emma Watson pleasing Her Dad Hard

Emma Watson Pleasing Her Dad Hard!!

Emma Watson masterminded a fail-safe plan tonight and that plan was to trick her father into banging her senseless. She had her advantages and her disadvantages being the sole blonde teenage bombshell daughter of Mr. Rick Watson. Her own disadvantages were the possibilities that her own father might not be interested in her like every other boys and men outside the house was, or the risk that this impending act might be so bad that it would blind him from her irresistible seduction.

She was a seamless, short girl of about fourteen years old, blessed with the deepest blue eyes one could ever ask for “killer eyes of a devil!” some of the townsfolk had exclaimed. Because this night was a special one, she had chose to wear a silk nightgown with nothing else underneath. Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "It’s A Living! – Chapter 3: Cheerleaders"

By Lude


Starring; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilar, Amanda Bynes, Lila McCann, Kyra Hart, Christy Romano, Alexa Vega, and Emma Watson.

I had only worked for Britney several months when she starting working on a big new cheerleader movie. I think the films working title was ‘Bring it on II’, but I liked the name Britney gave it, “The Might Cunts!”

It was a Friday when I picked up Britney and five other young starlets. Filming a football game for the movie, the girls all were wearing little blue and gold cheerleader outfits. Britney’s new skirt was so short that when she sat down I could see her panties. Running up to my convertible and leaned over the doors to say hello. I wasn’t sure which were bigger, my smile or their breasts, as their tight low cut sweaters hung down, displaying themselves to me. I knew I was in for a good time.

We were celebrating Amanda Bynes (The Amanda Show and All That) sixteenth birthday and Britney asked me to be nice to her. Upon meeting her, I was surprised how hot she was. With sweet perky breasts, a beautiful smile, long legs that seem to go all the way up to his ass, and luxurious brownish-blonde hair, I really like her trim body.

A little later, when I was preparing sodas for them in the kitchen, Amanda came in and asked, “My head is splitting. Do you have anything?”

“Sorry about your head, is aspirin ok? I’ve got some right here.”

“No,” shaking her head, “aspirin makes me sick. Is there any Acetaminophen?”

“Sure – no problem,” I told her.

In about five minutes I returned with a bottle of 500 mg pills. While I was gone, Amanda had finishing poring out the soda for me. As I came in, I thought I saw her put a small bottle in her purse. At the time, I figured it wasn’t anything to worry about. “Than Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Tales of the CoF II: Teacher teach Me"

Note: The Church of Fucking, to the best of my knowledge is an entirely fictional organization. Any resemblance to any real organizations, secret or public is completely coincidental Nor is any insult or threat meant towards Miss Watson. This is a fantasy. If you can’t figure that out on your own, get professional help
codes: Mf, oral, first, cons

Any feedback will be more than welcome, please send to [email protected]

Emma Watson’s first thought when she met her new tutor had been that she’d traded up.

Emma had first taken serious notice of boys about a year ago but between her work schedule and some overprotectiveness on her father’s part she never got to meet any except on the movie set. Of course Daniel, Tom and even Rupert were all cute and certainly they got along as friends but, if anything, she saw *too* much of them. They were more like brothers than boyfriend material. Besides, at the risk of sounding like Hermione they were *boys* which meant they were several kilometers behind her in the maturity department. And in Daniel’s case she wasn’t even sure he *liked* girls.

All the young actors were required by law to attend class on set during filming but the four stars were given private tutors. Emma had liked her tutor for the Sorceror’s Stone and Chamber opf Secrets, a woman who’s wry sense of humor had complemented her own. They had quite got on. Last year’s had been a disaster, a greasy middle-aged man who had always been putting his arm around her withpout being asked. When, that is his hand hadn’t been on her knee.

*This* teacher, she thought, could put his hands pretty much anywhere he wanted, even though so far he’d frustratingly shown no notice of her as a girl. Both in looks and demeanor he reminded her the star of an old movie series her father was fond of, Dirty Harry.

Continue reading

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma Gets Bonded"

Emma Gets Bonded
By KWheels

Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery

M/F, MM/F, Mm/F, oral, n/c, n/c?, drugs, enhancers

Disclaimer: This is the work of fiction. All acts and actions arefictional and bare no resemblance to the truth. If you are under 18, youmay not read this story. While based on real people and real events, noneof this happened. The author has never met any of the people mentioned inthis story.

