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Emma Watson Hot Story: "The Interviews"

The Interviews
by Jeff Walters (waltersj@hotkey.net.au)

Emma Watson stood outside the Hotel waiting on two her pals from the Harry Potter movies. It had been 8 months since the movie had been finished and now after editing and other such things they had been called on to give press interviews before it’s impending release.

Daniel and Rupert started walking towards the hotel; since the movies started they had become firm friends and had even started going to the same school together. It was when they were about 50 metres away they noticed this hot looking girl near the window of the hotel, they started to glare at this girl who was wearing a blue dress which looked like she had been poured into. The shapely legs the tight ass that flat stomach and the size of her breasts. They both went to say something to this heavenly creature when she turned towards them and said, Hey boys you two are late. They stopped in surprise and in unison said’ Gee Emma you have changed a lot since we last saw you. Thanks boys but both of you have changed too, u both are so tall now. They moved either side of her and they took each other hand and walked into the hotel next door.

They made it to the end of the day and they were so tired, the studio had gotten them hotel rooms so that they would be ready for the premiere the next day and they were shown their hotel rooms. They had interconnecting rooms and they all went in and agreed to get some dinner together. They arranged for the meals to be brought up to Emma’s room where they were going to watch TV and play games. They each ate their meals and were changing though the channels and couldn’t find anything to watch.

Lets play cards said Rupert, I think I saw some over near the fridge. They started to play poker but after a while it was starting to get boring. Whoever loses has to take a drink from the mini bar. They a Continue reading

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Where Does Emma Watson Live

Another teen nympho from Emma Watson tv-show got those perfect big boobs to exhibit for us and she cannot possibly miss anyone who comes up with a hard-on… alley cats but love getting dirty about one another and to give you a sneak peak over the hottest fuck action than you could ever dream of!… Watch the raunchy ways of superheroes’ private life catered by Emma Watson porn ;)

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Nude Emma Watson is alone in the forest at night – someone’s ddream is about to come true…

Does Emma Watson Have A Boyfriend

Sexually eager Emma Watson cum receptacle dreams for this awesome black tool right up her ass, and then polish it with her mouth till it pours sperm into her mouth and on her face! Emma Watson sex heroes get back with a bunch of new sex episodes thatwill render your wiener hard as a rock… naughty toon personages fuck like rabbits: and you never saw them so and horny!

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Emma Watson Naked Story: "The Rape Of Emma Watson"

this story has the rape of a 11 year old if you are offended donot read and if you are under 18 donot read

Title: The Rape of Emma Watson

Emma’s mom friend son was staying with them his name is scott he is 16 and last summer when Emma was at their house he molested her he told her if she ever told anybody that he would hurt her bad Emma didnot know he was here but she would find out scott up to Emma’s room and said knock knock she look at him with fear in her face she said i have not told anybody no i am saying with you and that was last summer i am over you she was in her panties and she told him get out he went to the guest room and laid on the bed and jacked off he was far from over her. Now he wanted her more he said to himself i don’t to molest her i want to rape her.

Day 2

Emma wakes up every day a 7:00 to go walking in the woods behide her house and then Scott woke up and said were you going walking i go with you only if you donot touch once agian Scott said i am over you ok lets go then she had some real tight shorts on he could not help himself he had to grab her nice little ass she turn and slaped him she said i am going home bye then he found a tree to build a tree house on he started building it he was done before sun down when he went in the house he heard the water runing Emma was taking a bath he got hard just listen to the water the door had a crack in he looked thur the crack and see Emma she had real little tits but he wanted to see her young little pussy but Emma Continue reading

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad"

Story: Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad

Author: Tricksterson

Feedback: trickstersonii@yahoo.com

Celeb: Emma Watson

Story codes: MF, cons, exhib, inc, oral, voyeur

Notes: There is no Emma’s Adventures 1. The reason is that the story starting off this series was in my Tales of the CoF series, specifically Tales of the CoF 5 and is titled Emma’s Posse 1 because that’s what I was originally going to call it. Sorry for the confusion. Btw, Tales of the CoF 2 and 5 are both germaine to this story but it’s not necessary for you to read them. Still they contain hot sex involving Emma and, in #5, both Emma and Rachel Hurd Wood, so you might want to read them anyway.

Emma is 17.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. I do not for a minute think that Emma and her father enjoy carnal relations and no disrespect is meant to either of them. On the other hand Emma, if you’re reading this and are looking for a father figure, my number is…just kidding. Kinda.

Day 1: Baiting the Trap

Every member of the Church of Fucking who is of a certain age is expected to seduce at least one of their parents. It’s an unofficial right of passage. Unless of course they were raised in the Church in which case their parents are usually their first lovers. Emma had decided that her time was now.

She knew she wouldn’t have a problem seducing him. She had already proven the Church doctrine that all men and boys wanted to fuck their female relatives with her 14 year old half-brother Alexander who followed her around like a puppy ever since she’d given him a blowjob on the set of “Order of the Phoenix”. She looked forward to popping his cherry soon but first things first.