The British Academy Awards, also known as the BAFTA’s, which were held inFebruary of this year, honored “Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban”for being 2004’s most popular movie in Great Britian. In addition to theproducers and Warner Brother’s suits that attended, Emma Watson, the comelyyoung nymph who plays “Hermonie Granger” in the series, gave a thank youspeech on behalf of the actors in the film.

She wore a green dress, showing off her growing bustline and she was quitebewitching that night. Little did she know what was in store for her afterthe show. She was already a internet favorite and pedophiles and horny oldmen had rented out entire movie theaters in both the United Kingdom and theUnited States just to watch Emma and work their tools over her hot body.

I was the lucky one, of course. Emma is my wife, you see. She and I metin 2001 when I was living in England. A secret relationship followed, whichwas then followed earlier this year by a secret wedding that was attended byfive others, not including Emma and myself. Her own mother knew nothing ofme and her dad had to be brought in to sign the papers under threat of thereal reason the Watson’s were divorced.

I of course, could never be seen with her, not even at a public event.She had attended with her mother and Robbie Coltrane, her co-star in the”Potter” series. I was there in a unoffical capacity, I was pitching ascript to Sienna Miller, based on Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Jailbait Academy 3"

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Priceless Treasures"

Priceless Treasures

By Dragon333

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: Mf, cons

©March 13th, 2006

Disclaimber: this story is pure fiction. Made for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended by stories with sex with fresh possible virgin girls, or sex in general, then read no further.

A young adult man named Lowell was sitting down with his friend Jessica Biel. Jessica was talking to him about her problems, and Lowell being the good friend that he was listened and helped her out and didn’t accuse her of “whining.” Soon enough, Lowell found out that Jessica Biel had “friends with benefits.” Excited knowing that one of his closest friends, Jessica Biel, was a friends with benefit type, with no worrying about screwing up a relationship, no worries about breaking up, and no troubles he would have in a actual relationship, he was quick to make a move and try to add himself on her list to friends with benefits. Unfortunately, her response had shut him down.

“Lowell, I like you as a friend. And you’re a really good friend. But you’re one of my platonic friends. Whenever I need someone to talk to about my problems, or just chill, I’ll call you and hang out with you. Whenever I want someone to have sex with, I’ll call up a friend with benefits and have sex with him.” Jessica explained to him. “Well, I hope we can still be friends.” Lowell suddenly felt cheated the whole time he was being friends with Jessica. He felt it couldn’t hurt any worse to let her know how he felt.

“So all of your OTHER friends are going to get to suck those damn tits? Everyone of your other friends are gonna get to fuck you, have fun with you without putting up with the shit that someone would have to do in a relationship? Everyone else gets th Continue reading

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Emma Watson Fakes Story: "The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 2"

The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 2
Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Watson, Stacey Dash
Shea Oliver
MF, cons, oral, rom, fant, rape, FF, f, viol
Disclaimer: This story is just that…a story. If you are offended by rape, then a particular part of this episode may bother you. Personally, I’m not into writing rape scenes but when it calls for it, it calls for it. If you’ve somehow skipped passed the first episode and are immediately reading this one, then there is no word to describe how lost you’ll be. So back track or just scroll down to the sex and drop the plot, that way when I ask for opinions on the story you can at least say, “well the sex was nice”. And as said the first time around, this is complete fantasy.

Episode 2: Not So Fairytale…

Emma’s Story (continued)

Oliver Lawrence held Emma Watson tight as they realized they were in a pretty bad situation. Their “firestarter” stood right across from their bed and still looked pissed about Oliver saving Emma and hitting him with a bat earlier. The man took a step forward and smacked his own head as if he forgot something.

“I’m sorry, you have to forgive my manners. In all the fire and bloodshed I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Devin…”

Oliver shook his head and interrupted, “Wait a minute, that’s it? That’s your name? Ha, that’s not even the slightest bit clever!”

Oliver slid his boxers on and stood up as he laughed at Devin wildly. Emma looked Continue reading

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Emma Watson Fakes Story: "The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 1"

The Celebrity Defenders (C.D.) Series Premiere: Episode 1
Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Watson
Shea Oliver
MF, cons, oral, rom, fant
Disclaimer: This story is just that…a story. I don’t know Michelle’s favorite position but I can only assume (and pray to every God) that it involves her ass waving in the air for one lucky man or woman to treasure and worship. This story is based in the real world but it’s complete fantasy. That means that if this story closely resembles something that has happened in real life, then it is news to me. On a different note, the future episodes won’t quite be as long as this one. This one introduces the concept and my mainstay characters so it’s a bit lengthy. But the sex scenes are long too so hopefully that evens it out.

Episode 1: A Bit Unnatural

The virus hit all of a sudden, completely without warning. The world didn’t go crashing down like in the movies. There were no explosions, no fires, and no zombies mindlessly looking to slaughter the rest of the human populace. It was short and fast. A heavy mist fell upon the Earth and dissolved almost as quickly. The mist was inhaled by nearly 90% of the world. It crept through the streets and buildings alike. But it was hardly an “end of the world” type of deal. Nobody was hurt. The mist just made it into the population’s system and died out. There were hundreds of theories on what exactly happened, but no one actually had any idea. It was ultimately ignored and labeled as a “strange cloud of mist”.

It w Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Emma Nails Her Next Role – Part 2"

(Writer’s disclaimer: This story, as well as the previous one, are works of fiction. Although I have lived in England, I have never been to the set of Harry Potter or met Miss Watson. )

Emma nails her next role, Part two. By Kwheels

Emma recoiled against the wall as my cock was still pulsating with cum dripping out of my still hard cock. Her pussy was dripping with baby seed as she instinctively sucked the last drops of cum out.

Her mouth let out a soft ”pop” when she curled up in my arms. I felt her 32b’s and rolled on top of her, as my still hard dick needed a tight cozy cunt to slam. She had been well fucked by several men, including her dad and uncle, but she preferred non-relatives.

I slid my cock inside her and started fucking that tight pussy. Her hand grabbed my butt and started pushing me deeper and deeper inside her. “Oh god, I want you so much,” she moaned. She knew I had no protection and that our movie was going to involve her getting pregnant. “Make me pregnant, for real!!!” She begged.

I was lost in the moment, as I knew I was the luckiest man on terra firma as I just kept fucking her. Emma Watson wrapped her lithe legs around my waist and I felt my balls begin to boil with semen and my ass cheeks tighten. “God damn cunt” “oh yes, call me names.” She replied to me. If all those Harry Potter fans knew that Emma was just a submissive slut who loved being dominated and humiliated, they would be beside themselves.

My sperm started to spew into her uterus and I moaned loudly, grunting out “I’m cuuuummmmiiiiinnngggg.” Emma’s legs locked me into position and my baby juice flowed inside her. “I love you,” she purred. We then kissed for what seemed like hours and she fell asleep.

I quietly got up and w Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Emma Watson’s Punishment"

Emma Watson’s Punishment

By Vinetalover

(f, nc, rape, oral, anal, drugs, first, viol)

Okay, the name has been changed to protect the guilty. My name that is, not that of my victim. Emma Watson is her name and you’ve probably seen her playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. As for me, you can call me John.

What I’m about to tell you is totally true and it happened about a year ago, in New York. I’ve been a security guard for Warner Brothers for a few years now and for the last couple my job has been that of a baby sitter to the cast of the Harry Potter films. For quite some time it was the most boring assignment ever. Until that is I got to guard Emma for the New York premiere of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

As I understand it, normally one of Emma’s parents will chaperone her at these events but for some reason – death in the family I think – neither could be there. And so I was assigned to Emma 24/7, even to the extent of having an adjoining room next door to her hotel suite.

And that’s how it started. She was pretty young at the time – 14 I think – but she was clearly developing into a beautiful woman. And her body, wow that was starting to form some very shapely curves. I’d been on the set of the first two Harry Potter movies so I’d seen her develop from a flat chested prepubescent to the young lady I now guarded, on the cusp of woman-hood and raging with hormones.

I’d spent two days with Emma in Continue reading

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