She knew that her father wanted her as well. She’d caught him sneaking guilty looks at her whenever she came out of the shower wearing only a towel ever since she’d started developing Continue reading

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Emma Watson Hot Story: "Emma Watson Gets Auditioned"

Emma Watson Gets Auditioned

This story is fantasy, not reality. If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Author: Mark Cunningham

Feedback gratefully received: peggymark@tiscali.co.uk

Codes: MMMf, Ff, inc, rape, nc, oral, anal

Features: Emma Watson (15/04/1990) 17

Jacqueline Luesby (40 odd) Emma’s mother

It was late 2008, the Harry Potter movies had been finished filming. Emma Watson was now going to be officially unemployed for the first time since the first Harry Potter movie had come out. She was worried, because she had been for loads of auditions but hadn’t got any of the parts. She thought back to each of the auditions, and shuddered when she thought of the creepy directors looking at her, trying to persuade her to go topless or wear skimpy costumes. She refused, saying she wasn’t going to be an actress known for letting her body fall out of skimpy costumes or clothing.

In fact, now she thought about it, it made sense to her. She thought that maybe she ought to start dressing like a slut. She didn’t want to start copying the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. She was pulled out of her daydream by her mobile ringing. She picked it up, and saw it was her agent. ‘Hello, sweetie. Yes, I can do the audition tomorrow. Let me grab a pen. OK, got the address. Ask for a Mr. Robert Steinberg. OK, talk to you later’.

Emma was excited, and then suddenly the thought hit her. Her agent hadn’t told her what sort of part it was. She called her agent and she was told that the part was to be a schoolgirl. Emma was pleased, thinking it wasn’t going to be another audition like the ones she had been to lately. She relaxed and had a long so Continue reading

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Emma Watson Fakes Story: "Could be Love: Emma Watson And Alexa Vega"

Could be Love: Emma Watson and Alexa Vega

(FF, Oral, Foot Fetish)

By Emily and Nicola

Synopsis: Alexa Vega and Emma Watson are starring in the new Spy Kids movie. Both Alexa and Emma don’t get along at first but soon that changes.

Alexa came into her room and was extremely exhausted. A day of punching and kicking wore her out. She entered the bathroom where there lay a big Jacuzzi, big enough to fit at least four people. Alexa switched on the taps to the tub and went back into the main room. “Oh fuck!” Alexa said to herself, she realised she left her phone behind. She opened the door to exit, where she found Emma. “Hi Alexa, you left your phone behind.” Alexa responded, “Oh thanks Emma.” Emma had a cake box with her “Oh sorry, cheesecake?” Emma asked “No thanks, Emma.” Alexa responded “Thank God, you would’ve broken my heart if you said yes.” Emma said “Well lucky you.” Alexa responded. “Please come in.” “Thanks” replied Emma. Emma came in “So this is your room.” Emma said “Yes it is, my cousin owns the hotel so he let’s me have it when I need it.” Alexa replied. “Alexa, I know we are working together and I know you haven’t warmed to me, but I really hope our present situation can change, I’m nice I really am apart from my terrible tastes in sweets, it would be good if we could be friends.” Emma said this in a sensitive and vulnerable manner, Alexa noticed the vulnerability in Emma’s behaviour and secretly Alexa was moved by it, she really wanted to cry out and hug her. But her tough character kicked in and she responded in an unmoving manner “Okay.” Emma was genuinely Continue reading

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Emma Watson Nude Story: "Could be Love III"

Could be Love III
By: Emily, Nicola and Palaptine 1999

DISCLAIMER: To understand this story, you would have to read, the first two chapters of Could be Love, and also the two stories; “Alexa Vega and Kate Beckinsale” And also “Emma Watson and Kate Beckinsale” ENJOY!!!!

The new Batman movie finished principal photography, Alexa enjoyed portraying Batgirl and she enjoyed having Emma Watson, who was Catwoman, as her rival. This was because they were lovers and were also very much in love. During the shooting they further explored their feelings for each other, their sexual activities and they also contemplated their future, for teenage girls they very serious about the relationship.

Alexa and Emma arrived at the airport, Alexa was going back to L.A. “Why do you have to go?” said Emma “I’ve got a family there, its my home. Look Emma I love you and I always will, but I can’t just dump my life there.” Responded Alexa in sad tone. “When will I see you again?” asked Emma “You will, I’ve got vacation in a few weeks, why don’t you fly out there?” asked Alexa. Emma responded, “I will.” The speaker in the airport announced Alexa’s flight, Alexa was on her way. “I’ll email you as soon as I land.” Said Alexa. “Okay!” Both girls looked at each other, they knew that they couldn’t just hate each other. Both girls hugged each other. “I’ll miss you.” Responded Alexa. “I will too. I love you.” Responded Emma “I do too.” Responded Alexa. Alexa went in and she was gone. Emma started crying, she Continue reading

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